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Ice Palace - August 7, 1969

  • Setlists during this tour include: Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown
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on April 7, 2008 - 3:33pm
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August 7, 1969
Las Vegas
United States

Setlists during this tour include: Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown


This date is now confirmed by multiple sources, including JPJ who recalls the show.


8-7-1969 Las Vegas Sun: "Curfew with be extended until midnight for all youngsters under 18 years old attending the "Lead" Zeppelin rock and roll concert at the Ice Palace. Curfew is normally 10 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on Friday and Saturday nights".

4-12-1970, LV Journal Review: "The youthful, hardworking, crowd-pleasing favorites, appeared in Las Vegas once before, in August 1969."


Las Vegas Weekly - "top 25" concerts held in Vegas

3. Led Zeppelin, Las Vegas Ice Palace, 1969
Though the Internet purports Zeppelin's only Vegas-related date to have been an April 19, 1970, Convention Center cancellation  we've spoken to a dozen individuals who vividly recall getting the Led out at this once-hopping all-ages venue in the Commercial Center off Sahara Ave. It went down atop the wood-covered ice of a hockey arena—most likely, we deduce, on either August 11 or 12, between shows in San Diego and Phoenix—with fans of the band's blues-driven early music fanning across the plywood floor and up the bleachers along the sides. "They were good, except when Jimmy Page pulled out that violin bow and drove me nuts with it for the next 25 minutes," recalls Las Vegas resident Tom Burt. "It was before they were really big—they only had their first album out—but if you knew what was goin' on, you knew who they were."

From Michael Chain in the group PINKINY CANANDY: "We were second on the bill. A local band opened the show (at the Ice Palace in Las Vegas), then Pinkiny Canandy (Michael Chain) and then Zeppelin. (w/ thanks to Steve A. Jones)


This date is now confirmed by multiple sources, including JPJ who recalls the show.


8-7-1969 Las Vegas Sun: "Curfew with be extended until midnight for all youngsters under 18 years old attending the "Lead" Zeppelin rock and roll concert at the Ice Palace. Curfew is normally 10 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on Friday and Saturday nights".

4-12-1970, LV Journal Review: "The youthful, hardworking, crowd-pleasing favorites, appeared in Las Vegas once before, in August 1969."


Las Vegas Weekly - "top 25" concerts held in Vegas

3. Led Zeppelin, Las Vegas Ice Palace, 1969
Though the Internet purports Zeppelin's only Vegas-related date to have been an April 19, 1970, Convention Center cancellation  we've spoken to a dozen individuals who vividly recall getting the Led out at this once-hopping all-ages venue in the Commercial Center off Sahara Ave. It went down atop the wood-covered ice of a hockey arena—most likely, we deduce, on either August 11 or 12, between shows in San Diego and Phoenix—with fans of the band's blues-driven early music fanning across the plywood floor and up the bleachers along the sides. "They were good, except when Jimmy Page pulled out that violin bow and drove me nuts with it for the next 25 minutes," recalls Las Vegas resident Tom Burt. "It was before they were really big—they only had their first album out—but if you knew what was goin' on, you knew who they were."

From Michael Chain in the group PINKINY CANANDY: "We were second on the bill. A local band opened the show (at the Ice Palace in Las Vegas), then Pinkiny Canandy (Michael Chain) and then Zeppelin. (w/ thanks to Steve A. Jones)


Setlists during this tour include: Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown


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Oh ya I forgot to add that the conert tickets at the Ice Rink cost $8.00...which was a few days savings of my babysitting money...ha ha I thought that was expensive...

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Having read the obscure Las Vegas Weekly piece I verified the ONLY open date/non-travel day
possibility within August 1969 was August 11th.

On August 12th Jimmy flew to New York to mix Led Zeppelin II at A&R studios. His flight landed at JFK International and he was supposed to have been met by Peter Grant and journalist Ritchie Yorkie but the times were two hours off and they weren't there so Jimmy
took a cab to the studio.

At the studio, Jimmy and Eddie Kramer completed the mixing of 'Bring It On Home' and the playback for 'Living Loving Maid', 'Heartbreaker' and 'What Is And What Should Never Be'. Having listened to the playback, Jimmy, Peter and Ritchie conversed for some time.

Jimmy was flown from JFK International to LAX that night, and he rejoined the band at their hotel, the Continental Hyatt House on the Sunset Strip.

