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Oakland 7.23.77

srapallo's picture
on August 29, 2008 - 11:12am

Rare 8mm footage of Led Zeppelin live in Oakland 1977.

Concert info:


Is Mobile Content: 
Alameda County Coliseum - July 23, 1977
Video Timeline: 


Diego Dantas 's picture

Esse video é muito bom....!!!

ops the rabbit's picture

ahh back when they didnt care if you came with a camera

Linda's picture

My sister and I were there, we had a psychedelic time of our very young lives!!!

Eric's picture

Never forget that day, down in front......

Mark 's picture

I was there both days , the first day they played a killer encore of black dog. second day took awhile to get started but was worth the wait once again..(some kinda ruckus going on backstage..). Saw them a coupla of years earlier in LA, my 2nd concert at the age of 13.
Incredible! and amazing

Jill Harmon's picture

Wow, I brag to everyone that I saw Led Zeppelin so I thought I'd look it up. Thanks for the brief video. It made me smile. Cool, very cool. thx

Lynda's picture

I know I was there! and I loved it!!! Have some great pix!

tom marshall's picture

i was there the second day, the warm up bands were judas priest and i think rick derringer.priest had not yet changed his image to leather and chains, and was wearing a lime green jump suit ...he got bood.i had made it to the front by the time zep. came on stage,just when the sun came out. jimmy looked like they just pulled him out of bed still in his clothes from the show the day before, his hair was stuck to his face., he took a deep bow at the edge of the stage, emptying a full hienekin... it was awsome and i am so glad i saw the greatest rock band! tom marshall class of 79.

Jennifer 's picture

Love it, thanks

ZeppFanForever's picture

I was definitely there. There was also a lot of drama going on with me on Friday leading up to showtime on Saturday morning at 11:00 A.M. I'll never forget it. ROCK ON!

Beary's picture

I am glad I got to see all of the GROUP .With all my frinds so thank you all .

Jan's picture

Still have the Zep t-shirt I bought - what a great show!

Mike & Layne's picture

Had a great time that day, rick derringer, judas priest & Led Leppelin. The sound was good, Plant's shirt " Nurse's Do It Better" said it all, They took care of him after his earlier car accident. Though 1977 started out okay, Oakland Raiders won their 1st Super Bowl, the greatest R&R band EVER plays their last concerts in The USA..........

cathy's picture

Hey my name is Cathy and i am from vallejo calif. I was only 15 at the time of day on the green and my parents would not let me go saying i was too young. My friends and i bought tickets to show and snuck out of the house at 3 in the mouring we hitch hiked from redwood st exit in Vallejo and we all got picked up by a big rig tomato truck driver and my god we had a blast got there around 3:30 and hung out in line. By this time the cycle fence was tore down and everyone was stoned. Pretty good for my first concert, i will never forget that day my friend tom who has passed on at the age of 18 years was with me and for this it will always be special, i still have the tee shirt, i am 46 years young and still love led zepp and robert plant, i just have seen three shows with alison, some good stuff he is putting out. always outside the box. my boys love them to.

cpr's picture

Yep, first concert for me too man. Foggy morning, people "pucking in line at 8:00 am, backups on 80, and what, sun comes up at 2:00 pm Zep showtime.

gary esposito's picture

I was there on sunday,,judas priest opened,derringer was 2nd and it took forever for zep to come on because of the bill graham fight thing,but zep is just the best!!!!!!

FerrisBuelleryou'remyhero's picture

"Awesomeness" has few formal (if any) definitions in the dictionary or elsewhere.   But I think I just read it.


That is a fantastic story.  Well done.

gary esposito's picture

my first concert too... i was 12 years old!!!

Eric's picture

Hey man. I was scanning the messages and saw where you said you were standing by a guy in a wheelchair. Your description of how and when you got in really hit me, cause I remembered it the same way.

I was wondering to myself if the "guy" was my friend Ronnie, who had muscular dystrophy. We got in among the 1st allowed in because we were with him. Your message made me think of him. He passed away in 1981, but man did we party to some Zep tunes back in the day!!! Were those the days or what? Take care and rock on.

Roy Reyna's picture

Do you sell any photos from the Oakland 1977 show? Let me know?

Greg Hardy's picture

I was there. It was the year my Dad died, I was 16. I took my girlfriend, her name was ....
I am glad I was in a good state of mind to remember it.
Robert Plants son died that same week (or day even)
My son is learning guitar and his teacher really likes Zep.
I now know that they really werent God(s) but just really cool and talented musicians!


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