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Bath Festival 1969

Recreation Ground (Bath) - June 28, 1969
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So, on 28 June 1969 six of us travel up from Honiton in Devon to the BBF in Pete Herridges Ford Zepher. Me (Steve Moore), Pete, Guy Solf, Sue Lush, Zambie and Sandy Sanderson. A lovely sunny day out during which we all sat on  the grass watching a stream of interesting bands.  A couple of things stick in my memory.  Firstly the crowd really didn't like Roy Harper for "I hate the whiteman" and secondly, just how fantastic Led Zep were. Of course we all thought Jimmy's fantastic guitar sounds were bouncing off the surrounding buildings but with the bnefit of hindsight I assume it was his echoing violin bow work. As a 15 year 'proto' drummer (I had no drum kit !) I went out and bought Led Zep' 1, dumped Ginger Baker as my idol and moved onto John Bonham. I've never looked back. Thankyou.           

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