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Tampa Stadium - June 3, 1977

  • The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine.
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on September 22, 2007 - 8:53pm
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June 3, 1977
United States

The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine.

77 programme

Click here to view the US '77 Tour Programme (flipbook)

Show ends early due to rain. 

The promoters then ran a full page ad, apologizing to fans for the turn of events – it read:

“Concerts West Apologizes and is sorry for the humiliation & inconvenience to you and your faithful fans at Tampa Stadium, June 3, 1977.

You did everything that you could and wanted to do so much more. You are the best and deserve the best, not the worst treatment.
-Respectfully, Concerts West.


News Report: At Least 100 Injured At Led Zeppelin Concert

TAMPA Fla. - City officials, reeling from a mini riot which erupted when a thunderstorm washed out a Led Zeppelin concert, canceled a rain check rerun Saturday, leaving fans from as far as Michigan and New York holding "rain or shine" ticket stubs.

"If I were in Buffalo, I'd go home right now," said Bonnie Strickland. The 19-year-old youth and three companions had driven 24hours to get to Florida for the concert. Strickland said they were the first ones in the stadium when the doors opened at 11:30 a.m. Friday for the8:30 p.m. concert. After spending the day in 90-degree weather on the sun baked football field, they settled down for the concert.

The British band played for 20 minutes before the thunderstorm hit. About 45minutes later the concert was called off.
The cry "We want Zeppelin. We want Zeppelin" came from the 70,000 fans as rocks and bottles began flying onto the stage."We had what had to be called a small riot. There were between 3,000 and4,000 people who were unruly and disorderly," Tampa Police spokesman Johnny Barker said.

About 250 police officers, all in riot gear and using billy clubs, broke up the rioting and herded the fans out of the stadium. The scene was followed by 26 reported traffic accidents near the grounds. "The cops didn't give any warning," one teen-aged girl said. "They just waded in. I ended up at the bottom of the crowd and a cop kicked me in the head. My brother got a broken leg and broken ribs."

The melee left an estimated 100 fans with injuries. Eight were arrested. Shift Commander Tom Wilson said "in the neighborhood" a dozen officers were treated for injuries." One had a concussion, there was one with a broken hand, one with a broken ankle, one with cut lips and some teeth knocked out, one with a dislocated shoulder..." There were so many people you just couldn't move," a 32 year-old man from West Palm Beach said: "I was just trying to get away. The ticket said rain or shine."

Persons holding ticket stubs can get refunds, but we are encouraging them to mail in their refund requests," Barker said. (Newswire - June 5, 1977)

77 programme

Click here to view the US '77 Tour Programme (flipbook)

Show ends early due to rain. 

The promoters then ran a full page ad, apologizing to fans for the turn of events – it read:

“Concerts West Apologizes and is sorry for the humiliation & inconvenience to you and your faithful fans at Tampa Stadium, June 3, 1977.

You did everything that you could and wanted to do so much more. You are the best and deserve the best, not the worst treatment.
-Respectfully, Concerts West.


News Report: At Least 100 Injured At Led Zeppelin Concert

TAMPA Fla. - City officials, reeling from a mini riot which erupted when a thunderstorm washed out a Led Zeppelin concert, canceled a rain check rerun Saturday, leaving fans from as far as Michigan and New York holding "rain or shine" ticket stubs.

"If I were in Buffalo, I'd go home right now," said Bonnie Strickland. The 19-year-old youth and three companions had driven 24hours to get to Florida for the concert. Strickland said they were the first ones in the stadium when the doors opened at 11:30 a.m. Friday for the8:30 p.m. concert. After spending the day in 90-degree weather on the sun baked football field, they settled down for the concert.

The British band played for 20 minutes before the thunderstorm hit. About 45minutes later the concert was called off.
The cry "We want Zeppelin. We want Zeppelin" came from the 70,000 fans as rocks and bottles began flying onto the stage."We had what had to be called a small riot. There were between 3,000 and4,000 people who were unruly and disorderly," Tampa Police spokesman Johnny Barker said.

About 250 police officers, all in riot gear and using billy clubs, broke up the rioting and herded the fans out of the stadium. The scene was followed by 26 reported traffic accidents near the grounds. "The cops didn't give any warning," one teen-aged girl said. "They just waded in. I ended up at the bottom of the crowd and a cop kicked me in the head. My brother got a broken leg and broken ribs."

The melee left an estimated 100 fans with injuries. Eight were arrested. Shift Commander Tom Wilson said "in the neighborhood" a dozen officers were treated for injuries." One had a concussion, there was one with a broken hand, one with a broken ankle, one with cut lips and some teeth knocked out, one with a dislocated shoulder..." There were so many people you just couldn't move," a 32 year-old man from West Palm Beach said: "I was just trying to get away. The ticket said rain or shine."

Persons holding ticket stubs can get refunds, but we are encouraging them to mail in their refund requests," Barker said. (Newswire - June 5, 1977)


The Song Remains The Same, (The Rover intro) Sick Again, Nobody's Fault But Mine.


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My first concert! Wished it would have lasted longer. Never got my refund.

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Greetings Fellow Zep Fans...i gotta say, that was a day never to be forgotten!! Just after my Sophomore year , knowing this show was 'MY' once in a lifetime opportunity...who really knew how very true that was? Us 4, leaving Miami early that Friday a.m. June 3, 1977....fully loaded, Everything for the head you could possibly imagine & then some! After a 5 hr ride, having 10 or so hours till show time, 8 p.m. What a perfect day it almost was. The Frisbee's flying, paper cup fight's, Just 'Being There' among all the excitement, which is being felt by 80,000 plus, also feeling the same anticipation, for this Once in a Lifetime, Dream Come True, I Can't believe I'm Gonna See M.F'n Led Zeppelin kinda day!! I'm quite sure y'all know where my head was that day if you were there, yes.. The day was hot & not a cloud in the sky. Well, so much for that! I always felt there had to be some reason that huge cloud formed directly over Tampa Stadium that night, A reason we may never know, How unfortunate for us! Although I have often wondered what would have, & could have been that stormy night, at least we got to see those 3 songs, with THE BAND. What an amazing memory, that will be forever in MY thoughts!! Didn't stop there, Had to see The HoneyDrippers, & several solo dates! Hope to be posting a few pics from '77 in October. Thanks for letting me share. Living in the FL Keys is SWEET...ori <3

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I was there as well. At 16, it was only my second concert ever. I went with my friend Steve Caper & his girlfriend. We stayed in the stadium and watched the whole meyley. All of us escaped unscathed and slept in the car waiting for the show the next day. I wish I still had that ticket. I did get a refund though. A show that I'll never forget.