Where things got mysterious insofar as a possible performance in Las Vegas was Jimmy's outbound flight to New York had apparently transited Salt Lake City. One would think had he originated from Los Angeles he would have booked a direct flight to New York considering how pressed for time he was. A stop-over in Salt Lake City makes perfeect sense if he originated from Las Vegas instead.

In any event, Michael Chain of Pinkiny Canandy has graciously provided further confirmation of this performance, the date and venue to me. Note Led Zeppelin's next date was August 13th in Lubbock, TX. Unsure why Las Vegas Weekly mentions Phoenix as that is clearly incorrect.

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I was stationed at Nellis AFB before shipping out to Viet Nam.I do actually remember sitting on that ass freezing floor and enjoying the hell out of the whole concert. I had not yet smoked pot so I just kept passing it on down the line. I also saw The Doors and Elvis that summer of 1969. (A group of us A.F. guys actually ran into Jim Morrison at Circus Circus). I was seeing a beautiful, tall showgirl who knew everything that was going on in Vegas and we GOT INTO EVERYTHING before going to Nam! What a freakin' summer! But I must say Elvis was better than anyone else! Period.

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For years nobody I told about the concert believed that it took place, much less on that date. It's usually not noted on lists of their performances played in '69. I attended several shows there, including Credence and Buffalo Springfield. I was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base from early 1966 until late 1969. I played in a soul band. The band met someone who let us into the gigs free. I was over tweny-one, so I had access to the bar upstairs.
I know nothing about Led Zep prior to the show. I wasn't some kid, but nothing I had ever heard prepared me for what I was to experience. No one used such loud speakers. I was sober, but the interplay between Plant's voice and Page's soaring, raging guitar, especially when he used the bow, was unearthly, I thought, even transendant.

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An Interview With Michael Chain of Pinkiny Canandy

Conducted Thu, April 8, 2008 by Steve A. Jones:

Q: Allow me to take you back to Summer 1969. What's going on in your life in general at that time?

A: My band the Knack (Capitol Records) had broken up and I went off on my own. I signed a new deal with UNI records and recorded the PINKINY CANANDY album.

Q: In regards to August 11th 1969, what had brought Pinkiny Canandy to Las Vegas? Was it part of a larger tour?

A: I was out promoting my new PINKINY CANANDY album and jumping from concert to concert.

Q: Do you recall who handled the bookings and promotion, if any, for the concert? Was it arranged on short notice? Do you recall posters being produced or any announcements in the press? The presence of press photographers?

A: Mike Tell promoted the concerts. (he later married Patty Duke and built an ark in his backyard) Tell flew by the seat of his pants and his concerts were the same. Pinkiny did a promo autograph album signing party at a local record store and I don't recall much in the way of posters or press. We were too worried about getting paid, played, and laid to pay much attention to anything else.

Q: Throughout the month Led Zeppelin had been staying at the Continental Hyatt House on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Do you recall where Pinkiny Canandy was staying?

A: When I wasn't at home (off Laurel Canyon below Mullholland Drive) PINKINY CANANDY (Michael Chain & band) was sleeping on the floor of his Ford Econoline van on a cross country pick-up concert tour Mike Tell set up.

Q: You mentioned to me a local act opened this concert, and Pinkiny Canandy was billed above Led Zeppelin. Is this correct? Does the name of the local act escape your memory?

A: Led Zeppelin topped the bill with Pinkiny Canandy as special guests and a local band opening the show. Haven't a clue who they were.

Q: Do you recall if any of the bands conducted a sound check at the Ice Palace?

A: Pinkiny did a soundcheck and then we were off to the record store.

Q: Was there any offstage interaction between yourself or your band with Led Zeppelin?

A: We got to the Ice Palace first and snagged the best dressing room (they were all pretty terrible as the place was an ice skating rink). We joked about that and John Paul Jones' connection with Herman's Hermits, and during Doug Altman's (Pinkiny drummer) solo, Doug threw a drumstick at Bonham who was behind the stage.

Q:Any backstage banter or discussions about the local music scene?

A: The stage was a makeshift platform set up on the ice in the middle of the rink. Boards were laid over the ice in front of the stage for the concert goers - no real backstage only bare ice. Not much of a music scene in Vegas other than top 40 dance bands. It they danced to you in the 60's you weren't a concert act.

Q: How long did Pinkiny Canandy perform that night? What sort of material and songs were presented?

