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Travelling Riverside Blues (promo)

srapallo's picture
on April 17, 2008 - 12:09pm

Led Zeppelin promo video for "Travelling Riverside Blues" produced in 1990. Available on the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003)


Is Mobile Content: 
Maida Vale BBC Studios - June 24, 1969
Video Timeline: 


Tazzy's picture

I have been a Zep fan since the beginning and still crank it up regulary

Mike's picture

Jimmy make sure this goes on the remastered Album. Just fabulous. 

Michael's picture

BBC Sessions: OMG!

Kevin's picture

It's always awesome to see my favorite band in performances, but to watch an edited music video like "Traveling Riverside Blues" completely blows me away! I'd like to know who the editor was for it so I can check out more of his/her work!

Mónik's picture

just the BEST !!!

simon's picture


JP's picture

They just make all other bands these days, look like dog shit!

Mónik's picture

OMG!! I love this song!!!!!!!!!!

Robert B (Dayton,Ohio)'s picture

LED ZEPPELIN The Sights, The Sounds, The Feeling. No Other Band Could Ever Compare.

Rahim's picture

One of my all time favorites. Love it.

Ana's picture

I wish I could publish at my blog.
Anyway... I was 10 in 1969. In 4 years I would start listening to Zep and never stopped.
Love you all.

Suanne's picture

The guitar in this song gives me chicken skin. I love the southern
sound of it! Beautiful, raw...yet very powerful!

Katie's picture

Every song is magic

the 420KIDD's picture

this song goes out to the one and only i love thats you crystal love u babby;)

Johnny Woodward's picture

They've been the soundtrack for my life! Rock On!
maybe we'll catch a glimpse of the mighty Zeppelin in the skies one more time??

Deborah's picture

Greatest Rock/Blues Band EVER

sailor86's picture

Thanks to modern technology, the magic can be remembered.

Namerita's picture

wow wow!!!! i listen on the internet and the radio sirius channel ya need a channel that shows the video with the songs that would be so great

Flash Gordon's picture

One of the greatest drum grooves ever!

Manuel's picture

Excelente...muy bueno de verdad magnifico....

Alexandre Santana's picture

Realy, i'm still in love with Led Zeppelin........ And it is an everlasting love!

glen flood's picture

this is one of my all time favorites

Anderson Sestenaro's picture

Sem Dúvida... A Melhor Banda de Todos os Tempos!!!

Niki P's picture

This ROCKS - travelling through the bayou on A trip is cool too

Name      rita's picture

i am listening to the sirius tv music channel and watching your video on the internet at the same time wow wow ya rock the years makes the music better and better i still wish ya could have a concert on tv love ya

Doug aka Teardrop's picture

You guys are great wish you would did a lotto for the state like you did over sea .....something to think about

Gary Clyne's picture

I saw Led Zeppelin in Perth, Western Australia in 1972 and it is still the best concert I've ever seen.Travelling Riverside Blues is still brilliant.Gary

Christopher's picture

I had not seen this footage yet. Thanks to the folks who put this site together, and many more thanks to the men who made the music MAGICAL again and forevermore!

George's picture

Jimmy Freaking Page, I have been a fan of LZ since I was 14 and have collected all kinds of bootleg albums, dvd's, posters and many other things. They are hands down the greatest rock band ever assembled on stage. You watch many others that try and copy Jimmy. Keep on rockin.

william shaw's picture

Led fu***ng Zeppelin, they sure know how to make the hair on my body stand on end. This specific song gives off just that kind of energy to do this, Spectacular!


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