Roland from Sanibel

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So much electricity in the air.  Page was all over the stage, even more than Plant. The entire band was delivering a full assault when the heavens opened up. Right then, it seemed like an all-night Florida summer rain storm with unmitigated fury and no place to go.

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4 of us loaded up a van in W Ky and headed south, tickets in hand.

After the cases of beer, THC, weed, and the long drive, we might as well been in California. It was surreal and dream-like. We met a long time friend from W Palm and his friend and scattered all over the infield. I was close to the sound tower back end of infield. We got the sound guys to play some of the Pink Floyd Animals cassette. We could see all the activity up front. You could feel the intensity rising as the time drew nearer.

When they started into Song Remains the Same, the place exploded. I have seen almost everybody except Beatles, Hendrix, Doors etc. This was without a doubt the most intense and explosive show ever. I looked to the north as Page hit the opening wail of Nobody's Fault But Mine and there was a large black cloud about the size of the stadium headed our way. When it struck, all hell broke loose.

The riot cops pushed the barricade over and came out in force. We got out of dodge and headed for the van. They were announcing for all to leave and the show would go next day.

As the casualties arose, the announcement changed to all leave and the Tampa City Commission had banned LZ forever. Some of the guys did some windowpane and we watched the mayhem from the van in parking lot. Saw a shirtless guy running with Jack Daniels bottle stuck in his back. A friend of mine recorded it on cassette but unsure if he still has it.

Next day Tampa Tribune had front page article with picture stating 114 freaks and 29 cops hospitalized. I could see myself in the front page looking dazed and confused clutching polaroid instant camera. The paper deteriorated and I found it in Dad's home when brothers and I cleaned out his house. Mice got to it and it was confetti. Wish I could find that issue. Definitely a show for the record books...77,000 people and one hell of a brief show and riot.

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I drove down from Tallahassee, and we got to the concert early enough to make it out on the field. It was very hot. The show started and the wind started blowing….hard. It was all so memorable. Jimmy Page was rocking, and the wind was blowing, it was very cool, and then the rain came. It really did pour hard. When the band stopped we assumed they knew it was just a late thunderstorm and that it would clear soon. Then the lights came on. The PA system was blasting away, but on the field all you could hear was garbled echoes. I guess the system is designed to be heard in the stands not on the field. We honestly did not know the show was over. We worked our way right up the front; we wanted to be ready when they came back on stage.
That was when we started seeing all this movement behind the plywood barriers, at first you could not tell it was police officers in full riot gear. In the meantime, small liquor bottles are flying everywhere, mostly from the fans in the seats. They were landing everywhere around us. There was some making it to the stage, but mostly they were crashing in all over the field. There was some shoving and stuff, but none of us in the front could tell what was being said over the PA system, we were still waiting for them to come back out. That was when the barricade came down. The cops rushed the field and they were hitting every person they could reach with their police sticks, it was pandemonium. I remember being knocked down, and being trampled by people. I was lucky enough to get to my feet and stay a few steps ahead of the police. Once they cleared us back about 20 yards things calmed down enough for you to be able to run away if that is what you wanted to do. We ran, left the stadium and drove back to Tallahassee that night. We actually loaded up the next morning and headed back down, I think we stopped an hour of town and decided to call someone, only to find it had been cancelled. It was still a very great couple of minutes.

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I was fortune enough to acquire a ticket for this concert. If I had it to do over again, I would have never sent it back for a refund. We were all seated about halfway up in the open air stadium that night my teenage friends and me. Since the drive to the stadium was long, we had only just began to get wasted. When the annoucement that the concert was cancelled was made, there was a loud, angry roar. My friends and I decided we would take the short way out and leave quickly because the number of people in this stadium was massive. The rain didn't last long. It wasn't until the next day that we found that the initial intention was for the concert to be postponed and that there was a riot. The three songs we heard were awesome and will be remembered for an eternity. My deepest regret is that this was the only Led Zepplin concert I had and have still to this day ever attended.

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I drove down from Alabama to see the show. A friend of mine and I were so excited to get tickets. The night before the show, my friend and I went out to the clubs in the Temple Terrace area and at a club up near USF we met the light man for the band. We ended up going to his hotel room and partying until almost 6am...
Then we went back to my grandmother's house, hopefully to get some sleep before the concert. But I had forgotten to take my "pill" and they were in my purse which I had forgotten in the car. I got up and went to my car to get my purse only to find that my car had been broken into and my purse stolen. I freaked!!!!
I then drove (OMG, I was in no condition to do this) to the Temple Terrace police station and spent over an hour explaining what happened. I finally got them to agree to come and look at my car. Thankfully the sun was up by then and as they took prints off the broken window, one of the cops searched the area. He found my purse across the street, but everything was gone, EXCEPT FOR THE TICKETS!!!
I then spent 3 hours on the phone calling all the credit card companies to report my card stolen. Needless to say, I had no sleep. We left for the concert around 7:30 and parked at a friend's house about 4 blocks away and walked to the stadium...
I remember the opening, and then the band leaving the stage...I did not witness the riot in the stadium per se, but I did get to see some of the rioting that happened near the ticket boothes on the east side...and from what I saw, it was the cops/security panicking...all I know is that I grabbed my friend by the arm and said let's get outta the time we made it back to my grandmother's house it had hit the news...

Around 1am I realized I wasn't gonna get any sleep after all that, and I made everyone get up, pack and we left back for Alabama...funny thing was I grew up in Tampa, so I wasn't scared or anything, I just wanted to get mellow again...

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I was one of the 12 spot light operators working the show that night. We had a feeling that the sky might open up at any moment before the show even started. As I remember, a decision was made by Led Zeppelin to start on time and not wait for the skys to clear. Listening to the lighting director through my headset we were told that the show was about to start which it did, for 3 songs and then the torrential rain began. I immediatly covered my spotlight with a large sheet of plastic to keep from being electrocuted ( they ran on 220 a/c current ) I was under the plastic and we were told on the headset that the show was being postponed until tomorrow evening and to return to the backstage area for further information. The problem with the unruly crowd started because whoever the idiot was that went out on the stage after the band was hurried off to make the announcments to the audience said " Tonights performance has been CANCELLED " This stupid person said the word cancelled instead of POSTPONED. The audience heard nothing after that and started the riot that is now history. I would like to meet the person who made that announcment and convey my feelings personnaly. As a huge fan of Led Zep I was very disappointed having waited so long to see them again. I was also one of the spot ops when they played the same stadium and made the world attendance record on 5/5/73 when they beat the previous record set by the Beatles at Shea stadium. That was an awesome night. I was hoping that the show on 6/3/77 would be as good or better but, it was not to be.

