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Swing Auditorium - August 8, 1969

  • Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Gotta Keep Moving, Dazed and Confused, White Summer / Black Mountainside, You Shook Me, How Many More Times (medley incl."Lemon Song", Schooldays, Hideaway, Hail Hail Rock 'N' Roll)
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on September 20, 2007 - 5:31pm
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August 8, 1969
San Bernardino
United States

Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Gotta Keep Moving, Dazed and Confused, White Summer / Black Mountainside, You Shook Me, How Many More Times (medley incl."Lemon Song", Schooldays, Hideaway, Hail Hail Rock 'N' Roll)


Jethro Tull main support act and San Bernardino-area group Trane (aka The Caretakers).


Jethro Tull main support act and San Bernardino-area group Trane (aka The Caretakers).


Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Gotta Keep Moving, Dazed and Confused, White Summer / Black Mountainside, You Shook Me, How Many More Times (medley incl."Lemon Song", Schooldays, Hideaway, Hail Hail Rock 'N' Roll)


Marc Pollitt's picture

I keep seeing Internet descriptors of the San Bernardino Swing Auditorium having a capacity of 10,000, and all I can do is shake my head in wonder. I recall having attended a couple of dozen shows at that venue, and the standing-room-only capacity was around 6,500, which is why many of the groups that headlined there were groups that more frequently played gigs as 2nd acts with 60 minute shows at larger arena venues. When arena headlining bands like Zeppelin played there, it was because they were touring in the vicinity and there were no open nights at the larger arenas, making it worthwhile to spend a night in a venue with half (or less) the capacity they could draw in Los Angeles or Long Beach. The "10,000" capacity is a result of somebody guessing at the building's capacity rather than having done historical research. If I recall correctly, the first act to EVER sell out the Swing was Elvis Presley, during his comeback tour, and the joint was swollen to the point of having the fire marshal cut off admissions, with approximately 7,200 fans inside packed like sardines, mostly in the open floor area in front of the permanent seating. After that show, the fire marshal issued an edict that limited ticket sales to around 6,500 per event for safety and exit capacity. Most concerts sold between 1,500 and 6,000 tickets, probably averaging 4,000 or so. For research purposes, this information is all coming from my memory only, and is not "official" information; however, it's a darned sight closer to the truth than the misinformation about a mythical 10,000 seat arena in San Bernardino! The only Orange Show Fairgrounds concerts drawing over 7,200 (or having the capacity to do so) were played in the outdoor rodeo/race car stadium located a few hundred feet to the south of the Swing Auditorium.

Debbie's picture

What an unbeliveable concert!! I was there, right up at the stage!! I watched as Jimmy fixed his broken guitar string while holding another in his teeth, kept playing and never missed a beat!! And Robert - dang!! Dude is bad to the bone. John Paul and Boham- they all rock! I've been to many many concerts in my life and that is STILL the most memorable of all!! Not to metion Jethro. It was a great great night. I can't wait to see them again!!

Jim H's picture

Oh yea!!

I remember this one. I had thrilled to see two of my favorite bands together. The music was great.

The Swing Aud could get pretty hot inside during the summer and that night was pretty toasty. I remember someone turned on the fire hose upstairs. It was great cooling off and dancing to the music.

It's what '69 was all about that night!

Saundra HIllinger, Ingersoll's picture

I was 11 years old and my Mother had no idea I was at your show. I went with a girlfriend and I have loved your music since. Many thanks for sharing your music and positively impacting my life! ;]

Heath Matson's picture

Drove down from Yakima, WA. with my best bud and his Nam bound brother who were originally from San Berdoo and had moved up North in 67'. Went surfing down in baja and hit the concert our last night in town. We were totally wasted but even through the haze it was a fantastic concert. Stood near the right speaker banks up at the stage and couldn't hear very well for a couple of days. Still worth it! Heath

Jerry Morgan's picture

My First Concert 13 years old WOW

JimmyJ's picture

Sister tried to get me to go, said I'd regret it; yes, to this day I kick self in ass.

Tim Sherwood's picture

Led Zeppelin was my favorite group until I got into Roxy Music. I was only 14 so about all I remember was sitting up in the stands. The place was full of people and great music.

Tony King's picture

I remember this night too, hotter than heck inside. I remember the waterfall from the balcony flowing onto the stairs and girls running around with their tops off. About 8 girls/friends ask me to go with them inside and watch over them, I had no money so they bummed enough money for a ticket in like 10 minutes. We sat/stood right up front next to the stage and its was LOUD ! but in those days you didnt care the music was so awesome. Call me a hippie ,but I sure miss those days of the late 60's we always had fun and musically Rock and Roll was the best and it still lives with Classic Rock !

Name's picture

I went to this concert all by myself at 14 years old. It was and remains the absolute best concert I have ever attended! When Jimmy Page plauyed his guitar with a violin bow it really blew my mind. Robert Plant I recall was wearing white pants and a turquoise blue shirt and I thought he was fantastic- still do.

paul's picture

There was a second supporting act on the bill which was the Caretakers, a local band from the San Bernardino area.