A: We performed for about 45 minutes, playing all of my original songs from the PINKINY CANANDY album and ended the show with our signature tearing-down of our amps and drums during our encore. The drummer's set was carried offstage piece by piece during his solo until he had nothing left to play but the snare. We carried Doug offstage that night banging away to a standing ovation.

Q: After your performance, did you stay to observe Led Zeppelin's set? We're you at all familiar with their debut album? Jimmy Page's reputation as a guitarist? Were you aware he was departing for New York the next day to continue his work on Led Zeppelin II?

A: After we got out of our white Brioni suits we snuck back out to watch Zeppelin from the back of the bleachers. We had heard the debut album and were aware of Jimmy's rep as a picker (he lived up to it). Having had James Burton, Jerry Cole, Glen Campbell, Tommy Tedesco, Bobby Cochran, Kent Henry, Jose Feliciano, and Dink Kaplan play with me in the past I was always very conscious of great guitarists. We too were departing for New York that night, only we were doing it in a Ford Van.

Q: Do you have any other recollections or anecdotes from that night you wish to share?

A: Zeppelin were great guys, great players, and they had a great sense of humor. I am currently writing a book about that Mike Tell pick-up tour we played with Zeppelin, Steppenwolf, Canned Heat, Zombies and Three Dog Night on.

Q: Did you attend any of Led Zeppelin's other performances thru the years? Did your paths ever cross again personally or professionally?

A: Never did. A few years after that concert I became a television writer (Rambo, Punky Brewster, Villa Alegre, Chuck Norris) and didn't go back into music until the late 90's.

Q: What's next for Michael Chain? Any particular projects you wish to mention?

A: You can check out all of my music from the original Knack to now on (search: Michael Chain Band) or my website:

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I spent the summer of 1969 in Las Vegas with a family friend who's older brother was in a popular local rock group (the name escapes me). The brothers were excited about an upcoming concert in town from something called Led Zeppelin. They invited me to the show and remember saying "I never heard of HIM" They played me the first album and WOW - that was all I needed for motivation. Certainly, they made a huge impression on this young lad of 15 attending his very first rock concert. An unforgettable life changing experience.

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We thought this site was about Zeppelin... not home movies from locals, most of which were not even in this band.

GO TO FACEBOOK to get those memories off...

Try to have some respect for your fallen friend Marshall-- who would have never let this gossips festival go on...

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Dude, I can't believe it.

I was reminiscing today, listening to a bit of Led Zepplin and began wondering what the date was when I saw Zeppelin many years back. I went to google and put -Led Zeppelin Ice Palace- in the search window and the first thing that was listed was your site with this discussion of the concert. Amazing !

Guess what else. That night I met the fella from PINKINY CANANDY. I was with my buddy John Valentine and we met a fellow from the band, it may have been Michael Chain. There was another band playing that night, it was a local band named "Merry Cherry Candy Company". They had this little 95 lb. drummer named Billy and I thought he was the shizzle, althought we didn't say shizzle back then. He beat the crud outta them drums and I was in awe. I always wondered what happened to that kid and two years ago discovered he was the drummer who had been playing in the church I pastor. This story has a supernatural component to it that was mindblowing but that's a whole nother story.

Anyway, another friend of ours who was at the concert was the brother of the concert promoter. So, this friend, (brother of the promoter), told me the band, Led Zeppelin, had requested some food from the snack bar and he asked me if I would help him out by picking it up and delivering it to their dressing room. Are You Kidding? WILL I? I had just swiped Led Zeppelin's second album from the local "Wonderworld" and dude, these guys were freekin unbelievable and this guy's asking me if I'll get em some food and deliver it to their dressing room. I was 15 years old and about to get within a few feet of Led Zeppelin. Nobody's gonna believe this. Being a 15 year old, I think my $12 or $13 ticket to get in was about all the $$ I had so I asked, "how do I pay for it?" He says, tell em your with the crew, give em my name and they'll give you the food and he said don't wait in line, tell who the food is for. I asked him what I should get? He said, get em 6 hot dogs, 4 cokes and two orders of fries. He told me to get straws, napkins, condiment packets, etc. and be as quick as possible.

Okay, so I'm off on my mission and feeling pretty freekin important. I walk up to the snack bar which is crowded as H-E- dbl hockey sticks. It's hot, all the bodies & such. There may be a hockey rink under that plywood covering but it's August in Vegas and it's hot. I try to act like I'm somebody and squeeze through the crowd. I say, hey I need pick up some food for the band, they ask who sent me and I tell em. Uh huh, you heard me right, it's for Led Zeppelin, I felt a fair number of eyes focused on me and it felt good. The get everything ready for me place it in one of the most inadequate cardboard trays that has ever been constructed for such a purpose. I begin to make my way back towards the area I've been told I'll find the dressing rooms.