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I was there at the Tampa concert in 1977. I was 17 and drove from Fort Lauderdale with my buddy and two girls. What a lot of people may not remember is this concert actually caused two riots. The 1st was the riot at the Orange Bowl the morning tickets went on sale. I thumbed a ride down to the Orange Bowl with another buddy the night before tickets went on sale. We didn't know it when we got there, but people had broken into the Orange Bowl grounds. We crashed that night in the van of someone we didn't know, and we woke the next morning to a full scale riot with Miami Dade riot police in full gear clubbing people to remove them from the Orange Bowl grounds. There were running battles in the streets with tear gas and overturned cars. What a wild time! I got my tickets though, then got rained out and a 2nd riot. Sheesh, the whole things totally sucked. What a cursed concert that was.

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I was 13 and saw the show my 16 year old neighbor and his brother. I remember girls were being flipped high in the air by what appeared to be bed sheets, before the show started. People were cheering them on, and it was cool to see. I was halfway up the bleachers around 40 yard line. I was obsessed with everything Led Zeppelin and was glad I had a chance to see them, if only for a brief time. Jimmy Page was doing his killer riffs on the double guitar.
Luckily, the neighbors had the sense to leave when the clouds opened up during Nobody's Fault But Mine. I'm glad they did, since we avoided the riots that occurred after. I did see people throwing firecrackers and a few bottles, but none of them came close to hitting me. I had my ticket in my pocket and got the refund. Ten dollars was a lot of money to a thirteen year old in 1977. At least I can say I saw Led Zeppelin.

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i was there right in fromt!!!! got out just before the pigs broke thru!!

i still have the program from show it looks like a water color booklet

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Camped out at the Orange Bowl the night before for tix. Crashed under the stars. Woke up and someone had broken into the stadium and took all the TP paper and threw it off the top of the stadium. It was covered. Cops came and said they weren't going to sell the tickets. We didn't do it! We told them, they didn't care. Guys started smashing bottles on cop cars windows, rocks started, a cop car got tipped over, anothers windows got smashed and finally one was set on fire. In the street at the end of the walk way to the ticket booth. Riot cops showed up and started firing tear gas. We were running down the street and coming back throwing rocks at them. It went on for a while, back and forth. Finally the cops came over the loud speaker and said we could come down in an orderly fashion and buy tickets. Everyone was affraid to go, so I went along with my buddys. The cops were lined up in their riot gear - long line, I didn't care, I wanted tickets to Zep! I remember smiling walking by them all. I was the first one to the window. I got my 4, cause that's all you could buy, and left smiling right out. The line was a mile long for tickets. 9 of us drove to Tampa from Miami and we listened to Jeff Beck Wired all the way up for some reason. When we got there and they opened the stadium the next morning at 11:30am, they started playing Jeff Beck Wired for over an hour. Couldn't beleive it. We were wasted too. Was on the field 60-70 feet from the stage with our group in the hot sun partying all day. All I had on was shorts and flip flops. People were building human pyramids and playing frisbee and having a ball. Snorted some T 10 min before show time and 3 songs in - I'm pretty sure it was the Rain Song, the Sky opened up and it poured for about 15-20 min. Then it was over and we were chanting for the concert to come on but they said it was over. I remember leaning on the plywood they had set up along the stage and the power of the people just pushed it and me over and I ran up on the edge of the stage and out the side of the stadium because the cops were coming. I lost the other 8 and the van we came in. Remember standing in the middle of the island between the lanes and finally the van came by, I chased it until it stopped, opened the back door and jumped in on top of everyone. We had a hell of a weekend. I did leave a lot out!

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This was my very first concert of all time, I was 14 yrs old and with my friend. My dad dropped us off at the stadium and said call when the concert is over. I can not even begin to share the ecclectic experiences we had a myriad of wonder. I had already been a fan of Zepplin for years and thought Plant and Paige were the two hottest guys on the planet. I ws hooked. It was the most exhillerating experience of my life. Even with the riot. Would do it again in a heart beat

Michael Burger's picture

I remember the dark thundercloud slowly approaching the stadium, the angry crowd, and the cancellation later that evening. Zeppelin always seemed to get screwed when it came to Florida...I still have my ticket stub and the full page ad from the Miami Herald from Concerts West...

Robert's picture

Thank God I got to see them in New York a few years earlier. But that show being cancelled after 3 songs and the ensuing riot was just a travesty.

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We drove up from Miami the night before, and camped on the beach...we arrived in the stadium as early as we were allowed. We were looking for our friends, and in turn made friends with ever one we met.
There was an air that day, maybe the coolest vibe I'd ever felt in the near 1000 concerts I'd attended. Love was in the air, and most had a fun buzz on.

I remember there were a few false eruptions from the crowd... then they finally hit the stage. WOW. Very surreal, and awesome sounding.
I had drawn a poster of Jimmy playing guitar with his bow, and wanted to through it up to him so I made my way to the front. They looked like giants on that stage! So graceful.

There was only one person between me and the barricades at the stage when the rain came. Damn! My poster got soak and wet....then they left the stage. I was bummed and tired so I made my way to the bleachers to wait out the bands return.

I clearly remember the band/manager coming over the PA asking us to chill...first saying they would be back shortly, then saying if we left calmly they would come back for a 4 hour request show the next night...that would have been kool. But instead the bottles flew. I do remember seeing a cop hit with a JD bottle on stage, and a small fire under one of the stacks of covered equipment.

I left, and don't remember ever seeing a riot inside or out.
I will tell you that it was the most amazing 3 songs I'd ever seen!

After the show we did hit the Holiday Inn, and there was an amazing party surrounding the pool, and in every room. But that's a whole other story!

I do remember that Led Zeppelin took out a two-full page ad in every major newspaper in the State of Florida apologizing for the tickets that said Rain or Shine. They said that they never approved of that, and were very sorry. I had my copy of the Miami Herald AD for many years, and would love to have another or a facsimile if anyone has got one.
Also, with the advent of the internet, I found a copy of that show about 5 years ago. The quality of the recording was poor, but the guys sounded great, and it brought me right back.
As I was writing this, I listened the 2007 concert for the first time. F#cking AMAZING!

Please come back to Florida guys!
I'd like to do a new portrait of/for you all....

Tony's picture

I was there, it was the first time I was going to be able to see Led Zeppelin, I was only 15, and loved them since about age 9. They had come to Florida before but my parents would not let me go, until this show when I finally said I will run away to go if I have to and there is nothing you can do about it! I looked forward to that show so much it was a reason to live!

I saw everything that happened, they played the first 3 songs, and then the storm started, it was bad, and I remember (I think it was) Robert Plant announcing "we have a problem, it seems some water is falling on the equipment".

