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Fillmore West - April 24, 1969

  • As Long As I Have You (medley incl. Fresh Garbage, Shake, Mockingbird, You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover, Suzie Q), Killing Floor, White Summer / Black Mountainside, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Pat's Delight.
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on September 20, 2007 - 3:54pm
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April 24, 1969
San Francisco
United States

As Long As I Have You (medley incl. Fresh Garbage, Shake, Mockingbird, You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover, Suzie Q), Killing Floor, White Summer / Black Mountainside, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Pat's Delight.


Press Review Excerpt: Overblown Zeppelin Takes Off

Britain's hard, hot electronic rock quartet, Led Zeppelin, headlines the Fillmore West show which opened before an unexpected overflow audience last night.

Led by veteran guitarist Jimmy Page and featuring the shouting of Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin began their conquest of American rockdom here just three months ago. At that time, I thought them a sure bet for great success and heard in their work a potential for firm, significant contributions to the nebulous music world in which they exist.

Success the Zeppelin has had but their first set last night showed little of the musicianship I heard in January. Led Zeppelin has become overblown. Amplifiers are too loud, especially for stars Page and Plant.

Drummer John Bonham has become much more visually demonstrative and less rhythmically interesting and vocalist Plant has apparently decided to go the grunt-squirm-innuendo route which made The Doors’ Jim Morrison an infamous, egocentric, theatrical bore.

When Zeppelin gets into instrumental stuff, there can be no complaints. Page has more electronic ideas than anyone around and he and Plant exchange sounds and solos in a most fascinating way. [-P.Elwood / Examiner/April 25, 1969]

Jimmy Page: "April 24th 1969 marked Led Zeppelin's return and first date back in San Francisco following the heady days in January of the same year. In four months, the band was now incorporating the new material in the set that would appear on 'Led Zeppelin II', being currently recorded in Los Angeles - for example, 'The Lemon Song/Killing Floor'. The idea of recording and capturing the fluent energy while being on the road was definitely working - especially after concerts like these."


As Long As I Have You (medley incl. Fresh Garbage, Shake, Mockingbird, You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover, Suzie Q), Killing Floor, White Summer / Black Mountainside, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Pat's Delight.


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the other day i was helping a friend move and he pulled out a stack of old posters. he gave me a pink yellow and turquoise poster from april 24th - 1969. at the top it says "in concert" with a picture of the band members, the name of the band in big print, the venue and the date. the only problem is that no matter how hard i try, i cant find any other poster exept for the poster of the lime guy.

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We don't know if this recording comes from single ser or it's just a mix of both sets. The sound is so good it has been often mistaken as a soundboard. In fact it comes from PA monitors. Quite possibly the best version ever recorded of As Long As I Have You, competing madly with the April 27th, 1969 version. Halfway through the number, Jones' bass cabinet exploded and Plant ad-libed new lyrics: "I think we've got some trouble with our equipment, yeah ... I think we're gonna get it together, yeah ... I think we're gonna have a good time ... I think we'd better the right key!" After the song Plant commented: "We seem to have a cock-up every time we've been here!" Killing Floor contains some great bass/guitar/drum interplay and Robert's voice is in incredible shape.

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I was invited by a Capital Records salesman to a birthday party at the Filmore on a thursday night for Julie Driscoll. The date was April 24, 1969. We went early before the show and partied with the bands including a bunch of skinny brits I could hardly understand. They were Led Zeppelin. We all got drunk and when the show started were sittting in the middle of the floor about 15 feet from center stage. It was a night I will never forget. We stayed for both sets. The next night there were so many people trying to see the show, they played at Winterland and never returned to the Filmore again. I have been trying to get a copy of the Avacado poster ever since.

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I have this poster. What would it be worth?

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I have several of the same posters in mint condition.
As far as I know of the history--they are authentic.

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Drove down to this concert from Eugene, Oregon where I was going to University. Got dosed, good old Owsley. Watched two sets in a packed house and I remember when Trinity played the second set the audience had no patience and clapped and hooted them off the stage in two songs. My memory is that also Mongo Santa Marie played and did not make it through even 1 song til Zepplin was asked to come back and continue their magic. The crowd was going nuts. I owned some record stores in Oregon at the time and now I had a new surprise to ambush the customers with, this blues band that sounded like no other I had ever heard. It was memorable, in a very real sense shaped much of my future life and as with all such experiences it still replays in the memory whenever called. Nothing like it then or now.

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the awsome concert will never forget it.

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