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LZ USA Tour 1-20-75 (Atlantic Weekly)

LZ USA Tour 1-20-75 (Atlantic Weekly)

The first half of the Led Zeppelin tour is completely sold out. The extra-ordinarily fast sell-outs in these areas marked a historical first for concert sales. There was such a demand for tickets that people lined up 2 and 3 days waiting for box offices to open. These unprecedented crowds made headlines in every city where the tickets were on sale.

And the throngs of Zeppelin fans are sure to get their money's worth as the group brings with them the most complex and sophisticated lighting and sound system ever seen. In addition, the group has assembled an amazing collection of songs. The lighting system embodies 310,000 watts of light output, complete with laser effects; the sound system, a 24,000 watt, four-way system, twice as large as anything used at indoor dates before. On the album front, expect the group's new two record masterpiece, "PHYSICAL GRAFFITI," to be a few weeks late in release (until mid-February), because of the group's devotion to perfection in seeing that every minute detail is up to specifications ... [Atlantic Weekly, Jan. 20, 1975]

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