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Richfield Coliseum - April 28, 1977

  • The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, In My Time of Dying, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Battle of Evermore, Going to California, Black Country Woman, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, (Out On the Tiles intro) Moby Dick, Jimmy Page solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Trampled Underfoot.
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on September 22, 2007 - 8:03pm
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April 28, 1977
United States

The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, In My Time of Dying, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Battle of Evermore, Going to California, Black Country Woman, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, (Out On the Tiles intro) Moby Dick, Jimmy Page solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Trampled Underfoot.

77 programme

Click here to view the US '77 Tour Programme (flipbook)

Press Review: Crowd of 20,000 attend concert starring Led Zeppelin Group

Five limousines escorted by police slowly drive past hundreds of cars packed with eager fans waiting to see the ultimate heavy metal group perform.

Inside, curly blond lead singer Robert Plant sits low in his seat trying not to attract attention. The next limo carries the world's top guitarist Jimmy Page.

Fans gather around taking pictures. He smiles and waves to them. Next comes the stunning drummer John Bonham and bassist John Paul Jones.

This is Led Zeppelin, the world's most acclaimed rock group. Within the next few hours they brought 20,000 people to a thunderous roar at the Coliseum April 27 and 28.

From the opener "The Song Remains the Same" to the incredible "Stairway to Heaven" they played to the utmost perfection.

The crowd would not let them go. They came back after 10 minutes of clapping and screaming for two encores 'Trampled Underfoot" and the exciting "Rock and Roll."

Plant, dressed in a purple blazer and skin tight jeans strutted across stage shaking his hips. Page, in a white jumpsuit played with non-stop energy. The audience loved it.

Zeppelin is especially noted for their unique, tastefully done, light show and stage effects. On the ceiling green laser beams danced with the music. An unexpected highlight was Page's "Star Spangled Banner" never performed before a live audience.

"Kashmir" and "Achilles Heel" (Achilles Last Stand) were the crowd's favorites. Bonham did a stunning drum solo that lasted slightly long. The platform he was on suddenly came forward near the end as lights flashed.

Two minor setbacks were their lack of works from eariler albums and the lengthy solos, though well-done.  

Local CB'ers advertised tickets for sale. One man sold his four extras for $500. Incredible but almost worth the price. [by Angie Czelusniak / Tatler / 5/77]




The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, In My Time of Dying, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Battle of Evermore, Going to California, Black Country Woman, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, (Out On the Tiles intro) Moby Dick, Jimmy Page solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Trampled Underfoot.


Dylan Stewart's picture

I have this entire concert on CD, and i agree with Argenteum, this is probably the best concert of 77! Nobodys Fault But Mine is amazing! In My Time Of Dying has some amazing screams from Robert. Ten Years Gone from here is probably the best 77 version ive heard! No Quarter is great and long with an amazing keyboard solo from JPJ. The acoustic set is a very enjoyable listen. This show has my vote for the best White Summer. Kashmir is probably my favorite to listen to. Very well played. the Jimmy Page Solo is very eerie sounding and very fun to listen to, and at the very start of his solo, you can hear bits of star spangled banner thrown in there! Achilles Last Stand is amazing! Very good! Very good Stairway, but during the very last verse, Jimmy's guitar goes out..i dont know if its the recording or if he broke a string or what..but you cant hear jimmy. It also goes out during the solo in Rock And Roll. i think its just the recording. Trampled Under Foot closes out this very amazing and energized show.

Argenteum Astrum's picture

This is clearly a night to remember. This gets my vote for the best show of the whole 1977 tour! The playing and energy are wonderful and Robert is in very strong voice. This show has what are probably the best ever versions of Ten Years Gone and Since I've Been Loving You from 1977, as well as a spine-chilling Jimmy Page Solo, a monstrous Achilles Last Stand, a grand Kashmir, and amazing playing throughout, especially from Jimmy. No Quarter is a wonderful, long version with lots of classical references thrown in.

Jeff C's picture

What can I say. My step dad managed to get me 10 tickets in the 100's section on the right side about 10 rows up from the floor. 5 seats in one row and 5 directly behind them. I wish I could say I remember even the smallest of details. But I'd be lying. I do remember that being able to hang out with 9 of my closest partying buds was a great experience. The show was outstanding and just being able to tell my kids who are now young adults that I was there is pretty cool.