The most effective pathway possible is totally blocked with concert goers who are listening to Merry Cherry. The proverbial light bulb goes off as I notice a pathway under the bleachers. I scope it out and believe I have found my answer although there are a few metal rails I will have cross as I make my way.

It was dark, the cardboard tray is flimsy and did I mention that there were no lids for the cokes. What the . . . .H-E . . . I'm trying to be sooo careful but one of those rails just about kicked my butt. It took everything I had to keep from falling. The hot dogs were in those little white paper boats and to my horror they were now floating, in coke. Filled with absolute dread I continued my mission. I proceeded to the backstage hallway and was directed to the band's dressing room door. Someone knocked on the door and a moment later, the door opened and I had a glimpse of a world I would never know. A smoke filled room of rockers gettin ready to rock surrounded by a bevy of exotic looking foxes. Robert Plant had big hair but one gals brunette hair was bigger. Clothing that was hippy shiek looking just like what you'd expect. Tight jeans, gals in that vintage, wispy looking drapey stuff and that's all I saw as the door closed. At that point, the last thing I wanted was someone opening the door asking who the dip was who soaked their dogs. I was gone in a flash.

I rejoined the audience right about the time Billy Golleher the 95 lb "Merry Cherry" drummer I told you about, was doin his rendition of Keith Moon. Totally (pretending) he was destroying his drum set as they closed of their set, it's the only set Billy had and his friends helped him scoop up the remains for later reconstruction.

I found John Valentine who was hanging with the PINKINY CANANDY guy and we talked briefly but the fella had to leave to play his set. What a night. PINKINY was terrific. Then Led Zeppelin came on stage and the foursome didn't seem worse for the wetdogs. They were amazing.

For all of you who were there that night, they will remember that behind John Bonham there was a huge Chinese Gong. Back at that time, most bands had lead guitar, bass guitar, drummers and lead singers. There might be an organ thrown in but a gong. That was something new and I don't remember how Bonham used it but it was part of the set. Most of what I remember about the Zeppelin was that they were earth shaking and Heavy. I don't need to go into detail, they were amazing, how could they not be amazing, they're Zeppelin.

Anyway, those days were sweet and I'm glad I survived them. Many of my friends didn't. These days I pastor a Calvary Chapel and we play music of another kind but if you've heard Skillet, Kutless, Story Side B, Barlow Girl, The Listening, etc. you'll know that the rock influence of Zeppelin has played an interesting part in the music we now sing for the Rock whose name is Jesus.

Thanks for the website.
What fun it was to rifle through my memory in order to share this story. I hope someone enjoys it.

Pastor Mike Welte
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Correction to my earlier post.

Led Zeppelin was the only album out at the time I saw the concert. I paid for that one. The second album came out later, I can't remember when, I was a fan but I'm 53 now. Who can blame me, right?

Anyway, I listen to Zeppelin but on CD now. And I paid for them all.

Mike Welte

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The Vegas Baby Boomers Club on Facebook is the center for meeting the people lived in Vegas when this concert took place.

Everyone was there.. and where else would you be? Could you be?

We have posted this site on ours to get our members to come see this fabulous site.


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I attended this concert. It was my first rock concert and my first date. Both rocked :)

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I was the drummer for Wolf Ticket. It's great to see someone still remembers those days. It was a blast for sure! A friend of mine turned me on to this site and it blew my mind. I do remember Fantasy Park and Redrock especially. I remember Terri Goodman (that's a man to remember!) He came to Fantasy and told us that everyone's in Redrock, let's go! I will never forget going up there that Sunday afternoon and seeing a dude and his old lady naked in the grass and he was playing the guitar - at the time, I was certain that I found paradise! Yes, the Led Zepplin concert blew my mind. I'll never forget drinking wine with Jimmy Page and who can forget when Robert Plant walked in the dressing room with a white chick on one arm and a black chick on the other - he had a grubby old t-shirt on with skin tight green velvet pants and knee high snake skin boots. As much as I can remember (too many acid trips) we opened for Sweet Water, Three Dog Night, Vanilla Fudge, Doors, Alice Cooper, Wolfman Jack, and who knows who else - all I know is, for two years, we were the badest local band in Vegas! As for the present, I am still playing drums, but in 1972 I found what we were all really looking for - Jesus. Yes, I turned Jesus Freak and I still am and I am rocking out for God. If anyone has pictures or videos PLEASE contact me - I would love to have copies!

