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Chicago Stadium - April 9, 1977

  • The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone.
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on September 22, 2007 - 7:25pm
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April 9, 1977
United States

The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone.

77 programme

Click here to view the US '77 Tour Programme (flipbook)


 The show lasts only an hour as Jimmy becomes ill with food poisoning. Additional shows in Chicago are later scheduled for August 2nd and 3rd.

77 programme

Click here to view the US '77 Tour Programme (flipbook)


 The show lasts only an hour as Jimmy becomes ill with food poisoning. Additional shows in Chicago are later scheduled for August 2nd and 3rd.


The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone.


Michael Netherton's picture

I was there Sat.Apr. 09,1977, sec.A row L,seat10, Main Floor, Led Zepplelin came out smokin,with The Song Remains The Same,The haunting keyboards of No Quarter, came towards the end, Ten Years Gone, then Jimmy Page collapsed on the drum riser, The lights came on, and In Shock, the show was over!! My friends in seats 1-23,were just getting off on their drugs, asked me what happened,I told them the show was over, I sat in seat 1 the aisle seat were I took some photos, during the show! The next night Apr.10,1977 I went by myself, to expierence the show that many told me about, I worked for Heghwish Records, and we sold 2,500 tickets on the main floor, for each night except Apr.10,1977, i had to buy a scalper ticket in the first balcony, sec.R row C seat 3, and Jimmy Page came out solo, with a police type cap on, and jammed the solo of Dazed and Confused, every song that night, had a guitar solo in it, Page was giving back to the Chicago fans, that were disappointed, Sat. night!! For Heghwisch Joe, THANKS

Tony's picture

Like a similar poster, I too was dropped off at the show by parents (though from not as far away as Milwaukee). Good show until the "sickness" set in. I always assumed that, despite the food poisoning story, there might have been a little too much pre-stage partying on Jimmy's part. Oh well, I was there and although disappointed about the abbreviated show, was a happy youth having seen the top band ever.

Argenteum Astrum's picture

This is the show where Jimmy passes out due to food poisoning! The playing is very gutsy and inspired, although several times his timing is off and he confuses the rest of the band. This is most evident in the intro to Nobody's Fault But Mine and the fact that he plays the first minute of Since I've Been Loving You before the aforementioned song, making the set out of order and confusing the band, who do not enter. In My Time Of Dying was also dropped from tonight's set out. The show is cancelled after Jimmy passes out in Ten Years Gone due to food poisoning. Plant: "Jimmy has got a bout of gastro-enteritis, which isn't helped by firecrackers, so we've gonna take a neccessary five minute break." After a conversation backstage, Richard Cole announced to the quite a disappointed audience: "Jimmy does not want to a half-hearted show tonight. If you watch the press on Monday, this show will be rescheduled. The band feel very bad about this, but please hang onto your tickets. All tickets will be honoured." Too bad, as the show was very intense.

Roach's picture

My friend Max and I took turns camping out in front of the Flip Side record store on Foster Av for tickets to this show.. First in line, we camped for 3 days and nights, bringing each other food, drink and other "supplies" to get us through the long days and nights. For our efforts, we scored 2 first row tickets and 2 third row tickets. Max and I took the first row, and our friends Leslie and Gerry (RIP Gerry) took the third row. I still have the stub. Section B, Row A, Seat 16. Huge Zep freaks, we were in rock and roll heaven! Night of the show, Max and I were literally shaking as we took our seats. Un-f*cking-believable! We're in the first row at a Zep concert! But as the show got under way, something wasn't quite right. Page was sounding a little "sloppy". He swayed back and forth a little too much as he played. During No Quarter, he dropped his pick in the dry ice fog, and started fanning his hand back and forth in the fog, trying to find it. An exercise in futility. Something was definitely "not right" with him. 
I only have my observations to go on, and have absolutely no facts to question the official "food poisoning" explanation.  But it seemed to me that maybe, just maybe, the cause may have been the result of ingesting something a little more "recreational"?  I'm pretty sure I saw him smile a time or two.  But it's been 32 years so maybe I'm not remembering everything as clearly as I think I do.
No matter the cause, it was an absolutely incredible experience to see the guys live and so close.  Even for just those short 65 minutes.  It was something I will never forget, and worth every second of those 3 days in line.
As others have commented, the show came to an abrupt end, and we were told to hold our ticket stubs, and the show would be re-scheduled. Long story short, just before the re-scheduled show, Plant's oldest son Karac died, so again, we were told to hold our stubs and it would be re-scheduled again. And then, just before the second re-scheduled show (now over a year since the original) Bonzo died. This time we were told we could return our stubs and get our 10 bucks back. As I said, I kept mine. Our friends in the third row managed to get about half a dozen pictures that I still have, so I may try posting them to this site. All in all, a sad, yet extremely memorable, time for all. And I'm still a Zep freak......
Al Tiedmann's picture

