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Festhalle - June 30, 1980

  • Train Kept a Rollin', Nobody's Fault But Mine, (Out On the Tiles intro) Black Dog, In The Evening, Rain Song, Hot Dog, All My Love, Trampled Underfoot, Since I've Been Loving You, Achilles Last Stand, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Money, Whole Lotta Love (incl. Let That Boy Boogie, Frankfurt Special).
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on September 23, 2007 - 9:06am
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June 30, 1980

Train Kept a Rollin', Nobody's Fault But Mine, (Out On the Tiles intro) Black Dog, In The Evening, Rain Song, Hot Dog, All My Love, Trampled Underfoot, Since I've Been Loving You, Achilles Last Stand, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Money, Whole Lotta Love (incl. Let That Boy Boogie, Frankfurt Special).


Phil Carson joins the group onstage playing bass on "Money".


Phil Carson joins the group onstage playing bass on "Money".


Train Kept a Rollin', Nobody's Fault But Mine, (Out On the Tiles intro) Black Dog, In The Evening, Rain Song, Hot Dog, All My Love, Trampled Underfoot, Since I've Been Loving You, Achilles Last Stand, White Summer ~ Black Mountainside, Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Money, Whole Lotta Love (incl. Let That Boy Boogie, Frankfurt Special).


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I was Interrailing (you buy a European railway ticket) and by coincident happened to be Frankfurt this evening. Remember this was way before Internet... I was really surprised when I got a ticket because in Finland superstars like Led Zep would be sold out weeks before. I enjoyed the show from the bottom of my heart. When I returned back home and soon after that heard about the death of John Bonham I couldn't believe what has happened. The memory of the concert is a treasure I keep in my mind...

Mike Jordan's picture

Loud, Sweat, Pushing, Music, Crowds and Zep. Wish it laster longer, but we have memories forever.

Argenteum Astrum's picture

This show must be tied with the night before for the best 1980 show ever! What an excellent show. One of the few 1980 shows that has no moments of apathy or sluggishness. Fresh ideas and old ones are mixed and the result is one of the best concerts ever in Led Zeppelin's career. Achilles Last Stand is excellent and one of the strongest versions ever and the encores are simply amazing. Robert's voice is great ... he hits all the high notes. Jimmy tried calm down the audience while his playing in White Summer 'cause he didn't hear himself! What makes this recording more interesting is presentation of Phil Carson, who joined the band for Money. He was introduced as "the man who used to play bass for Dusty Springfield". White Summer was stopped because the audience was very noisy and Page wasn't able to listen what he's playing.

thomas heymann's picture

I was at this show aged 14, front row, my sisters late boyfriend the legendary Anselm Mangold was head of the local crew and sneaked me in. It was an amazing show, I was completely blown away (still am). I thought Jimmy might have had a couple of JDs before the show? He was amazing, I was right in front of Robert who was a rockgod. John Bonham was the most massive drummer I have ever seen and John Paul Young very stylish and cool. Good times...

michael faber's picture

Me and three army buddies went to this show and got into frankfurt early that day and went right to the festhall.There were proably 200 people waiting already and hundreds of empty wine bottles.stands were set up selling anything and everything.I see a guy hand over what had to be 200 marks and this guy reaches under his riser on the table and pulls out a huge plate of hash.I go back to my buddies and collect 400 marks and just like that we have the Drugs part taken care of.Then off to the red light district to shop for the perfect rental woman.A small strawberry blonde with tits that seemed to defy gravity.My first rental woman and sadly my last.The Sex part was quickly over but never forgotten.Back to the festhalle and the doors were had to be 3 hours yet until showtime.We grab a spot fairly close sit down on the concrete floor and commence to start smoking and drinking bottle beers from a nearby cart.

We all agreed that with the growing number of empties and the concrete that things may get ugly soon.We were all wrong on that.I never seen nor heard one broken bottle thru the entire concert.It would have been a bloodbath in the states.the show started and i am 6 ft 2 and i had no problem watching Jimmy Paige work his stuff with his perpetual cigarette in his mouth or wedged into his guitar.Seeing the playlist on this site was great but i will never forget Kasmir.We got to talking to some german girls and they hand me a spliff,i take my usual huge hit and practicly cough my lungs out.thats when i was told they mix tobacco with hash.Who knew? my friend Kevin Collins of Miami has a 35 mm camera with a long lens and we are taking rolls of pics.we even had the girls on our shoulders taking shots.Everyone in the place sang along with Stairway.I was soaking wet,hoarse and very high and never felt more alive before or since.

I got my papers to go home ten days later and recieved a few pics from Kevin.only one semi blurry pic of Jimmy and the lower half of John B. (RIP).My black concert teeshirt that i wore proudly to my homecoming keg was dropped on the floor of my old bedroom where sometime the next afternoon i wake up to hear the dryer mother had thoughtfully washed my clothes and did not know to turn it inside out before drying god bless her.The front was gone and i wondered why i hadnt bought two shirts.Its been 30 years and i still have my ticket stubb,concert flyer and some pics in an album that i will be getting out soon to show to my son before he leaves for afganistan.