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I'll never forget Robert Plant w/spotlight shining down from behind him,everything else very dimly lit and Jimmy Page w/bow in hand playing dazed and confused. This was probably the most electrifying and surreal concert i've ever seen and let me tell you, Vegas did have the best in entertainment as always! The Ice Palace hosted quite a few of these quality acts .What great memories!

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Ilove this site !!! I just happened to be reminiscing with one of my best friends last night,3/22/2010 we're talking about merry cherry candy co. ,led zeppelin, calico basin saturday night parties, where the band would set up on the side of the mountain, a bonfire on each side, freaks from all over vegas and some out of towners too, partying like there was no tomorrow! we were trying to figure out what year the "awarehouse" was open? was'nt that" Heart" that played there? I do remember THE SIOUX UPRISING. At nsu they had a coffee house and Doug Bounsel not sure about the spelling[sorry Doug] any way, Doug could play anything with strings on it, like a madman, he was awesome and he played the coffee-shop with a couple of dudes from Kentucky. They were real straight looking ,one was an older guy on guitar,the other a kid maybe 14 or 15 yrs. old playing banjo[help me here] and Doug on mandolin, they were all excellent players and it was fast moving bluegrass music. Doug never was boring ,you did'nt know what kind of music he would play next! The Birds also played nsu they were so messed up[tripping i think] but hey who was'nt? Susie Creamcheese's Boutique on lv blvd. she was hot was'nt she ! Well my brain is overloaded,keep the memories alive, they were special times. If you can help paint a clearer picture its always appreciated! Hope to here lots more!

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Isnt it odd that the two people most responsible for this band are not here commenting...wonder why???

Wonder what Tom Munshower and Brad Garret have to say about this concert, the people in THAT ORIGINAL band, and the role Wolf Ticket 'Family'...

WOLF TICKET was a copyright owned by Munshower later loaned out to the follow up band.

The Family was left over from Merry Cherry, Garret's teeny bop tribe.


Roxanne's picture I recall that night....It was my second ever concert the first was the Doors...Oh my!
I still have the pink psychedelic dress I made to go see Led Zepplan...
The music was absolutly electrifyingly HOT!!!
At the Ice rink where many concerts were held they put down large wooden planks over the ice...I don't recall it being too cold...

I always said since I was 15yrs that I'd never be an old foggie in my kid's eyes someday. For I just knew deep down I'd always love Led Zepplan and now at the end of 2010 they're still my faves...
lol... I did end up a bit antiquated though for some of my kids liked Rap...

And Doug Bounsel...i yi yiiii....I don't recall him looking all that straight I just recall his cool blonde curly locks.... I was sooo shy but he was my secret heart throb since we began at Garside Jr High in Las Vegas...I had a long crush on him all the way through high school....if anyone knows where he is ...tell him Roxanne would love to say hello...His ex and baby lived in Calif w/ me for a while in 1978...

Where is everyone these days? I keep missing the reunions at Western and Clark High...I ended up in Seattle....

Back in '67-71...I lived in Charleston Heights next door to Robert Judd one of the first long haired hippies back in the day and he was always abreast of all the great concerts in Calfornia as well...

YES! The gatherings at Red Rock~Calico Basin were a blast...
oh ya and Suzi Cream Cheese Boutique on the Las Vegas Strip...
I loved the styles of clothes and accessories....

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Hey facebook,
Who are you and how do know our friend Marshall? The Marshall that I knew would have enjoyed old friends and band mates talking about the old days. Many people have reconnected because of these posts. Anyway the site determines whats appropriate.

VBBC Facebook's picture

The shortest, the sweetest [ and most relevant] post to date...

come on to Facebook and search VEGAS BABY BOOMERS CLUB

and join. Please.

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The fellows from Merry Cherry , Brad Garrett , Ed Popile and Billy Gullaher, disbanded and joined Marshal E. Branch Jr and guitarist Tom Munshower in WOLF TICKET. Tom had left the Calico Blues band -who had made Look Magazine as up and comers...Marshal was new to bands at the time and was producing music concerts with Tom and booked Merry Cherry at a PEOPLE concert in vegas.

WT opened for many bands other than Zeppelin. MArshal and Tom remained friends, working together in Hollywood television [ the famed Richard Pryor Special ???] .

