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State Fair Grounds / Mid-West Rock Festival - July 25, 1969

  • Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, White Summer / Black Mountainside, You Shook Me, How Many More Times (medley incl. "Lemon Song"), Communication Breakdown
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on September 20, 2007 - 5:21pm
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July 25, 1969
West Allis
United States

Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, White Summer / Black Mountainside, You Shook Me, How Many More Times (medley incl. "Lemon Song"), Communication Breakdown


Press Review excerpt: "Pacific Gas and Electric" set the mood for the evening's crowning glory - Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page raced into Babe I'm Gonna Leave You"(I Can't Quit You) and then into a dazzling "Dazed and Confused". The final number was a twenty minute "How Many More Times" and the ensuing tumultous ovation to "Communication Breakdown". It was beyond belief. Friday worked like a fine watch. [Minneapolis Flag / August 1969]



Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, White Summer / Black Mountainside, You Shook Me, How Many More Times (medley incl. "Lemon Song"), Communication Breakdown


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I attended all 3 days. Tickets were $15.00 for the 3 days. I still have a playbill/poster of the event in pretty good shape. It rained Sunday afternoon so Jeff Beck and Jethro Tull did not play. Joe Cocker did, John Mayall did and the headliner was Johnny Winter. It was almost 40 years ago! Zeppelin was great on Friday night, arriving by helicopter in the infield of the race track. Blind Faith was equally fantastic on Saturday. Taste, with Rory Gallagher, made their United States debut. This was a little more than a week BEFORE Woodstock and I'm sure most people have never heard of it.

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A super-charged festival set! The band plow through this material with one of the best versions of The Train Kept A Rollin' ever and frenzied playing throughout. Bonham plays some really inventive patterns and Jonesy is flying as always. Robert's voice is gutsy and Jimmy is great as always ... every song is excellent, and the vibrant recording make this a kicking show!

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Great description of one of the best times of my life. Even with rain and no music everybody gathered into the covered grandstand and had fun and shared whatever any of us had. It was really one of the only times I felt I belong to a community of like minded people and was very comfortable. I also remember the Bob Reichtman ( 1st. FM underground radio DJ's in Milw.) co-signed a note to get Johnny Winter on the stage. They tried to cover the stage with clear plastic sheeting to protect the performers. It did to a point, Joe Cocker came on and was outstanding until the water build up burst right over his head, He continued to complete his set. Blind Faith and Led Zepplin, just blessed to be there.. $15.00 in today's money would convert to 1500.00 easy.

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Remember the guy with the snake wrapped around his neck? LZ's performance has stayed with me my entire life. I'll never forget it. :)

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I, too, was at the festival and it remains a vivid memory. I just wanted to correct a couple of items. First, I worked at two Milwaukee-area radio stations (WUWM and WZMF) with the DJ referred to in the review. His name was Bob Reitman (no "ch" in the last name.) Second, while we both might believe the value of that 1969 $15 ticket was $1500, using the CPI, the value of the $15 ticket would be closer to $89 today.

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A group of us got our tickets for all 3 days for $20 through the local freak radio station. Great music, lots of weed, and covered grandstands when it rained. Too bad for them, but hilarious when Kenny Rogers and the First Edition got booed off the stage when they tried leading off with " Ruby, don't Take Your Love to Town". The song didn't quite fit the crowd, and the crowd let them know it. No big disaster though cause there was alot more great music. Liked MC-5 and Pacific Gas and
Electric was pretty tight too. Really great lineups, without huge crowds.

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Led Zeppelin concluded the first day of what would be an awesome 3 days of music with a stellar set.  I remember vividly that they opened with the first few bars of Good Times Bad Times, then quickly the song morphed into a tune that I was not familiar with (Train Kept a Rollin?).  All the great tunes from LZ 1 were played including How Many More Times (with Jimmy Page playing the guitar with a bow and the Lemon Song being spiced into the middle).   I believe the show concluded with a unforgettable performance of Communication Breakdown.  We were so impressed we went to Chicago's Kinetic Playground in Oct. of '69 to see them play much of their new LZ 2 album.  Bonham lives forever!

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