That's when it went all wrong. The crowd started going crazy and I remember the people up front screaming "Zeppelin" started rocking back and forth the barrier that separated the stage from the crowd and finally broke it down and people where then storming the stage. That is when the police went berserk. I have never seen such police brutality in all their riot gear, beating and dragging bloody faced people with their batons by the neck, striking people at random that were just trying to leave the stadium everywhere for no reason, it was horrible and seemed to last a long time. It was like a war zone.

My friends and I finally got out of the stadium and as we were walking to our car, I saw police in riot gear, just walking down lines of cars, smashing out car windows for no reason, I have never seen anything like that. The police where totally out of control.

We all went and got a bunch of beer and went back to the motel we had and everyone started partying except me. I love Led Zeppelin so much to this day, I was so disappointed and shocked at all I had seen that night that I walked out of the motel room, didn't say a word to my friends, and walked out to interstate 4 and hitch hiked all the way home to Maitland, FL. It took 4 different rides and I finally made it home at about 4 am.

That was the only chance I ever had to see my favorite band live. I was so upset, it took me quite a while to get over it, may be I still haven't.

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I was sitting under the scoreboard. We saw the storm roll in and the whole riot.

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I was there. Sucked. Cut my foot and had to get treated at the stadium. I was 14, my mom found out and told me not to go to any more concerts! I immediately went to a ton!!!

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i was there at the tampa stadium gig that night and even though it was only 3 full songs, it was truly a rockers dream. robert plants hair was blowing in the wind feverishly from the eminent storm that was to come. jimmy was riffing and sounding just like the album.then the rains came down . i remember talking with my friend that night saying theres not a cloud in the sky.however as the day turned to night the clouds became omnious and black and the first thought that came to mind was the title of the book.."the hammer of the gods". ill say! it became a storm almost within hours and the rain lightning and wind was of biblical proportions. soon zep left the stage as this was before technological advances and electrocutions on stage wasnt unheard of. the announcer said they would come back on when the storm passed. but it didnt and after 20-30 minutes the announcer came back on and said the show was cancelled and refunds would be coming just hold on to your ticket stub. well the floodgates open of despair as zep fans travelled from all over the southeast for the gig. we wanted our zep and thats that. as we stood at the bleachers we witnessed a riot team and dogs charging the field and assaulting those refusing to leave. it almost reminded me of mayor daleys chicago police with the anti war demonstrators in 68. my saving grace in all this was i heard zep firing on all cylinders for 3 great songs,i have a ticket stub and its still the landmark concert of all my 300 shows. hope to see them soon. we miss you bonzo!

Ed Jewell's picture

I was there at that show and if that dam rain storm didnt come in from the west it would have been a great show. The sound acoustics were incredible with Jimmy Page comeing out with a double neck guitar and ray ban shades. It got real ugly after announceing delay to the crowd and cops were getting it on. When I SAW THE COPS COMEING OVER THE WOODEN WALL AND I MEAN ALOT OF COPS I said this Show is over and bee lined it.

Dave G.'s picture

After hearing about the concert on the radio (WSHE) in the Miami area, my older brother and I decided to take a road trip with some friends up to Tampa. Led Zeppelin were our musical idols ever since we had started a band in high school. I was 16 at the time, but I remember it like it was yesterday. When we arrived at the outdoor stadium, I remember iot being very crowded and extremely hot. A lot of people were drinking beer, and passing out weed. I can recall being in the front row, behind the plywood barricades as they were doing a sound check. As I looked through the cracks, I noticed a white, custom-made Gibson guitar sitting on its stand, and I pointed it out to one of my friends. We were all sitting around shooting the breeze for what seemed like hours afterwards. Then all of the sudden, we heard announcement before the band rushed on the stage. I didn'r remember feeling that excited, because the audio wasn't that good, and there a lot of noise from the crowd. I believe they started playing: "The Song Remains the Same", then another song, then part of another before you could hear a loud rush of wind, then some serious rainfall. People were angry as hell, when they announced that the concert would have to stop. They rushed the stage, and started knocking things down. You could hear people shouting angrily as beer bottles started to fly everywhere. Within about 10 minutes, the cops showed up in black riot gear, and started bashing people with clubs. The crowd scattered like mad. There were many during the commotion, who ended up in a heavy pile near the stage, trying to avoid being clobbered. They were trapped like rats, and pleading for help from the others who were still standing. I remember running up to one guy who had his arrm outstreched, and I pulled him out of the pile, before the cops got to him. I pondered helping others, but there were just too many. I had to get back to my brother's van with my friends before something bad happened. The next day, we heard about the event on the news. That was the last rock concert I ever attended, and that was more than 34 years ago. I eventually quit my brothers band, and am now retired to
making music on my computer. My brother and friends have long since moved away. But I will never forget that day as long as I live.

Mindy's picture

Who could have known? When we all arrived for the show, there was this huge black cloud over the stadium. We had been there recently (seems like almost weekly) for different concerts, but the weirdest thing was that, the cops were all there in full riot gear - I'd never seen that before - and when Zep announced they'd be back the next night due to the rain storm, it got crazy.

Before the bottles flew, the police started kicking and hitting - without provocation. But I will always remember that I got to hear "a few notes" from the greatest band that ever existed. That is certinally something!

Don JOhnson's picture

What a day ... I quit my job that day to go to the show because my boss wouldn't let me leave ... I was like dude it's Zeppelin ... he didn't know what I was saying ... I left ... at 17 didn't care much anyhow ... gathered my best bud Armstrong and headed out in my Datsun P/U from orlando to Tampa ... I didn't even have a ticket ... got there ... some dude comes up asks if I need a ticket ... "hell yeah" ... how much ... I was ready to pay close to a $100 ... $10.50 he said, that's what I paid my old lady didnt come ... sold dude ... paid the man and was in ... this was like in a 30 minute span of arriving ... so cool ... Strong an I made our way thru down to the infield ... there's this cat there sitting rollin J after J ... we sat next to him and he said spark em ... we just started to toke our friggin brains out ... hittin the beach ball, frenchin strange chicks, it was a blast ... we had taken several hits earlier each so it was kickin in ... and we all watched as this damn cloud sittin over the bay just made it's way over ... Zep comes out plays a few songs and blam ... flood ... as Floridians we're use to this stuff .. but people started freakin and the band was getting wet so they postponed to "dry" off the stage ... everyone was ripped and couldnt handle the absence and started getting rowdy ... it was fun at first ... then it got worse ... then the pigs came out and started busted friggin heads ... it was freakin surreal ... we're like lookin at each other said screw this and headed for the walls ... you ahd to climb up to get out ... we were stuck like sheep for a slaughter ... the pigs didnt care who they hit either ... Strong made it up ... I was helping some chick who was getting crushed ... then jumped up and Strong grabbed my arm and I pulled her at the same time ... she was totally freaking ... we got up on the stands and started throwing whiskey bottles and anything else we could at the pigs cause they were taking 4-5 of them at a time and gangin on kids beatin them to hell, draggin them by the hair and then pouncin on them with their clubs, friggin what a mess ... we lost our buzz with thise crap happenin ... finally I was like dude lets split before they come into the stands and drag our asses out there ... so we booked out ... then it was traffic jam murder ... wow ... 70,000 people trying to leave out one two lane road .... we sparked a doobie and went 4 wheelin down the side of the road .... blasted past alot of people who were yellin n screamin and fightin it was wicked ... then one accident we came on the people were laying out on the road dead, wild sight ... once past that we hit hwy and crusied back to Orlando ... I fell asleep driving gettin near Disney went off the road and was doing doughnuts in the grass whille Strong was smacking me in the arm ... he about crapped himself and I was laughin my ass off ... but we made it home okay after we stopped at a rest area for a few hours .. WILD WILD day ... will never forget it the rest of my life.... They banned Zep from Florida after that incident and never got to see them again ... but what a memory ... Peace!