I was at this abbreivated show and while it was shortened due to Page's illness ( Montezuma's revenge as Robert termed it that night ), it was great nonetheless ( except for the part where Page was sitting on the right drum riser puking during Ten Years Gone ). The show was to be resheduled months down the road....unfortunately Plant's daughter died in August of that same year. The show was then due to be re-rescheduled in September of 1980 ( tickets from the original show would be honored and/or turned in for the current show )....but alas John Bonham died.

Joe Schmidt's picture

t's now Saturday, April 9th,1977 and an infamous moment in Led Zeppelin's history is about to be made. The onstage collapse of Jimmy Page. It's the third show of four that Led Zeppelin performed that week at the Chicago Stadium. My tickets are identical in location to where I was seated at the Thursday evening show. First Balcony, front row, viewing Page and Bonham's side.
  It'a a party night and the crowd's mood was raucus! I was with some of my football teamates that evening, so we were indulging a bit. Enjoying the Festivities! The lights go dead , but camera flashes illuminate Zeppelin as they take to the stage. Similarily dressed as in the first two shows. Page again wearing his white satin garb and notorious black and white zapatos. Jimmy plays a descending chord pattern prior to TSRTS and then charges right into opening.  It's feels like a good night as Page, Bonham and Jones initiate proceedings. Robert moving boldly with the changes as Jimmy solos aggressively. A well- executed tandem of The Rover and Sick Again follow. I notice Page is not smoking cigarettes tonight and there are no Heinekens atop his Marshalls.
  " Good Evening Chicago! " is Robert's greeting. Jimmy treats us to an A Cappella version of Since I've Been Loving You. My first thought was that they were shifting the set. But the band doesn't respond to Page! Robert covers for Jimmy by exclaiming " Tonight's a blues night!" In order Jimmy begins Nobody's Fault But Mine. Page remembers to engage his MXR Phase 90 pedal at the appropriate times. Jones and Bonham are hypnotically linked as they carry on. Plant's voice, here with a Arabic tinge, also tranlates into his body motion.
  Now is the proper time for Since I've Been Loving You. Or is it Tea For One? It's a combination! Robert arrives in pain and can you feel it. The band's dynamics and chemistry come off well here. No Quarter crawls out at you next. The sound is ominous and dramatic. Jones solos regally with lasers in spectacular display behind him. Page and Bonham join him in a rock and roll boogie section more reminiscent of 1950's era rock + roll.  The gears shift and it's into the meat of the solo section. Page bleeding his notes out in sustain and then unleashing a flurry of Django/ Les Paul mutated licks. Man! JPJ and Bonzo are kicking major ass!  Jimmy's angular octave blocks lead back to Jones' sole piano. There are no obvious problems in Page's playing tonight. Not until the next song.
  Firecrackers are going off abundantly and Robert's getting pissed off. Another plea to the fools lighting these things off. Ten Years Gone begins fine but then, as Page begins the middle solo, he turns back to his roadie, calling for something.  His chair is brought forth and set up by his pedals. Jimmy thens drops back in his chair on a 45 degree angle. He  jabs at his foot pedals from afar. What a bizarre sight!  Page actually fumble- fingers his way to the conclusion of the the song. A Herculean effort indeed! Robert is immediately at Jimmy's side and the rest of the band huddle around him. I can see Jimmy shaking his head side to side, as if he was saying " No way!"  His mates help him up and walk him off the stage. Things don't look too promising. About five minutes later there is an announcement over the P.A. -" Jimmy is ill and feels he cannot give his best. Retain your ticket and there will be a rescheduling." Wow! That was it? I triple -checked to make sure I had my ticket. As my buddies and I got up to vacate the stadium, a guy got up behind me and moaned " They ended it just as I'm peaking on Mescaline!" Sorry dude....
   There was a ripple effect from this show's cancellation. August 2nd would be the rescheduled date and they would add an additional concert set for August 3rd. Something to really look forward to over the summer of 1977. More Zeppelin shows! My tickets for the 8/3 concert were incredible. On the main floor , 3rd row dead center. How I received those seats is another story. But, it was never to be. One week exactly before Zeppelin was return to Chicago, I received a phone call from one of my friends. He told me he had just heard on the radio that Robert Plant's son had died. My heart just fell. That's it. It's over. I felt deeply that the band  would never be the same. Those type of tragedies alter you forever.
   Easter Sunday will be the final date of Led Zeppelin's 1977 stay in Chicago. For this show, Jimmy Page has been digging around in his wardrobe for something very special to wear......