A lot is foggy for many from those days, and this little piece of fame is a funny memento for those who were actually there.

Wolf Ticket- a name adopted by Tom Munshower from Richard Prentiss a Wolf Ticket Family member [an ever changing ad hoc traveling party of friends and supporters]

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Just got off the phone with Billy Golloher of Merry Cherry Candy Company & Wolf Ticket. Billy clarified that when I saw him and his band open for Led Zeppelin, they were under the new band moniker, Wolf Ticket. Apparently, I had confused that performance with Merry Cherry's previous performance when they had opened at the Ice Palace for Blue Cheer. What I mainly remembered about the band was Brad Garrett's big hair, frizzy, parted down the middle & the small, diminutive (not), drummer who was gettin after them drums. You still rock Billy. Does anyone remember [London Fog, Mike Lyman, the girls loved that long hair, middle of his back], [Pork & Beans, Dennis Durante, Frank Felix], the Teenbeat Club ??? Those were some great times. At least for those who made it our alive. Blessed Reminiscing to all. Mike / wanna be / Welte

Marshall Branch Jr.'s picture

Billy G was the drummer in WOLF TICKET by the time of the ZEPPELIN SHOW...

MERRY CHERRY had broken up and remnants joined Wolf Ticket for a spate of concerts-- Wolf Ticket was a Auditorium Band only...

Know you want to keep it straight pastor...

Tim Munshower's picture

The local band that opened the show for for Pinkiny was Wolfticket. We had also opened for Jim Morrison and the Doors at the Ice palace also that year. We actually opened for Alice Cooper at the las vegas convention center that same evening as we opened for the Doors. Quite a night. I still remember how cold the Ice Palace was and the wood floors placed over the ice for the concerts. Tim Munshower Minneapolis ps Wolfticket is having a reunion in Vegas at the House of Blues on February 21st at a Yes show. We are not performing just about old times

Vaughn Thomas's picture

Someone has thier dates wrong-- TOM MUNSHOWER was the leader guitarist of the Band WOLF TICKET, his younger briother was 14 years old at the time of the concert. Same with Door, War, Alice Copper and many other concerts.

WBLogan's picture

Wolf Ticket also opened for the Doors at the Ice Palace in early November, 1969. They did Back Door Man. Brad Garrett sang an anatomically correct version of just what it was that he ate more of than any man ever seen. It was a transparent attempt to force a confrontation with the Sheriff's Office (this was before Metro). The cops were swarming around the stage but seemed oblivious to what was going on. They were focused on Jim Morrison, this being the venue that followed his arrest on obscenity charges in Florida. By the time The Doors took the stage they were literally joined by the sheriff's finest. The concert went off without any life altering obscenities, if you don't count cops on stage.

Ed's picture

What a blast from the past.I googled MerCheCC and I found a time machine. I remember MCCC playing outdoors at Fantasy Park . I saw Pork and Beans warm,up for Steppenwolf at the Conv.Center.Good times.

Tim Munshower's picture

I reported this event but the listing as band member should have been Tom Munshower who participated in the shows. I was also a member of the band in another incarnation but was present at both shows as a member of Wolfticket and the family. Apparently there was an error as Tim and Tom can be easily confused. I hope that this clears up the matter, just wanted the band to get credit for performance

Tim Munshower's picture

The legacy of Wolfticket continued in the 70's with Tom's(who inspired me to actually have the courage to play) younger brother Tim(me) on guitar, Ed Popile bass and vocals, Joni James on vocals, Richard Olsen on percussion, and of course our friend that has passed on years ago, Marshall Branch on keyboards. Marshall was the the leader of this incarnation of Wolfticket and took the band to a new level. I remember Marshall picking up the first (I believe) Melatron(spelling questionable) in Las Vegas at that time. My brother Tom (Wolfticket lead guitarist and band founder) was quite the inovator as he actually had the first Sitar in southern Nevada prior to Wolfticket, possibly between WT and the Calico blues band. I still remember when he brought that thing home! Anyone remember fantasy park and red rock? Foggy, hazy memory rings true Marshall. Unfortuneately, Vegas rock history has little to say about this wonderful band that spanned two decades. There was a third incarnation (was there a 4th or 5th?) of the band with Ed, Joni, Marshall, and I believe Justin (on Guitar), the drummers name escapes me. My Wolfticket opened for B.B. King at the student union building at N.S.U. (now UNLV) , and who will forget the fat shakin festivals at Red Rock organized by our friend that has passed ,Rick Macias.Or the Beatty Burro Races where we almost lost our hair! The frat parties and the Needles high school prom shows, I will never forget. Ed some of my most cherished memories are our rehearsals at your home during that time. Thank you! The 3rd incarnation, Steely dan, and I am sure that there is more stories and performances to document. We are all proud of the legacy of this home ground band and its roots. Remember the Scatter Blues, the Weeds with Scott Devitt, Fred Cole Smallville Mailtruck, Sioux Uprising, the teenbeat club and the Dungeon? I believe they would be hard pressed to top the achievements of Wolfticket in Las Vegas during that time. And the Point, Dees drive in, Bob Roberts, The Wonderworld Snowball (Tom, your project) Us Inc.............