Name Larry Harteker's picture

8/8/69' - Started the hot day with some pals from Upland in a van driving around trying to figure out where we could find some ducks to insert into the fountain at the Swing that night for the greatest show of our lives. We found 2 nice large ducks, can't quite remember where, but we proceeded to drive out to San Bernardino, wrangle the ducks into the fountain where they were by all accounts quite happy and well fed by the fans.

To this day I've always remembered the band Trane was to open the show, but to all other accounts it's stated that "The Caretakers" out of San Berdoo opened up. Now I finally see on the above ticket stub that Trane was listed to open. As we were young and somewhat mind altered, we would love to finally know the answer as all we remember, after getting inside a little late, was Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin and 2 of the best drum solo's we ever heard. Bonzo and Clive Bunker. I was the one who got smacked on the head with a flashlight by a security guard for trying to climb the stage during Clive's solo. Sorry about that...

Both bands were in the Zone that night as was the audience. Great Show!! BTW to another poster, I too remember the firehose waterfall coming from the balcony stage left if I recall. Quite refreshing indeed.

What can you say, the Summer of Love...

Terry DuMond's picture

Dont remember much except Led Zepplin. But what i do has never left my memory

Cliff Reid's picture

That was a great show even though it was so long ago groups don't do shows like that anymore both Tull and Zepplin were great as a opening act I believe Tull might have been a little better but still the Swing Aud. was a hot venue for any group. Mahalo Cliff.

Mary McKovich's picture

I was there too.The show was awesome. Remember it like it was yesterday. Hope you can come up with pictures and video. One of the best memories of my life. Mary

Mick Lyonaisse's picture

Summer of '69. The music was diverse, raw and great. Zep and Tull were a good billing. I'll not forget Ian Anderson in his green long coat that night, with foot kicking in the air and his flute rocking. I thought Tull was particularly good that show. Zep was very good also. Not yet the status they would grow into, but you knew it was something special. The Swing was a place never to be forgotten. Hot as Hades inside in the summer, and the Fire Marshall was always grousing about the sound volume, threatening to shut down the show. Don't remember clearly if he did so at this show, but I think he did. And don't forget the 'psychadellic' light show going on behind the band--far out man. lol The only bummer of the night was the chick I took along. Oh well. . . Rubidoux69

Korn Dog's picture

Hot summer night and the cooling system broke down so it was too hot just to stand still and watch the show. Everybody just kept moving and eventually you would just be right in front of the stage. At different times during the concert, my gf and I were 5 ft away from both bands as they cranked out their sets. WOW!

Argenteum Astrum's picture

This show is the first recorded performance of the band headlining in a large auditorium, with this show having taken place at the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino, California. As far as the gig itself, the show is very good. After a solid performance of the first two songs the band pause for Page to change a string, which prompts the rest of the group to get into another I Gotta Move jam, like they had done in March 14th, 1969 on the radio. But, before they get into it, something seems to happen in front of the stage, which causes Plant to laugh and comment: "How we doin? You must bear with me. I’m of slight coordination, right? So, if you’re ready to take it, I can give it." At which moment a girl can be heard near the recorder yelling out in true "summer of 69" hippy spirit: "Get high! ... And get with meeee!" With a nearby audience member responding to her in like manner: "Be free!"

Armando's picture

The group that opened the 8/8/69 Swing Auditorium show was TRANE.  TRANE was the new name that THE CARETAKERS were going by. TRANE featured Inland Empire legend JESSE LLAMAS on lead guitar.

George's picture

Hi, do you recall if Bonzo had two bass drums on this gig? 



There's Levens 's picture

I was there it was a Trip for real, at first when the wax melted off the fire sprinklers I thought I was Halucinating, but it really was happening yes we got unclothed to much fun, no one assaulted anyone, but yes we got protected, I still think of that night, I'm 60, something now Love.

Renita Crocker's picture

To all of those unfortunate people that never got to experience a concert be it Rock - Country or a "Live Album"...Yes even that..It was the best venue ever..We had the best crowds and acoustics for a metal building with all that "Silver Tensile" hanging from the ceiling, green bleachers for seating,all bath rooms and concession stand inside to the north.1974 - till the "incident" was my time here..What great bands except when somebody booked " To Open The Ramones" "Headlining Ted Nugent"..What were they thinking...The Ramones didn't last thru their opening song...Bottles and anything else thrown at them on stage.Not a hater of Punk but really...Ted hit the stage Tarzan style loincloth and swinging on a rope.San Bdno crowd Rocked louder than any venue from long beach,oc,la,santa monica,irvine all of them. Saw the best shows at $7.50.. Of all the things that 2 seater Cessna hit. What a loss for San Bdno.. Nothing ever replaced "The Swing"..Glad the pilot was okay..

Clifford Conradi's picture

I was there, my very first concert, 16 years old and still remember it clear as a bell. Surprising because you know the 60's and all.

Chris Hallman's picture

I was there.  I just got released from jail in California in Visalia ( I was 18 ).  It was quite a show.  There was no word about it before.  It was not like today.  But what an earful Las Vegas got that night.

Daniel E.Kelleher's picture

I would like to purchase the 1969 Led Zeppelin concert poster at SanBernardino California,if at all possible
Saw this concert special meaning to me.Thank you.

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