Jack's picture

I remember being on the field and when the cops started coming in, I moved up into the stands. I was still hoping the concert would resume, but it was not to be. Watched the cops busting heads for awhile, then split. Hung on to my ticket until it was lost/stolen a few years ago.

Wendy's picture

..and remember it as if it was yesterday. The image above of two cops dragging the guy happened right in front of me. We drove across the state to attend and we worked delivering flowers on Mother's Day weekend to pay for the tickets. I was 16 and my parents saw the reports on the 11 o'clock news. They were totally freaking out as we did not get home until 5 a.m.. Somewhere I still have my ticket stub and come clipping. What a night.

D.E. Herndon's picture

My father said it was going to rain like pouring piss out of a boot and man did it. Me and two friends, Mike Hamilton and John Dye arrived at around 6:30 pm from Haines City, Fla. We waded through a sea of people and I watched a long haired cop score some coke. To myself I thought, "Man this is cool". I sat in my seat on the East bleachers next to a guy from south Florida who was smoking some Black Lagunion from Africa, some really good shit!! He was 45 and said to me,16, "Hang on this is going to be great". For two and a half songs it was. Then a thunder head, designed specifically for " The Big Sombrero", moved in quickly from the North soaking that show for 20 minutes. People sat in the rain waiting for the return of the band. No band and the lights popped on. That is when chants of "Rain or Shine" began to ring out. An officer of the law walking near the drums caught a Lord Calvert bottle to the head, right behind the ear. Then the barricade went down after 55 gallon drums were thrown on the cops. All hell broke loose and we hauled ASS.

Mike T.'s picture

I was at the show, 16, huge Zep fan. Was in the stands when the wind, then the rain hit, headed for the exit with everyone else. Funny, I remember being pushed from behind and pushing people in front of me, stepping on the back of a girls feet, she wasn't too happy. Always felt bad about that.
As I remember after, the rain stopped, everyone went back into the stadium thinking the show would resume, then the guy came out on stage and said the show was cancelled, the riot police lined the stage making good targets for the bottles from the crowd. Once that started, they seemed to converge from one corner of the end zone by the stage and driving the fans out. Once we heard the cancellation though, we were headed out.
Good to get a little dose of Zeppelin rather than none.
Wish I kept my ticket though.

Ron R's picture

Seeing these comments of others that were at that show is just awesome to me. I don't think I've spoken to more than one person that was there since the day it occurred. I was 16 at the time and could not for the life of me, figure out why the cops just started wailing on people like that for no reason, I still don't have a clue. Anyway, it was a big adventure for a 16 year old, at that point I had been to 20-30 concerts but this was going to be the one to remember ...and boy was it ever! I finally did to get to see them play an entire show in July of 1980, in Germany, on the last leg of their European tour, as it turned out, the concert I saw in Mannheim, Germany was their third to last live show ever. A few months later Bonzo was gone and so was the era of a band that will never be equaled. peace

Loren's picture

Luv LZ!! I was age 19 and camped out at Tampa stadium, 1977 with friends all day for LZ. Storm began after 2 songs and concert cancelled. We didn't know the reason until we were walked out of the stadium. Tickets only $10.00 and I was a fool to return it. I needed rent money. I have no proof that I went. I never got over it and have been mourning for 36 years. Tried to get tickets for O2 concert-no luck-settled for the celebration movie/DVD/CD and a movie ticket stub. At least I can say I was there.

Jeffrey Alexander's picture

I was there at Tampa Stadium. I was 8 rows back. I got seperated from my friends. But I stayed up front. We the fans chanted " Rain or Shine", not we want Zeppelin as some say. Over and over. I personally watched a roadie climb up a rope that went to the overhead stage tarpolin that was striped and take a large knife and cut it open so the water flooded the stage. The tarp was so full of rainwater that the support stancions were bendiing inward and looking like to collapse down on the band. The announcement was that they would be back Saturday night but later that evening due to the rioting the Tampa police banned them for life. We wer e pissed to say the least. When the mace was sprayed I got trampled under foot! I was getting crushed, I had a 35mm camera and took pictures. I got them developed but the prints were damaged in a flood. I am looking for the negatives. My ticket stub was obliterated in my pocket due to rain and mud. I escaped bruised and filthy and had nothing but hatred for the police there. This event was so highly promoted in Florida for months it was going to be a concert of the century. Ironically when I went to a Robert Plant & the Honeydrippers concert at the Hollywood Sportatorium, cancelled for a day due to roof leak, Robert mentioned the Tampa Stadium concert and apologized. He came back the next day to the Sportatorium and did a great concert. Jeff

Jim's picture

Was on vacation in Clearwater with parents when I was invited to go to concert, my sister and I were big Led Zeppelin fans, still tell the story of seeing Led Zeppelin in concert, WOW, and it got rained out, BUMMER, I almost got to see Led Zeppelin in concert.......sigh......

