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April 24, 1969


April 24, 1969
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North American Tour - Spring 1969

Led Zeppelin returned to North America for their second time in Spring 1969.During this tour, recording for the second album continued at various studios - whenever they could find the time. While in California, Page purchased a 1959 sunburst Gibson Les Paul from James Gang guitarist, Joe Walsh, that quickly soon become his #1 onstage guitar.

Jimmy Page: "In America, the audiences get into the music more. They are more appreciative and will listen to the sort of patterns you are playing. In Britain, all they are interested in is the way to the bar. And over there they clap not because it is the right thing to do - They clap in the right places and it's good because if you are trying to do something and everyone in the audience is spurring you on, then it really gets you at it." (NME)

North America - Spring 1969 Tour Dates:
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