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2011 marks the preproduction of THE NIGHT OF NIGHTS [ working title] feature film that climaxes at the Led Zeppelin Concert in Las Vegas 1969...

It is a snap shot of Vegas Baby Boomers as teens and their music, clothes, attitudes, and expressions of freedom.

If you were here then, then you are in this future film -- in some way. This is the DNA of Vegas to come told through those who came to legendary concert.

Behind the scenes, in the streets, at schools and in cars, teen life in Vegas is a mirror of the times, its fashion, and its hopes.

Unlike some hometowns, amazing things were possible in Vegas back then--maybe more than today. Hope was live and part of every breath. Hope that grew into adult life to come, and hope that now has become a Vegas Baby Boomers reverie...

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i was there for led zeppelin,blue cheer,canned heat and many more. sometimes forgeting details, but i do remember merry cherry candy co. and brad garret, we were just about the only two people with big frizzy hair in vegas! i've been trying to find info on the teanbeat clubs past performers, but kept thinking it was" the LA FOG", but could'nt verify [or remember accurately]. remember fantasy park love ins? ithink they were usually on sundays with bands from vegas and la.i remember seeing three dog night at a dance at one of the elementary, or jr. high schools, right before they made it big. one other thing for now, how about the musicians convention at the las vegas convention center 1968 or 1969, not positive but you could walk the perimeter hallway and stand right next to the bands as they performed,like vanilla fudge and steve miller band! wow! what an electrifying time we lived in, change was in the air, everyone was pretty respectful of the other and the music was all new each band had their own sound not like today. was so glad to reminisce and here your comments!

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Freakin' weird. I was talking with someone a few weeks back about Wolfticket and you. Don't know if you remember me, but I was that crazy blonde that you dated for a while back in '73-'74 from Vo-tec. I always remember ... 'too much woody'. Who was that crazy guy that drove the mustang whose lights would go off and on as we drove down Maryland Parkway! If you feel like it, give me a shout and let me know what you're doing mister. Hope all is well in your world.

Meri Pincock

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My mother was at many of those shows. . .I was not to be born for another 7-8 years. Tom Munshower (I like to call him Dad) deserves the credit for being a brilliant guitar player, a great performer (as per my mother's accounts from various performances) and is the Guitar God Hero of his 7 year old grandson! I'm happy to know that you're getting credit for the amazing experiences you've had.

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So, you don't remember the name of the drummer in the reincarnation of Wolfticket, eh? It was ME, Jef Benedetti. I was the drum roadie for the group and overnight, you and Richard were ejected for what I never did know, and Justin and I came in. Two weeks after that, we opened for Steely Dan and Boz Scaggs at the Ice Palace and then three months later, we opened on New Years Eve (it snowed that night in Vegas) for Doctor Hook, Tower of Power and Azteca. We lasted three more years in Vegas before going to L.A. to make it big. We didn't. Our last gig was opening for the Cars on Midnight Special in 1979, a gig Marshall Branch masterminded for us at NBC, where he was the lead cameraman on Days of our Lives.

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Of course I remember you, where are you, and how are you?

Tim Munshower's picture

Hey Jef,
Nice to hear your memories. Miss Marshall very much. Yeah we got booted out of the band for who knows what, who cares anymore anyway. Take care Jef. I was in Las Vegas last weekend to visit my mom and hooked up with Joni James, saw her sing a couple of nights at a night club and had dinner with her and my old buddy monster drummer Adam Shendal

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The name of the band you mentioned was "London Fog".


Mike lyman and Mike Freeman - and others I don't recall.

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Do you recall if Bonzo used double bass drums for this gig? He used a second bass drum for a few other gigs right around this date. There are no photos that clearly show him from this date. 