Rick M.'s picture

Two buddies and I -- all having just completed 9th grade -- got dropped off that day at the stadium soon after the gates opened so we could get a good spot on the field for our first concert ever -- to see the greatest rock band ever. We ended up right in the middle of the field, center stage at about the 50-yard line. There was no opening act, but I remember them blasting the recently released Hotel California album over the sound system for what seemed like most of the afternoon while Frisbees flew and we baked in the sun. As the show started, it was just about dusk and I recall looking over the top of the stadium and seeing a very ominous bank of dark clouds rolling in. It seemed like it got dark much faster than it normally does at sunset, but Zep was playing and all was right with the world. As the rain began to fall very hard, we moved over to the edge of the field and got up on a cement wall so we could see over everyone in front of us. The band ended up leaving right after "Nobody's Fault But Mine" and as we waited for them to return, we noticed the tarp above the stage was sagging badly from the water it was collecting. Then the stadium lights came on and we started seeing people running away from the stage, some of whom looked roughed up. We made it over to the nearby mall without an issue and were safely picked up by our parents after quite a while -- who having heard the local news accounts and dealing with the traffic chaos, apparently were a bit worried about us! As I read elsewhere here, I too wish I had not mailed in my torn and water-logged ticket stub -- for the "big" $10 refund.

Mark's picture

Last few days before graduating from high school. Half the school cut class and left for the stadium. Spent the afternoon wandering around in the party-like atmosphere. Picked out seats stage left in the bleachers for a decent view of the stage. Made a "friend " a row ahead and we traded hits of schnapps for hits of hash. I had the schnapps , he had the hash. For the rest of the short evening he was "Mr.Hash man" and I was "Mr Schnapps man". Tampa Bay is the lightning capital of the world. The storms move in quickly and move along rapidly. When the thunder and lightning moved in it was pretty impressive. I think Zep probably freaked out at the magnitude of it all. We were just ready to ride it out and continue the show. I was oblivious of the fact that there were riots down front.

In retrospect it was a good idea to be in the stands. $10 was a lot of money in '77. In fact it was the most I had ever paid for a show at that time. I'd kill to still have that ticket stub, but I sent it in for a refund. It was an experience of a lifetime. Sad that the show was cut short, but glad to have been part of the experience.

Steve Petersen's picture

I drove up from Key West alone for that show cause this stupid friend of mine cxld at the last minute.I remember that they sold tickets for the Tampa show AT the Orange Bowl in Miami a month or so before Jun 3. I read in the paper that ticket buyers there caused a small riot there so I had weird vibes to begin with. I remember arriving an hour or so before the show and being blown away by the buzz in the air,the thousands of people,even the crane holding the huge mirror ball.I jumped up on the concrete wall that goes around the field and settled in with a good seat looking over everyone at about the 35 yard line closest to the stage,with the stage to my left.I could see the black cloud behind me creeping toward us & knew we were in for it. I remember JP jones organ was tested with a little taste of the beginning of trampled under foot.Wish they would have gotten to play it.It seemes they did start a little early cause they just appeared & started cranking.I jumped off the wall when it started raining hard as they were playing nobodys fault but mine & it almost seemed Plant was appologizing for what was about to happen.They first announced that they would be back shortly.I was on the field at about the 40 yard line at this time and saw nothing.But when they said they would come back the next night I left & outside the stadium was pandemonium.People running every which way.Bloodied people.Screaming people.Cop cars everywhere.A cop car drove right past me and the windows exploded from several bottles thrown from behind me.I thought for sure that cop would think I did it but I fought the urge to run.Thank God cause he kept on going.I slept in my car that night & was gonna stay for the make up show but the radio said cxld so back home I went.All these years I've wondered how great it would've been if they had played a whole set instead of 3 songs.

S. Wilson's picture

I was really psyched for this show! Zeppelin was and still is my all time favorite rock band. I was there early, with a group of friends. early enough to get great seats in the stands. I had been to many concerts prior and had enough of sitting on the field. The police were there early, in full riot gear, way before the band even came on stage. I had never seen that at any other show. They were an ominous presence early on, lining the top row of Tampa Stadium like sentries, I had the feeling that they were just waiting for something to happen so they could break up the concert. It's important to note that LZ was banned from playing Tampa after the previous concert in '73. Anyway, the band was excellent and the sound was great!! It was really exciting. I could see the storm clouds coming in the distance as they started playing and, being a resident of Florida, I knew that it was going to rain hard for 20 minutes then it would all be over and the rest of the night would be calm. The band kept playing for a long time in the pouring rain, to the point I thought it was dangerous for them to be on stage with all the equipment. When they finally left the stage, I stayed put for a good 45 minutes, clapping and yelling, soaking wet, waiting for their return. From my vantage point I could clearly see the police swinging clubs and causing mayhem in front of the stage. My friend actually went to the stage and was pushed away by police. When we finally left, we were in a car accident on the way through the city and had to take a bus home. All in all, it was a great concert and a great experience for me. Never got another chance to see the Greatest Band, but I still have the memories of Three Songs and Lots of Cops.

