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Travelling Riverside Blues (promo)

srapallo's picture
on April 17, 2008 - 12:09pm

Led Zeppelin promo video for "Travelling Riverside Blues" produced in 1990. Available on the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003)


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Maida Vale BBC Studios - June 24, 1969
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no360's picture

Jimmy Page being Robert Johnson

Marc's picture

Come Back please !

Deborah J's picture

One of the best songs they did, needs to be played more!!

rockman's picture

led zeppelin es simplemente arte

Jass &quot;GriTu&quot;'s picture

Excelent way to make this amazing song even greater that what actually is.....
love Zeppelin for the way they made great songs sound this way!!!!

Long Life To Great Pioners Of Rock & RoLL♥

MIke's picture

Traveling Riverside Blues, was discovered on a mylar demo
single. purchased at a yard sale along with other "demos" for a mere a few pounds or the equevelant 75.00 dollars, in England. Some where around 87-88 and was first aired on WKLS 96 Rock in Atlanta Georgia. We gathered around our Boom box and played it over the intercom system and made the whole plant ROCK. Those were the day's

AJ McDonough's picture

There ain't a goddamn thing Jimmy can't do

darksight's picture

this is the first time i've seen this video ~
Perfect ~
Perfect ~
have I said that was perfect ~

oh and brilliant ~

Glen Eliasson's picture

Zep is simply the Greatest band ever created. Let their music live forever.

Bill s's picture

Some great shots of Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh!

mark frankel's picture

i hope before i die ill see you in concert.the greatest band in the world should put there egos aside,and play one last time.before its to late.

Rolando's picture

Nothing can even come close.

brian kersten's picture

made my day listening to your music thank you

RHONDA's picture

they knew!!

James's picture

But of course, what an awsome video promo. The greatest rock band ever.......

Jeff |'s picture

This song just grabs you on the first listen and in today 2009..makes you wonder who is making rock music like this?

No one kids, no one.


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