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Rotterdam 1980 (8mm film)

srapallo's picture
on April 20, 2008 - 4:24pm


Rare home movie film clips of Led Zeppelin performing live in Rotterdam 1980. 

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Ahoy Halle - June 21, 1980
Video Timeline: 


louis groenewout's picture

I was there!

Dave Rodgers's picture

I was there in spirit !

Frans's picture

One of he most unforgettable and remarkable nights of my entire life

Not just because I smoked some 4 grams of the most excellent weed , or because I danced the last 15 km back to my house, but because Led Zeppelin added an experience to my life which still makes me happy, each and every single time I think back to it (which happens a lot!)
I'm 62 now and still feel so privileged I was there that night at Ahoy and I can't thank you enough for that,Robert,Jimmy, John and John Paul !
And yes....I do remember the echo of the forrest
Ad van Zanten's picture

It was unforgettable to see my heroes on stage.

35 years later i can hear the boys played in my head.

Ill never forget !!!!!!!


Marianne's picture

First row, almost centre! 17 years old and the first concert with my boyfriend (now husband), and just gauwking at my hero's. The Best memory ever.

Edward Zage's picture

I was at this concert, man! The best Live Show and Rock Band in the Universe! Even made some great 500mm plus converter lens shots! Best photos of the band I ever made. A night never to forget! It was a Full House, and half way through the gig, people were still flooding in! Thank you Led Zeppelin for the Great Concert, and the last show I witnessed with our dear John Bonham: May he rest in Peace! Bottoms Up...fellas! Edward....

Adrie's picture

Ik ben er geweest...................PRACHTIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Strohlein's picture

I was there and i never forget it.
Plant was really fantastic.

Kelly's picture

Eu amo muito Led Zeppelin...

...é tudo de bom!!!

Peter Watkins's picture

I was there too on the bus from worcestershire !!


I almost could not believe what I was seeing when I exited the station in Rotterdam after catching the ferrie from Hull, Led fucking Zepplin in concert,saw them 1 week later.2 of my friends still have their T-shirts, I gave mine to my daughter.

Christian 's picture

I wasn't there. I wasn't even born. But if you guys make another presentation in the US, I'd do anything to be there.
I have a lot of your DVDs and I think you guys are the most wonderful band that has ever exist.

Name José Silva's picture

My Rock`n Roll is Led Zeppelin

Phil Conway's picture

I was there too !!

Peter Mac's picture

It was great and very loud. Kashmir and Heartbreaker were definite the highlight that evening.

jay's picture

My brother was there, he brought me back a european tour t-shirt, posters, Damn was I jealous, and we're from canada

joe mercurio's picture

awesome light show!!

Bert's picture

I was there,It was great

Shayne Smith's picture

I wasn't at this concert. I was 12 years old in California, but I have seen Plant every solo tour. Saw Page with Paul Rodgers in the Firm both tours in 85 and 86. Saw Page solo with Jason Bonham in Los Angeles 1988. I also saw the Page/Plant tour in 96 at the Hollywood Bowl. But I never saw Zeppelin. I have seen the Song Remains the Same around 200 times from when it played at midnight in the theatre. But I've never seen Led Zeppelin. There is nothing like Led Zeppelin and there never will be. I never got to see Led Zeppelin. But I continue to wait. Robert, can you hear me? You like to do new things. You always have. That is cool. Wouldn't making new music with Led Zeppelin be new? Couldn't it be new?

Jean-Louis's picture

Loud. Very Loud. In the upper ring the sound was not that well. But however, I was there. I saw my musical heroes. And they will ever be. Zeppelin is a way of feeling.

France Paquin's picture

Mon groupe préféré par excellence est sans contredit Led Zepplin

Adrie's picture

Blijft prachtig om naar te kijken..........

Jez Noond's picture

Didn't Bob mention the bus from Worcester? I seem to remember him saying that. Brilliant gig. I wish I hadn't given away my tour T-shirt to my nephew.

linda's picture



Jos Sluijters's picture

I was there and i had a lot of fun

Patrick's picture

Trampled Underfoot for me is at it's best in the 1980 shows, the version from Frankfurt is a must listen!

Tabitha's picture

What can I say? I love Zep! Whenever, wherever, whatever.
What else is there???????

John S. Rous's picture

Must have been a truly remarkable show as I'm sure all of Zep's performances were. I saw Robert Plant perform in Los Angeles in 1988 and he was then at the end of his Now and Zen tour, one in which Page was supposed to play lead guitar on for the songs Heaven Knows and Tall Cool One but he had some kind of scheduling conflict and did not appear. I'm 40 now and the best of Zep's music was out when I was in grade school. I still consider them to be the best of all time.

Frans's picture

so was I...

this perticular show added some unique emotions and substantial memories to my life !

62 now..and still  incredably faithful for that very night in Rotterdam !!!




Name's picture

I was there too. Made some pictures of the concert. It was great. Especially Kashmir and Heartbreaker.

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