Terrace Youth's picture

I've been to over two hundred concerts since the early seventies, but nothing can compare before or since to the Led Zeppelin show at Tampa Stadium on the night of June 3rd 1977.
I'd bought my ticket in advance and arrived about half an hour before show-time. As I made my way towards the field, the sight that greeted me was astounding. At every entry portal throughout the stands, two cops dressed in full riot gear stood silent sentry. Clear shields, clubs, leggings, helmets... the works. I'd seen the Tampa police present in large numbers before, but never anything like this. As the entire stadium became visible, I realized that even the walkway rows in the stands were completely full of people. There was not one square foot of un-rented real estate in the place. I couldn't put my finger on it then, but there was a certain strange 'electricity' in the air. Very weird. I remember thinking that it felt like something very big was about to happen.
I made my way down onto the field, just to the right of center near the 20 yard line where some friends were already waiting for me. There on stage was Bonzo's drums and all their gear. It was a towering sight. One look told me that the band who owned that meant business. I'd never seen Zeppelin before, but I knew for sure that I was in the right place.
Just before dark they came on. No opening act. It was like throwing a switch. They kicked right into it, no holds barred, and the massive 70,000+ crowd responded in cheers. From where we were standing, it was like being strapped to the front of a run-away freight train. I'd seen The Who a year earlier in Jacksonville, right up against the barricade, so I thought I'd seen it all. But boy was I wrong!
It was easy to think then that we were in for one hell of a night. But it was simply not to be. I can still hear them about 20 minutes into their set, wailing out strains of 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' as the first grape-sized drops of rain began to fall. Just as the song neared it's end, the rain got so bad that the band was forced to leave the stage, saying that they would be back when the shower was over. The crowd, already pumped up by a taste of this fine jam, waited patiently through the downpour.
It rained for at least half an hour. Maybe 45 minutes. And then just as suddenly it was over. We were all beginning to get up and shake off the rain when a voice came over the PA system and simply said that everyone had to leave the stadium. That the show had been canceled. They issued this command over and over with no other explanation. No mention of rescheduling that I could hear from my vantage point. No mention of whether we'd be getting our money back. Nothing. My ticket stub said "rain or shine". I suspected everyone else's did too because it wasn't 30 seconds before bottles began pelting that stage. I stood there in utter amazement watching a steady stream of objects raining down on their gear. The voice came through the PA again, this time issuing threats if we did not leave immediately. The hailstorm of bottles grew even worse. That's when I knew for sure there was going to be trouble.
This went on for another two or three minutes before I noticed the long line of black helmets filing in on the other side of the crowd barricade. They weren't fifty feet away from my vantage point, trotting single file, left to right. Then, with no further warning, over the barricade they came. An immediate stampede followed. Everyone in front of me just turned and ran as fast as they could. I soon learned the source of their motivation....
Before I knew what was happening, I was stepped on, knocked to the ground and run over. By the time the crowd cleared, there they were... the meanest bunch of cops you'd ever want to see. They were two-abreast and busting the crap out of anybody that was in their way. 'In their way' at this point meant the dozens of other poor souls who like me, had just been stampeded and were trying to get to their feet. The two cops who were moving in my direction chose to bash the couple to my left instead, which gave me a chance to gather myself. In an instant, I got to my feet and surveyed the bedlam going down all around me. What especially caught my eye was the mayhem at the far end of the field. Where everyone had been flushed by the police. Everywhere it was insanity in motion. I don't even know how to describe it. Missiles were flying. Thousands of people were running in every direction. Screaming. Trying to get away. Angry police and confused fans could be standing right next to each other at any given time, but would not even be aware of the other's proximity. Too much to take in during the space of a moment. A friend who had been knocked down with me urged me to come with him and "get the hell out of here". But me, being young and very pissed off at what I'd just seen, decided to head for the other end of the stadium where my brothers and sisters needed me more.
The fuzz were trying to force what the papers said were "between 3,000 & 5,000 rioters" into one of the four huge exit portals at the west end of the field, but so far had only managed to drive them to the back of the far end-zone. As I ran up upon this scene, I could clearly see why the cops weren't advancing any further... A battle line had been drawn. A long line of cops on one side and hundreds of angry jeering longhairs on the other, with a sort of 'no man's land' in the middle. I darted across that silent space and into the biggest mass of pissed-off, snarling, steaming, oath-spewing, bottle-hurling rock n' roll people I'd ever seen. I had just turned to join in the face-off when the police made another charge and finally succeeded in pushing us back through the end-zone portal. It took a lot of blood and quite a few busted fingers, but we somehow managed to closed the huge gates on them so they couldn't force us out any further. Every time a cop would lay his hands on those gates he'd get them smashed with something. Did I mention the missiles? It was unbelievable. The air was loaded with flying things throughout this whole affair. After a while we ran out of things to throw. The papers said a couple of days later that stadium cleanup found 3,000 pairs of shoes.... Like I said, nothing left to throw.
The whole melee was eventually forced out of the stadium and into the west parking lot. Tampa police and Sheriff Auxiliaries busting heads everywhere. Thousands of people running in all directions. At one point, I was knocked to the ground by a blow to the back of my head. As my vision stabilized and I lay there looking up, I was astonished to see a virtual meteor shower of objects criss-crossing above where my head had been just moments earlier.
I got to my feet and spied two Sheriff deputies about thirty feet away, standing there amidst the utter pandemonium, talking to each other just as calmly as you please. They were standing very close together, talking face-to-face. Looking to the ground, I saw a beer bottle lying a few feet away. I grabbed that sucker by the neck and in one movement, hurled it end over end, right at those two helmet-headed cops. But my aim was too true. The bottle passed right between their faces! I mean, there couldn't have been a hand's width on either side. They had helmets on, but their faces were not protected. It would have been a major injury to a cop if it had connected, but there was hardly time for regret. A second after I let-fly, I was slammed to the ground from behind by two more Sheriff deputies and cuffed. They dragged me away to a small secure room there on-site and threw me in with a few others. A little while later, I even got to ride in the paddywagon!
First they took us to the city stockade and put us in a holding cell with about twenty other dudes. I swear to God, they couldn't fit another person in there. Standing room only. All concert-goers. Many bleeding. Many shouting for help. All ignored by a fat cop working at his desk not ten feet away. I spent the rest of the night in County lockup, and was arraigned the next morning on a very serious charge.... "Hurling a deadly missile at a police officer in the line of duty" (the two cops who took me down saw the whole thing, and were later present to testify at my trial). There were many other arrests that night, but only three felonies. Me being one.
After a few months, my trail date came up and my hotshot lawyer got the charge reduced to malicious mischief. I guess because I had no adult record and nobody got hurt. Not to mention by the time any of us made it to court, the whole Led Zeppelin affair had become a bad taste in the city's mouth and everybody just wanted to wash their hands of it. It was an experience that Tampa (and the rock and roll community here) would live with for a long time. It was quite a while before they would even allow another concert at the stadium (The Eagles in 1980, I think it was).
The next day, the newspaper ran a great picture (big) on the front page showing these two riot-clad cops dragging this totally bewildered-looking fan away. The disturbing thing to me was the sneer of hate on this one cop's face. A very clear message, and not surprising to anyone who was there. They were ready for trouble. We later learned that Led Zeppelin had been chauffeured away before the rain had even stopped. The Tribune ran a picture of their limo streaking away. You could see Plant through the window looking very distraught. When all the dust settled, it came out that the city had canceled the show after the rain due to some kind of curfew at the stadium or something.
It was a real bust but at least I got to see them. And they were really cooking! They received a life-time ban on performing in the city of Tampa, so needless to say they never came back to the area again. The Tampa police were eventually saddled with the lion's share of the blame. Coming from one who actually saw it, I think it's safe to say that they were at least 75 percent at fault. You just don't go and rush a pumped-up crowd of over 70,000 LZ fans and get away with it. It was a mistake of colossal proportions and absolutely hand's down the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
Three days later, Bob Ross with the St. Petersburg Times wrote... “Never in 10 years of active concert-going have I felt harmonious vibrations become waves of sheer terror so quickly. . . . I saw soaked, panic-stricken people trapped desperately between pounding police sticks and the immobile throng behind them”. Then-Zeppelin spokeswoman Janine Safer said in Rolling Stone #243, that... "The entire situation from top to bottom was handled as miserably as anything could conceivably be handled" (there's a couple of photos in that issue including the one of the poor bewildered freak in the clutches of the evil hateful cop). The papers said the next day that there were 27 car crashes around the area of the stadium that night.... fans caught up in the mass exodus who just wanted to get the hell away from a really bad experience.
Not long after this, the stampede incident at The Who show in Cincinnati happened and the days of festival seating were almost over. Tell me.. when was the last time you went to a concert and saw a human-pyramid or a blanket-toss on the field, or hundreds of Frisbees flying through the air all at once? Now you have little old ladies with flashlights who show you to your seat. I can see my friends over there but I can't get to them. So much of the communal spirit has been quashed with the taming of the rock arena.... Rock will never be the same again. It was the end of an era that was old as rock itself.

