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Led Zeppelin - First Three Albums Newly Remastered With Previously Unreleased Companion Audio Purchase Page

Invitation-Only Event With Special Guest Jimmy Page

Premiering Unreleased Companion Audio

Wednesday, May 21st At L’Olympia, Paris, France

Enter NOW for
a chance to win

two tickets to attend this special
live event in Paris

Sweepstakes winners will be responsible for their transportation and accommodations.


Submit a question
for Jimmy Page

regarding the companion audio
and upcoming reissues

The best questions will be answered by Jimmy live at the event.


Be among the first fans to hear selections from the previously-unreleased companion audio from the first three Led Zeppelin albums! The listening event will be held at L’Olympia in Paris, where the 1969 live concert featured with the Led Zeppelin reissue was recorded. Special guest Jimmy Page will provide insight into the selection and background of the companion audio chosen for each album.

Can’t make it to Paris?
You will be able to stream the entire event on, starting at 8:30 PM CET on Wednesday, May 21st.


Get more information on the Led Zeppelin reissues here.

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