George Fludas. ( Bonhamology on YouTube)

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I was the banjo player from ky. actualy I iwas 18 at  the time 


Wayne Johnson's picture

We were there. We drove from Bullhead City AZ. We were all transplanted teens from cities.

Most of our parents moved to the desert to get us kids away from bad things, especially DRUGS!!!!!

BACKFIRE! Bullhead City was named th.e #1 drug crossroad in America in 1969 by the FBI and DEA!

Little old Bullhead just happened to be the BULLSEYE between Mexico, Phoenix, Las Vegas, L.A and all of Southern California.

Anyway, the show was amazing to us kids! We were sixteenish. Someone started a fire extinguisher party! Foam everywhere! 

We were all running and sliding on the wet boards laid over the ice. It was great!


The sound was as you'd expect. SHIT! But, They were GODS! OMG as the kids say now. THEY WERE GODS!! 

Wasn't a great show. It was the most exciting thing I've ever seen. It changed my life!


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     Led Zepplin did play the Ice palace in 1969. I was 15 years old and had mever been  to a concert before.  My older brother was taking his girl friend and they  asked if I was interested in going.  I said sure, why not.  The local radio station was playing hideous ads , saying "Led Zeppelin, fresh out of sold out night clubs in Los Angeles,a reverb echoing.  I was just expecting to have some fun, but I was stunned and amazed.  With the spot light on Jimmy Page he pulled out a violin bow and played sounds I had never heared.  It was just him and a spot light sparkling his glittering green pants.  When he finished with the violin bow, he just shredded a 20  minute solo.  I didn't know the songs but you didn't need to because their was no doubt these guys were going to be Super Stars.   By the way, tickets were $3.50.  After that event I started attending every concert, but nothing came close to that night.   Also, a lot of major bands played the ice palace.  Three Dog Night, Steely Dan, Loggins and Messina and many More.  Eventually concerts switched to the convention center but I was disappointed.  The Ice Palace didn't have a bad seat in the house.  You could get up close and personal with the performers.  Any way Led Zeppelin made the greates impact in my concert memories!


Paul Rowell

Rio Rancho, NM

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I was at Led Zeppelin's only Las Vegas show at the Las Vegas Ice Palace

it was an amazing night of music

all three bands got a great response

though obviously Zepplin completely stole the show

I would like to disagree with the interview which said Las Vegas had no local music scene

it was actually extremely vibrant outside of the Las Vegas strip

underground but very happening


The opening act that night at the ice Palace was a great local Vegas band called

Wolf Ticket


Ty Parkman's picture

I was there on that night. I didn't know who they were but I was mesmerized

 for their whole set. It was an amazing show.

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I lived with Branch and wayne Hargrave for three years!!  Marsh was the best friend I've ever had !  The drummer in those years was Jeff.  I can't remember his last name.  We called him Shamu, after the killer whale.  Wayne was the lead singer in those years.  1977/ 78/ 79 and 80.  I miss Branch very much,and think of our trips to the popes house and our crazy,crazy lives in those days!  Branch was also the program manager at the radio station in Vagas and went on to become a camra man for the Day's of our lives for many years ! I miss all the guy's from back then  !! The stories I could tell  !!!

Paul's picture

They most definately did play in Las Vegas.  I was there with my older brother on a double date.  They were mind blowing.  Jimmy Page on guitar with bow string, greenglitering pants in the spot light.  I knew I was watching history!

Suzanne Livingston's picture

It was the concert, I will never forget!

Oh my GOD, Plant rocks my world!

Also saw the BEATLES at the Convention Center!

Scotty Rew's picture

The Ice Palace venue is still there but I believe it's been vacant for years.  The best Thai restaurant in the world (Lotus of Siam) is, or was in the same commercial center, just about 75 yards away (I heard they have since relocated).  Don't know what the area looked like in 1969 but that center has been a sh*thole for years.  My best friend Mike Conley (RIP) turned me on to the restaurant and when we were leaving, he pointed out the building and said "Led Zeppelin played there when I was a kid."  I think he said his aunt or cousin went to the show, he was only 10 at the time.  I kinda didn't believe him, until I found this site and a coupole other references on line.  Oh, to have a time machine...l

Randy Maultasch's picture

Amazing concert. I was 16, on vacation with my family and decided to go. I remember straw on the floor and being blown away, especially when Jimmy took out the bow and played his guitar with it.

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