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Moby Dick (Royal Albert Hall 1970)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:22pm


John Bonham drum solo from "Moby Dick", live at the Royal Albert Hall 1970. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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Royal Albert Hall - January 9, 1970
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Igor Sting's picture

Its magnificent show! I have pipedream: visit live concert. But I was born in the same year, when Bonzo died...

Adriano Tibério's picture


Jimmy Lawrie's picture

The Mighty Bonzo - King of the big sticks. Gone but never forgotton!!!

Lucas Perny's picture

John Bonham is best drummer of all time. I play the drums too and John is my idol. This is my drum solo tribute to John

Lalrinfela's picture

incredible amazing

Noah's picture

i worship this guy, not in a freaky way though. this guy is so good. i wish more people could see this video.

Nick Shoes's picture

John Bonham...WOW!!!, R.I.P.

Guerilla's picture

This is the real MOBY DICK!

Brittany's picture

Well some people say that the drummer to van halen is better but we all know that's full of shit!!!


BORGAUSM's picture

my 2 stage names given are of corse borgasum and like bonham
(this name was given to my from some biber fans) it is beast.

henry's picture

sick ass drum solo only John Bonham could do

Guy's picture

Having seen Zepplelin live I noticed and remembered the drum tech being behind John during the gig lighting and passing John cigarettes and drinks during the gig... Rest in peace John.

edson's picture

Bonhan é genial its wonderfullllllllllllll

Hugo Sola's picture


Rob's picture

best drummer band ever

eldee's picture

what an energy...

juan's picture


Alejo's picture

Es el mejor baterista de la historia.

lez doodiss's picture

thats how you break it down!!!!! go Bonham!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick's picture

I love too too much the great and fabulous Led Zep

Andre Michael's picture

Truly , we will never ever find a greater drummer than him ........... Andre michael .

rodrigo acosta's picture

bonham!!!! the best!

ROn's picture

What else can be said. The best drummer in history and the future.

S.t.'s picture

Each time when I hear his drums, my heart cries because
he is gone.

pip moore's picture

john henry bonham...legend !

Daddy's picture

Without a doubt the best drummer ever!

Vitor's picture

Bonham is Best

Ryan's picture

Never Fails to look up to a man such as Bonham for inspiration!!!!! What a Blessing from God!!!!!

Daniel's picture

John Bonham is a godly beast of all drummers....but Buddy Rich is still a god among ALL

doguinho santos's picture

ele era o cara mesmo !!!!!!


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