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The Ocean (Live: NY 1973)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:11pm

Led Zeppelin perform "The Ocean" live in New York 1973. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003) and "The Song Remains the Same" dvd (2007).

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Madison Square Garden - July 27, 1973
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Wals's picture

LED HEAD for life.

david bordeaux's picture

biggest fan till the end

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I see The Ocean song was played last. Must of been an encore that hit the editing floor...too bad...excellent live footage and version!

David L's picture

One of the of the Best Zepp Songs Ever!

Barney's picture

What a great band!!!! Never get tired of listening to this music!

Bob Dakin's picture

Looks like it was a great show!,..I was only 13 years old in 1973,...didn't make the show,...but had the Album playing loud in my Bedroom ! I'm a Led Zeppelin Fan for life, Have seen Jimmy and Robert five times, since then...will go again if they come around.

Bob Dakin
Garrison, NY

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Clifford B. Morris's picture

Still the best band in the world...This video bought me back!!!

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