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Physical Graffiti 40th anniversary - St. Mark's Place, NYC

Physical Graffiti 40th anniversary - St. Mark's Place, NYC


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In the middle of watching Taxi Driver (the Scorcese film) and, there it is, the St. Mark's place building at 1:18:43 (where the Jodi Foster character takes Travis/Deniro after he buys 15 minutes of her time). Or is it? I've been studying the photos and the stills and it looks like a nearly identical building. This building appears again on the Jessica Jones series (it's a place her junkie neighbor went to get high). No doubt this is an old question, as the Scorcese film (1976) was released less than a year after the Zep album in 1975, but the effect is the same. There's just something undeniably alluring about this building (It makes another appearance in the Marvel/Netflix series Jessica Jones, as a place where ex-junkie character Malcolm would go to get high).    

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