Been to a lot of shows but nothing will ever compare to that concert.And to think about it we almost went to the Nuremburg show,wasnt that when Bonham fell off the stool second song and the concert was cncelled followed by a near riot.thanks for the memories and the chance to put this down.even if nobody ever reads this.Like mt other hero J Cash says,"I remember everything"

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i have ticket stub number one to the june 30th show in frankfurt

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First (and one of the best) concert I went to when I was stationed in Germany (the old Lindsey Air Station). Hell of a birthday present (29 Jun)!!!!!

K Smith's picture

This was the last concert I saw in Germany before returning to the States. It was also the most amazing! I was there too!

Geoff Walden's picture

My second (and alas! last) Led Zep show. I was in the Army too - I still have my ticket stub and black t-shirt (faded and shrunk some), and a tour poster that isn't shown on this site.

Hey, does anyone else remember the cloud of white powder that someone shot out over the crowd from a balcony, before the concert started? I always thought it was from a fire extinguisher - the powder burned on my skin and took my breath away for awhile.

John Kohlhepp's picture

I was stationed there in the Army then, went to this concert got photo's and t-shirt, and had a great time at the concert..I get back to the states, some punk stole my t-shirt from the show. anyone no how I could replace it, or find it somehow, to replace it...

Kevin's picture

I was in the U.S. Army stationed near Frankfurt. I remember Robert Plant acknowledging the U.S. personnel in the Halle. Was the 90 minute delay of the show on purpose? I only had 2 beers so that I'd remember the show! Best concert I have ever seen!

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When the german Led Zeppelin tourdates started in 1980, I first held a ticket for July 2nd 1980 but when I got my conscription for the german military service starting July 1st 1980 I had to look for a chance to exchange my ticket from the Mannheim show to the Frankfurt show.
I was successful, thanks to the brothers of my former wonderwall heroine Regina, and so I could attend the Frankfurt show on June 30, 1980.
The crowd was really exited to see Led Zeppelin perform live on stage. A friend of mine borrowed me his fully mechanical Minolta and so I could take some diapositives of the show which are shown on this website.
And yes Jimmy Page tried to calm down the audience which was completely freaking out with his words "Please give us a chance..." after having played some gentle chords which he obviously couldn´t hear. This was 1980 and the in ear monitoring wasn´t invented yet.
After the concert I lent two Deutsche Mark to an american serviceman so he could buy a concert poster for about five. He introduced himself as "Paul Daxby", that´s all I remember. Hey Paul, if you were still alive, please drop me a line.
It was an unforgettable evening and after the show I was heading directly to my barracks knowing I had experienced a part of rock music history. RIP John Henry Bonham, your style will be unforgotten.

Ron Bruno's picture

I applaud your excellent description on this super concert. I do remember Jimmy saying that and I also remember after Jimmy spoke (I was standing front row at the stage), Robert started telling the audience to relax some and stop pushing because someone could get hurt.
I have been Blessed and have had the privilege to witness the GREATEST Rock n Roll band EVER several times within my many years on this wonderful earth. My first time was a double-header on 9/19/70 at MSG in NY and my last show on 7/7/80 at the Eissporthalle, Berlin. The Frankfurt show is one of my favorites but I must say that Berlin sticks in my mind a little more.
Thank You for your time and remember to always keep JB within your thoughts. Ron

Lynda Hernandez's picture

I too was there....I have a grey tshirt and my tickets....sell?

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I quit school when I turned 18 in October 1979 went to basic training and AIT when I finish that I went to Germany in May 1980 got to see Led Zeppelin in Frankfurt festhalle June 30th 1980 and after that I went to a military high school and graduated best story yet of quitting high school got to see Led Zeppelin 

Rex Turner's picture

That show was awesome, I still have my ticket stub and some pictures I took. I was stationed in Gelnhausen with the U.S. Army, 3rd Armored Division, 2nd Battalion 48 Infantry.

Kevin Smith's picture

I was at Rhein Main AFB, attending Frankfurt American High School during this time.  My Dad was just ending his 3 year tour in Germany, so we were headed back to the USA in a few weeks.  I remember enjoying the concert.  Best rock concert I ever saw.  My tastes changed over the years.  More into classical music now.  Great memories.

Rick B's picture

Was there front row! Me and my buddy kept screaming "Stairway to Heaven!"

John E's picture

I remeber this showing staring out with Plant walking out and saying it was great to be back at the Festhalle because they were the first band that ever got to play there. Also I remember Zep playing the beatles 'I know it's your birthday' and Hearts 'Barracuda' at the end.

Pedro's picture

Good afternoon! I would like to know if there is a CD of Led Zeppelin live in Frankfurt 1980 to buy it. In that case, please indicate me where I can buy and the price. Its a present for this christmas.

Thank you in advance!

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