Over the years I've been amazed that every generation of "rockers" loves Led Zeppelin. I go through my fazes listening to the Who, Zeppelin, Clapton, Tom Petty and on and on and sometimes even think I've tired of Zep only to put in an old cd, tape, vinyl and hear a song that I'd listened to a thousand times yet never heard. I will always be a fan. I will always be amazed at what they accomplished during their relatively short career together as Led Zeppelin, and thinking of sitting around partying on the weekend watching some of my more animated and talented friends doing their air guitar imitations of Jimmy Page as well as the countless number of visits to the local shopping mall , beer's and other illegal substances tucked away to watch the midnite showing of "Song Remains The Same" Too bad they never came out with a decent video.

Rock on Ohio!

Michael's picture

While JP may think that Zeppelin was at their very best in '72 (remarks concerning How the West Was Won), it's hard to believe that they could have been as good as this night in Cleveland thirty years ago. I got my ticket by fixing a friend's car at The College of Wooster where we were freshmen. As was probably always the case, there was no warmup band and I think Zeppelin finally made it on stage at least an hour and a half after the advertised starting time. The wait was worth every minute!

I can only say that the electricity in the Richfield Coliseum that night was unlike anything I had experienced at any other concert, ever. The band had such a presence that it was hard to describe it in everyday, worldly terms. They were rather, well, unworldly in their stage presence. Years later, having seen most of the big hard rock acts from that era, I can say that Zeppelin was at a level above all others. I've seen the Stones, Aerosmith, Rush, Deep Purple, BOC, Skynyrd, Eagles, Foreigner, Van Halen, etc., etc., etc. and none compared, though all were awesome.

I'm thrilled that the boys are talking about taking the stage again! My 25-year-old son says he can't wait because he wants to pay homage to the kings. It says something when your art reaches that far through time.

Rocco Caponi's picture

I have many photos from this show as I was sitting about three rows to the right of the stage. It was also my audience recording that be came the original destroyer four album set on smiling ears records.

Rick Lung's picture

I'll never forget the day Zeppelin came to the Richfield Ohio.
I bought all the tickets for my friends and supplied the weed.
We had poor seats behind the stage, but the presence of being there overwhelmed us all.
I was only 17years old and we had to hitch hike home to Cleveland down route 303.
I ordered tickets for the 1980 tour, but that concert never came. I still have the newspaper ad of the news of John's B. death. I still have my albums of Zeppelin including a physical graffiti 4 album set with no words on the label of side 3.
I grew up on LZ and lived my life with LZ.
Thank You Led Zeppelin, for all your wisdom and life experiences though your music.
I want to have a party at my funnel with your music playing and all the free booze and weed.
In my time of dying take my body home.
You guys are the greatest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 47 years old now and still crank it loud when your music comes on. I always dreamt of meeting the band and having my picture taken with you guys. I would frame it and hang it on my living room wall for all to see! ROCK ON ZEPPELIN
See you in the after life.............Later Dudes.

