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May 10, 1975


  • May 10, 1975
    UK-Only Led Zeppelin Special Edition Single (Trampled Under Foot 45)

    Music Week (UK) News Report: Atlantic is producing a limited-edition Led Zeppelin single for Britain. The disc, Trampled Under Foot c/w Black Country Woman, appears on the Swan Song label in a special bag, and will be available only as part of Atlantic’s retail support campaign for the forthcoming Zeppelin concerts in London.

    The company has put together a 14-record, 6-cassette package of the complete Zeppelin catalog – comprising two or three copies each of the group’s six albums and for every pack ordered, dealers will receive five copies of the single.

    The issue of the 45 has been approved by Led Zeppelin, which has said that it will never make a single for commercial release in Britain. Atlantic is pressing some 5,000 copies of Trampled Under Foot in the UK, although the record is currently available on the American market as a normal release.

    “The entire operation is low-key”, Atlantic’s creative services manager, Dave Clipsham, told Music Week. “We’ve put together the campaign to ensure that Zeppelin product is in the retailer’s racks while the group‘s live dates are generating consumer interest. We’re not out to overstock anybody, but the release of Physical Graffiti, Zeppelin’s first album in two years, has brought a tremendous upsurge in sales of their whole repertoire. We want dealers to take advantage of this.”

    Atlantic is laying down no price guidelines for dealers who get the special single. “It’s impossible to do so, as the record is a collector’s piece,” added Clipsham.

    As well as the product pack, Atlantic is supplying dealers with Zeppelin window display kits, banners, posters, browser units, extra album sleeves and a special in-store mobile.

    The group’s concerts take place at London’s Earls Court stadium over May 17/18 and 23/24/25. [Music Week (UK) / May 10, 1975]

May 10, 1975
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UK-Only Led Zeppelin Special Edition Single (Trampled Under Foot 45)

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