Larry Griffith's picture

I was with a large group of friends who collectively decided that we should try to get closer to the stage once the show started. It was obvious to me that we were going to get hit with a typical Florida thunderstorm, and I happened to be right next to one of the openings to where the concession stands and exits were when the rain started. The majority of the people at this show did not look like the kind of people that I would want to be stuck in a thunderstorm with, and I was a pretty scrawny 16 year old at the time, so I went into the weather protected area before the rains got heavy. Within moments people started flooding in to the concession area soaking wet, many who had suffered some obvious injuries. I had seen Led Zeppelin in 1973 when I was 12 years old in Fort Worth, Texas. So even though I was initially dissapointed that this show ended early, it turns out that some of the most memorable stories of some of the most bizzare human behavior that I ever witnessed in my life occured after the band left the stage. In retrospect I had a great time that evening, even though many suffered (many were suffering to begin with), I walked away unscathed.

Bob williamson's picture

I was 17 and yes I was there, the cops were way out of line ..

Mike Schoonmaker's picture

Wow, the waterfalls were coming down the stairs before I got hit by the rain. Wish I would not have mailed my ticket back in. That thing would be cool to have. I shot the 6 ball green flare, LOL

Jo-Ann's picture

I couldn't believe we were able to get tickets! We were sitting in the stands directly across from the stage. The clouds were ominous, but hey that's typical during that time of year, the band came out, the lightening show began and that was that. The rain came down so hard and we just sat in the stands covered with plastic until the place emptied out. We drove home (Tampa) disappointed but feeling pretty lucky we at least experienced a few songs by the greatest rock band ever! Can you imagine if the rain hit prior to any opening? All those people who camped out for that would have been a tragedy.

DONNIE REMIG's picture


Randy's picture

What I remember about the June 3, 1977 concert: Me and my friends were dead center ~30 ft from the stage. We waited all day long through the sweltering heat and finally the concert began. The stadium was rocking as Led zeppelin began jamming out. It was so cool and sounded great. The rain came and the police came out with riot gear. Someone threw something and the place erupted into a full blown riot. We got out of field as fast as we could and went up to the stands to watch hoping Led Zeppelin would come back out. They announced that the show was cancelled and I never saw Led Zeppelin again except on the 25th anniversary Altantic record show in 1988 and DVDs. I've seen Robert Plant recently at Ruth Eckert Hall and I saw Robert years ago solo at Curtis Hixon Hall. Led zeppelin owes Tampa Bay a concert.

Eddie Roberts's picture

Hanging on to Colleen, she to me, we just were swept up in the crowd, and moved without walking, but got out ok, slept in the car in the parking lot, waking up to police informing everyone to leave, that there would be no concert as promised if we kept our tickets, due to the riot.

Colleen Curry's picture

Even with it being rained out and a riot started, I was in front, looking up at Robert Plant and the band, loved every 20 minutes of hearing and seeing them live. I held on to my friend Eddie and he to me, we moved along in the crowd, packed like sardines, but moved along to the gates and got out without a scratch, I saw people being hit my police with clubs, it was something I will never forget, we slept in Eddies car in the parking lot, thinking we would get to see Led Zeppelin the following day as told to us by someone on stage announcing that we would, but the riot was too much, so the police woke us up early in the morning, driving their units with the loud speaker ordering everyone to leave. Our ticket stubs were soaked, but after getting home, and drying the stubs, I taped the remains together from both our tickets and mailed them in. Got a check back from the Led Zeppelin people. I wish I still had the check, it was way cool, with the silver Zeppelin, made out for $20 for the two ticket refund. Imagine, only $10 each to see Led Zeppelin, I'd pay $100's now!
Colleen Curry---Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Kathy Kiebel's picture

I remember this concert well. It was the week of my 19th birthday. I saw Led Zeppelin in Indianapolis but decided to drive to Tampa for vacation, to celebrate my birthday and to watch the greatest musical group in the entire world perform. Being die hard Zeppelin fans, my husband and I drove 1000 miles and purchased tickets for the unbelieveable price of $10. We got decent seats just to the right of the stage above the exit. As they took to the stage, we watched as a black ominous cloud appeared behind us. After three songs, the sky opened up and the rain came down in torrents. We sat drenched in the stands while the band left the stage and tarp covered the stage. We sat in out seats wet to the skin waiting for them to return and then we heard the announcement that the show had been canceled. Universal sounds of disappointment filled the stadium then the confusion started. With the rain coming down and the police desending into the crowd, people paniced and as we were leaving the stands I suddenly felt myself moving although I was not moving my feet. The entire group of people were being pushed into the much smaller opening the separated the stadium outdoors from inside. In that tunnel I just remember the feeling of not being able to breathe because my face was buried in the back of the person standing in front of me and we were packed so tightly in there that no one could move their arms or legs or turn their heads. I felt like I was going to die right there in that short passage. Finally we were on the other side and could breathe again. We found our way out of the stadium and back to our car. We went back to the hotel anticipating that the show would be rescheduled for the next day. The next day we went to a pancake house for breakfast and read in the paper that Led Zeppelin would not be returning. It was so disappointing. I tried to get the chance to get tickets for the London show but was not lucky enough to be one of the fortunate ones to go... I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will consider a tour and hopefully I will be able to get tickets to see them again at least one more time in my lifetime.

Scunyun's picture

Man why the hell didn't they wait till after the storm to come on. Somebody had to know a storm was comin and Fla. summer storms don't last long. As I recall 30 min after it started raining it cleared up nicely. You cant have 3 songs from zep and then stop and say we'll be back soon. Thats bullshit. its worse than blue balls. Not to mention those cops from hell. People talk about Altamont & the Hells Angels but I say this was worse. These outlaws had BADGES & better clubs.

William Imhoff's picture

I was there all day from about 9am to about 11:30 PM.
The just did 2 songs. It was a mess with the rain. There were riots everywhere. I think they banned concerts there for the next ten years. There were piles of led zeppelin t shirs every where. I was 16 I never got to see them again. Wow seams like yesterday.

Argenteum Astrum's picture

Another 1977 disaster. Even though the playing is exceptional and really gutsy and strong, the show has to be called off due to a severe rainstorm breaking out and a danger of electrocution threatening the event. After only three songs, the show was cancelled and a huge riot broke out. The stadium was trashed and riot police were called in. Too bad. The sound is excellent and the playing is great.

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