Doc Lehman's picture

This past Christmas my younger brother was given the complete Led Zeppelin remastered box set edition of their catalogue from his stepson (and he listened to the CDs on his way to and from Daytona when he went down for Speedweeks last month) and after hearing him talk about the mighty Zeppelin we recounted the much anticipated 1977 Led Zep tour.
When word was announced they would tour everyone in northeast Ohio and beyond were fired up immediately. Scheduled for the Coliseum in Richfield, OH for two nights, the promoters threw a monkey wrench into the ticket buying process. They decreed that to have a chance to purchase tickets it had to be done by mail order using money orders and the orders had to be postmarked on a selected date in order to have a chance to buy tickets. I think they limited each order to only four (4) tickets per order.
So the night before tickets were to be accepted Flash and I had purchased several money orders and used our names and addresses as well as various brothers and sisters and drove up to Richfield the night before so we could drop our orders off at the Richfield post office right at midnight. We weren’t the only ones to think of that as there appeared to be a caravan snaking through the small town of Richfield to the post office.
A couple weeks later we were thrilled when we each received tickets for both nights! We sold the remaining tickets and each kept two for both nights. The first night was April 27, 1977 and we took dates. The second night, April 28, 1977, we went solo with a couple of buddies to raise hell and have fun. We did. Amazing shows! We were extremely happy we were able to see them on two consecutive nights let alone one and I’m glad we did because that was the last chance we had to see Led Zeppelin as it turned out.
We had procured tickets for the August 9, 1977 show at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh but that was eventually cancelled when Robert Plant’s son passed away at the end of July. When they announced the next tour in 1980 I dutifully ordered tickets but before they could be processed word came out that drummer John Bonham had died. That was the end of Led Zeppelin as we knew them.
But the Richfield Coliseum shows were outstanding. ‘An Evening With Led Zeppelin’ is seared into my memory banks and I’m glad I had the chance to catch them on that tour. I bought the T-Shirts (one white, one black, both now long gone) as did my brother. He still has his. A number of years ago some company reissued those ’77 t-shirts and while at an area mall once I noticed a young man wearing one who wasn’t even born when that tour happened. As I passed him in a record store I mentioned ‘Nice shirt! I bought mine at a Led Zep concert in ‘77’. He stopped in his tracks and proceeded to grill me for 15 minutes on the band and the Richfield appearances.

Jeff Young's picture

I was a high school sr. I got to go to this show with 2 of my friends.
It was my first concert ever. It left such an impression on me. At age 53 now I still remember a lot of it. They were fantastic!!!!!!

Jonathan Hathaway's picture

My first bootleg purchase was the original Smilin' Ears 4-lp box set of Rocco's audience recording, "The Destroyer". Upon the first listen, I have to say I didn't know what to make of the recording, and the band sounded nothing like I expected, having only heard the studio albums and the TSRTS soundtrack album. Despite the lack of clarity, it sounds exactly like you're at the concert.
Thirty years later it's still in my regular listening rotation, a magical concert with the kind of power, warmth, and mood that only Zeppelin can conjure. Collecting other shows from the band's 10 years as performers (no shows in '74 or '78), it has become obvious that this was the best show of the 1977 tour, and what a concert it is!!
It's only fair to mention that at this time, Robert Plant had lost a lot of his upper vocal range, and Jimmy Page's technique had suffered quite a bit since the band took it's break after the 1973 tour, at least in the live shows if not in the Presence album. However, all four members turn in a vital, creative, and emotive performance worthy of their best efforts. Plant brings a warm, humorous side as a front man that goes a long way to balancing the band's heavy reputation and image.
After the usual opening numbers, the concert really gets going with an impassioned "Since I've Been Loving You", wherein Jimmy and Robert interact constantly. This is really the ultimate arrangement, with the band sounding like thunder one moment only to drop to a whisper the next, even in Jimmy's solo, which at that point sounds a bit like "Tea For One" on Presence.
"No Quarter" is a wonderfully improvised set of different moods seamlessly woven into one stream of conciousness. John Paul Jone's piano solo is an especially strong composition for something completely improvised, and John Bonham knows just where to emphasize with the ocasional accent at just the right placement. This brings the first big surprise of the night when the band jumps into "the Nutcracker Suite", full of joy and energy. This segues into a rare Gospel blues jam that really shows how versitile this band can be. Jimmy provides some pretty sloppy but great blues licks that really make the jam. This winds up finally and JPJ brings us finally into the traditional NQ solo section, only played more beautifully than ever, punctuated by Bonham tapping on the center of his cymbals, creating a bell-like effect. Jimmy eventually comes in with a searing solo, always accented by the other two, who are obviously listening very intently. The tape runs out not long after the return of the vocal verse, but regardless, it is a magical version of this great track.
The acoustic set is pure joy as well. The expansive echo of the hall in this recording does wonders for "The Battle of Evermore", which sounds incredible considering poor JPJ got stuck with the job of doing the vocal lines originally sung by Fairport Convention's Sandy Denny (r.i.p.). Bonham's booming bass drum brings an urgent, driving feel to this version, as does Plant's echo-drenched ad-libs.
It must be noted at this time that this recording captures perhaps John Bonham's most powerful drum sound of all time, as powerful as his "Levee" recording. Big and boomy, but full of subtlety and tremendous feel for every groove the band brings. He listens to everything going on around him and responds with the best any drummer could possibly bring to the table. He was simply the best ever, and the world of Rock will never see his like again.
Page's "White Summer/ Black Mountain Side" is also incredibly cohesive considering it's all improvised from countless bits put together over the years, land leads directly into a crushing "Kashmir", one of the best I've ever heard.
Jimmy's wank-o-rama using theramin, harmonizer, violin bow, and God-knows-what-else is oft-criticized by bootleg collectors of this tour, but once again, this one flows from one idea to the next as if it were meant to go that way. And it breaks into the most incredible "Achilles Last Stand" I've ever heard. The Rhythm section is a juggernaut barely able to control itself, and Jimmy and Robert are inspired throughout. Even when Plant's vocals break in his last big ad-lib it sounds great.
What can be said about "Stairway to Heaven"? It's never been one of my favorite live songs, and it wasn't on the original bootleg box, but the longer audience source available now reveals a version full of wonder, drama, and emotion.
And isn't that what Zeppelin does best?
On April 28th, 1977, fans gathered to see one of the last truly great performances by the greatest of the great. I am forever grateful that Rocco recorded this show so that I and others can remember a time when magic could still be found in rock music.
Jonathan Hathaway