Kurt's picture

I remember waiting for the concert, ya I'm going to see Zeppelin. I remember my friends father droping us off last we saw of him was he was giving a ride to a hot young girl and we were heading in to the show. No bodys Fault, No Quater, What the show is over no way. We were sitting on the right of the stage all we realy got to see was John Paul when he did No Quarter and Robert when he was out far on the stage but we did get to here. Ya and as for a ride home thumbs out. Still looking for a way to relive what I missed. Sorry Jimmy I had a copy of For Badges Holders Only (Record) Played it till the needle slide off.

Name's picture

To get tickets for this show I painted signs for my grandfather. In return he waited in line with me at the Sears ticket master location for several hours and bought 4 tickets.

My mom drove us down to Chicago from Milwaukee. We were four 8th grade girls. Me being the biggest Zeppelin fan of the group, possibly in all of Milwaukee. I remember it was unseasonably warm that day. When Zeppelin came on they did seem off. I remember them being super loud as well. When they announced the show was canceled we were so disappointed. Of course we had no way to reach my mom so we had to stand outside the stadium until the time the concert would have ended. It didn't seem unseasonably warm then!

I tried to get tickets this last year to the one-off in London to no avail. I think they should have let us people from the canceled Chicago show have first priority!

Michael's picture

It was my first concert I was 15yrs old and I begged my parents to let me stay the night at my Uncle Kenny and Aunt Lucy's house in Bridgeport a suburb of Chicago about 15 miles from the Stadium... I knew that I would at least be closer to the Stadium and that I could get my Uncle Kenny drop me off early enough I could find a ticket to the show and then I would be in heaven...

So there I was walking around the parking lot and I remember I bumped into some new freinds who just happened to be hanging out in the parking lot... they called me over and we hit it off from the start... that's where I met Charmaine she was 18 and she got me high all night... and we made it under the tree next to someones house that evening... It turned out that one of their friends did make it to the show and they ended up giving me the ticket 10 minutes before the show started... I never saw any of them again, but I'll always remember Charmaine... That is why "Misty Mountain Hop" is my favorite song b/c it happen to me the same way it did to Robert... walking in the park just the other day baby what da ya what da ya think I saw? Crowds of people sitting in on the grass with flowers in their hair say Hey Boy do you wanna score, and you know how it is? and that's my Led Zeppelin story...

I had tickets for the 1980 concert and then we got the news over the Radio that John Henry Bonham died and they cancelled all their shows... I was so glad that I had a chance to see them before bonzo pasted away... It felt like I lost one of my best friends. Forever a fan

