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January 18, 1975


January 18, 1975
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North America - 1975 Tour

Led Zeppelin began their 1975 North American tour on January 18th in Minneapolis, and rehearsed there the previous night. Their new stage show now utilized lasers for Jimmy's violin bow segment as well as a massively lit "Led Zeppelin" sign behind them.

A concert originally scheduled on February 4th in Boston was cancelled by the Mayor, when fans who waited outside for tickets rioted and trashed the stadium. An extra show in New York was later booked to compensate. A March 8th show scheduled at the West Palm Beach Speedway in Florida was also cancelled following the promoter's failure to make improvements at the venue.

The new set list included material from the band's recently-released album, Physical Graffiti, including: "Sick Again", "In My Time of Dying", "Kashmir", "The Wanton Song" and "Trampled Under Foot".

North America - 1975 Tour Dates:
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