Pamela Baylor's picture

I was there also. I remember buying ticket from a very unlikely older lady at work told me her son had an extra ticket and he would sell it for the price of a bag of weed. At the time that meant $15!!! I went all by myself even though it was kind of scary but I met up with lots of people that I knew and I felt like I was at one big family reunion!! I really miss the Coliseum as I saw alot of great shows there. But this was truly a night to remember. I hope the band sees their way to going on tour again in the United States. This time my sons want to come along!!!

Eric Ronson's picture

I was just 15 years old on April 27th, 1977 when I saw Led Zeppelin at the Richfield Coliseum near Cleveland, Ohio! It was an amazing show! I never saw anything like it, Led Zeppelin played for 3 hours and 17 minutes! I was there with my best friend and yes, my mother & father – who loved the show also! My mother even saw the “Song Remains The Same” with me a few times at the theater! I was still a new fan of the band at that time but after that memorable show, I have been a dedicated follower of the band to this day! I never get tired of hearing Led Zeppelin! When I was 15 years old, I saw Jimmy Page playing that “sunburst” Les Paul and I begged my dad to by me a sunburst Les Paul! Jimmy Page has been one of my biggest influences on my playing and stage performance ever since! I own many Gibson Les Pauls now, two of which look like Jimmy’s! Led Zeppelin has influenced generations of guitar players… Jimmy Page is a genius! I am thankful to had seen Jimmy Page and Robert Plant together and separate since 1977. But even now, young people are excited to hear about my experience of actually seeing Led Zeppelin! I still have the 8mm film I shot that night! This is one for the bands that will be timeless and their music never fades with the years! I still turn up the radio when Led Zeppelin is on! I have every LP, CD, and DVD ever released! (Plus several that were not!) I am still knocked out by the 20+ minute version of “No Quarter” they played on that tour! So almost 40 years later, the impact left upon me by this show has remained strong and prominent in my memory of all the all-time greatest shows, I ever saw! I got to see Elvis Presley, and The Who with Keith Moon, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and all the either great names that will live through out all of time with all the greatest composers in musical history, right beside Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart! How fortunate we are to have lived during this moment in time to had seen Led Zeppelin “Live!” The Richfield Coliseum no longer stands but the memories that were created there will never disappear from that place! A message to Jimmy Page, I hope I will see an “official” release of the 1977 show from the Seattle Kingdome on DVD one day! The Who and the Rolling Stones have both released their “complete” 1975 shows on DVD now and they are amazing! People are interested to own these! I would buy it!!! If we cannot have Led Zeppelin tour one last time, let us have everything that exists! I have bootleg DVDs of the complete Earl's Court '75 and Kingdome '77 shows on DVD but I hope Led Zeppelin will follow the example of other bands by releasing these shows and put the bootleggers out of business! Led Zeppelin is forever! Thank you for changing the face of Rock & Roll forever! Thanks for changing the way I approach playing and hearing music forever!
~Eric Ronson

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