Jennifer's picture

I remember that tickets had to be ordered thru some weird deal via a Chicago Tribune insert/coupon sort of thing. We got bung seats behind the mesh curtain directly behind the band...(lucky in retrospect....because of our "fly on the wall" birdseye view of Jimmy's onstage decline) I have been searching for others to back up my story of this show because no one seems to want to believe me that this happened. I remember the intense energy from the crowd. I remember Robert pleading (firmly, with intensity) during the show to refrain from the rude setting off of fireworks...People were just being stupid and rude, even before Jimmy took his exit. I was surprised they even played "No Quarter" to it's end ...And I am glad to see that someone else remembered that "Ten Years Gone" was actually played...sadly, the last ever in Chicago. It was a miracle that we all got out of there without a riot, considering the outright rudeness of certain individuals at the beginning and during the show, and Robert's early threats to stop playing if the matter wasn't brought under control. After "Ten Years Gone" it was announced the band would take a "break", which confused alot of people - not everyone knew Jimmy was bending over and being sick onstage, but they did remember Robert's threats to stop the concert earlier. I think it was a true Chicago miracle that the people in the Chicago Stadium that night did not bring down the rafters, or riot in anger and frustration. The place was literally vibrating with the footstomping and jeering. The "Andy Frains" were looking around in what seemed like fright, and the energy was contagiously dangerous. The delay was taking way too long. It was Robert who came out and announced Jimmy could not return to play that mind is foggy about the actual things he said..did he say "Montezuma's Revenge" or was that written in the rags later? And also I recall a hint of an "all request show" later in the year to make up for the loss. Then, people started filing out, in true Chicago spirit, optimistic but certainly buzzkilled. That could have been a very bad, bad scene indeed if Robert had not finally returned to explain the situation. But from our view, we knew Jimmy was sick, we saw it happen, and knew the truth. But not very many others had our "crappy seats" and thought Jimmy was too "high" to play. He certainly tried to rally, we knew something was not right backstage during "No Quarter".(Another foggy moment, were the blasts going off during "No Quarter"? It would make sense since it was pretty early in the first set for such a tune) For Jimmy to have pushed into "Ten Years Gone" might have been a bit too much, but to this day I feel lucky to have had that experience to have seen that particular tune live for the last time ever in Chi- Town. My gut feeling was that we would not ever get a chance to experience that promised show, and after the tragic riot in Florida, then the death of Robert's son, the passing of Bonzo pretty much sealed the end of Zep as a touring band for ever. Thanks to all the souls there that night for not turning it into an even more tragic event. The energy was ripe for disaster for sure. Despite the idiots who claimed that the band was pissed about the firecrackers and made excuses to stop the show,or the others gossiping about why Jimmy was ill, I have this to say..I was behind the mesh curtain behind the band in the "oversell" area, but I got to witness a very intimate, if unfortunate, piece of Zep History and I'm glad to hear from others who were there. Thirty years gone, the memories, although bittersweet, may not remain the same after all.

Jennifer's picture

Ahhh! The joys of my frequent trips to HR to drop my hard earned cash on Vinyl Treasures in the 70's. You worked at Hegewisch Records? I am still so raked over Joe's violent passing so many years ago, although I was in Colorado and long gone from the hood by then. A Northern Indiana girl, from the Hammond area, I would always be torn between Steve and John's State Line store,(S&J Records) Rockin Horse Records, (their satellite store in a mall where I worked at the time) and taking the cruise to Hegewisch. Until the range wars ensued....The loyalties were taken quite personally at the time, but I spent more time in Hegewisch because I loved the danger and occasionally helped Bobby Skafish distribute WXRT Feature Artist Cards out there back before the station went to 24 hours full time. The "sick" show on April 9th was truly scary. I never got the chance to go again, and that run was pretty much it for Zep in Chicago. You guys had tickets? Lucky buggers, who slipped you those??? I remember having to fill out some sort of thing that came out in the Tribune to get tickets, perhaps it was to redeem the lost show, my mind escapes me on that one. We kinda felt ripped-off, but now it is a part of History. We made it out of there without a riot, with hope for a future show, but fate played it's evil hand. You must have your tix stubs or a terrific memory! If you don't mind my asking, if you worked at Hegewisch, why can't you spell it correctly?

Jennifer's picture

Yeah, we were behind the stage and the mesh curtain. Got to see some strange stuff back there, remember Robert warning the deadbeats with the firecrackers? I thought it was Robert's daughter that died but you are right it was his son. My, thirty years moves the mind in strange places but some things from that night are still very clear to me. I noticed something was wrong during "No Quarter" from the back of the stage....Jimmy was not right at all. I 'm surprised they ventured into "Ten Years Gone" at all. It was a very weird energy night from the get-go. I still think that Jimmy was far too much a pro to waste a gig on recreational recklessness....he tried to rally...Robert bravely came out after what seemed like a forever wait to smooth things out and I think that was cool especially after having to endure and confront rude behavior from a few idiots previously during the show. If Jimmy tried to rally but collapsed trying, it certainly didn't help matters much having to deal with an uncompassionate and disrespectful group of degenerates who claimed to call themselves "fans" . I agree that it was a great experience regardless and find myself lucky to have had the chance to be there!

Rich's picture

I sure wish I had held onto my stub. I was a very pissed off 16 year old kid and I THROUGH IT AWAY! I was in the mezzanine area on the Page side of the stage, and could also tell something was wrong with Jimmy. Not so much by the look. I distinctly remember Jimmy starting SINCE IVE BEEN LOVING YOU and the rest of the band looking confused. Then Plant running over to Page to see if he was ok. I also remember during the last song TEN YEARS GONE that Page was leaning on the drum kit. I was surprised it didnt tip over. Those were the days!

Al Tiedmann 's picture

I wanted to apologize for the error in my post. Obviously we now know that it was Roberts son that died. 

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