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October 31, 1978


  • October 31, 1978
    Robert Plant & John Paul Jones Attend Golden Lion Roadies' Raffle Event

    'Roadies Raffle' Charity Event - Golden Lion Pub, Fulham

    Press: "Oh What A Great Night It Was"

    It was a night they'll never forget in Fulham! All rock's lovliest stars showed up to present a glittering array of gold discs and album sets at London's top rock pub - the Golden Lion. It was a culmination of hugely successful Ad Lib - Golden Lion Roadies' Raffle - which ended collecting a terrific £816 cheque for the Evening News Toy for a Sick Child Fund.

    Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant and John Paul Jones drove down from Birmingham to be there. Ex-Wings star Jimmy McCulloch interrupted rehearsals with his new band to hand over some of his priceless gold albums.

    And others who sipped pints and joked with the winners included Yes' Alan White, ex-Animal Eric Burdon, Manfred Mann's Chris Thompson and Mitch Mitchell.

    Disc Jockey Mike Quinn compered and Chas & Dave playes a sizzling set. A million thanks to you all! [Evening News / Nov. 1978]

October 31, 1978
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Robert Plant & John Paul Jones Attend Golden Lion Roadies' Raffle Event

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