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December 16, 1975


  • December 16, 1975
    Led Zeppelin Impromptu Jams at Behan's West Park & Anne Port Bay Folk Club, Jersey (Channel Islands)

    Surprise Live Act by Zep In Jersey - [NME 12/27/75] - Led Zeppelin, who had not played together in public since their spring U.S. tour, made a surprise comeback last week when they gave an impromptu 45-minute performance in Jersey's largest niterie - Behan's West Park.  

    John Paul Jones and John Bonham had, the previous week, sat in with resident rock pianist Norman Hale (formerly with the Tornados) and they promised to return with other members of the band. They duly kept this promise, and played a set which included some of their own material, as well as Blue Suede Shoes and several other rock classics.

    Robert Plant, still suffering from the effects of his summer car accident and walking with the aid of crutches, sat on a stool throughout the act. He said afterwards that Zeppelin's comeback had "been fantastic".

    Zeppelin members have been staying in Jersey almost without break since August, though they were returning to England on Christmas Eve for the holiday. With the exception of Jimmy Page, they are expected back in Jersey early in the New Year.

    The same week as this jam at Behan's (which occurred somewhere between Dec. 10 and Dec. 16), the Anne Port Bay Folk Club welcomed the band at a party, which was being hosted as part of the local Christmas celebrations. Although the band did not perform,  John Paul Jones did  take a turn on the piano, where he accompanied a number of other performers.

December 16, 1975
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Led Zeppelin Impromptu Jams at Behan's West Park & Anne Port Bay Folk Club, Jersey (Channel Islands)

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