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1978 - Indianapolis Declares "Stairway To Heaven Avenue" certificate

1978 - Indianapolis Declares "Stairway To Heaven Avenue" certificate

Official Proclamation From the City of Indianapolis:

William H. Hudnut III, Mayor

P R O C L A M A T I O N:
July 1, 1978

WHEREAS: Adam Smasher and WNAP Radio conducted a contest asking listeners to name their favorite song in the hopes of having a street renamed for a day in honor of that song; and

WHEREAS: More than 8500 persons responded to that survey, naming "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin as their favorite song and

WHEREAS:  Indianapolis, as the Crossroads of America, also happens to be the city closest to heaven, this truly making it the "Stairway to Heaven"; and

WHEREAS: It has been the goal of this administration to encourage persons of all ages to come downtown as part of our revitalization efforts; and

WHEREAS: The Smash says it's cool:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, William H. Hudnut, III, Mayor of the City of Indianapolis, do rename Meridian Street as

for July 1, 1978 and call upon all citizens to commemorate this occasion  by joining the Smash and WNAP Radio in a street dance on the City Market Plaza.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, I have hereunto set me hand and caused the Seal of the City of Indianapolis to be affixed this 30th day of June, 1978.

(Signed), Willian H. Hudnut, III, Mayor.



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