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Crawford Hall - May 1, 1969

  • Songs performed during this period include: Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, As Long As I Have You, Killing Floor, White Summer / Black Mountainside, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown, Pat's Delight.
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on September 20, 2007 - 4:07pm
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May 1, 1969
United States

Songs performed during this period include: Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, As Long As I Have You, Killing Floor, White Summer / Black Mountainside, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown, Pat's Delight.


Support Act: Lee Michaels


Support Act: Lee Michaels

Peter Grant: “It was a great night when they appeared at the University of California. They did five encores that night and although the hall was filled to capacity with over 3,000 people in the audience, there were over 700 people outside who couldn’t get in. Fights broke out outside because people couldn’t get tickets and when Jimmy heard about it he asked everyone to squeeze up, had the side doors opened and managed to squeeze the waiting people in the hall.”  (May 1969)


Songs performed during this period include: Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, As Long As I Have You, Killing Floor, White Summer / Black Mountainside, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown, Pat's Delight.


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My older brother was a student at UCI and got us tickets. We arrived early (good thing!) and sat pretty close to the stage (on the floor). Besides being mezmerized by Robert Plant (who's golden locks looked like a wild lion as he sang!), I was blown away by Jimmy Page's "electric acoustic" performance of "Black Mountain Side" -- talk about a "lasting impression" on an impressionable 16 year old! Going to concerts was THE thing to do in those days, and this one in particular is still fresh in my memory today. Every time I see Robert Plant performing on TV (in his new music incarnations), I have to smile and remember what he was like that night. Legends of Rock 'n' Roll, for certain -- thankful for that!

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I was there! Freshman at UCI. As I recall, they were the lead in band, and everyone was amazed ("Who was that?!"). I believe the headliner was Lee Michaels. Can anyone confirm that?

Michael 's picture

My first LZ concert..I was 17 at the time of this show....Blitzed out of my mind... They totally rocked!

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I was standing at the front of the stage right in front of Jimmy Page at this concert.

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I got to see the 2nd set... as I recall, Gordon Lightfoot opened. How cool! We parked a ways off to allow some walking time for various indulgence's. I and the group felt the electricity radiating from Crawford Hall...we began to hoot and shout running through the moonlit night as the band played 'How Many More Times". The closer we got the louder and better the sound. The sound was like non other...this was the beginning of a whole new style and way of interpreting Rock n Roll. The acoustic value of Crawford Hall enhanced songs like Dazed and Confused and Communication Breakdown as the sound lifted you into a realm beyond reality. This night was sweet and the band was phenomenal! And there was 2 full moons that month of May, 1969. Where did 40 years go? John M

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This is complete bunk. Gordon Lightfoot? More likely Webster Webfoot!
It's plain to see that John M's "various indulgences" must have included about 15 hits of orange sunshine. Lee Michaels opened for LZ and UCI "oversold". There was a second show scheduled, but for some reason they were only able to put on the first and only show. A ton of people crammed in and stood though the entire show, with some stuck outside listening through the open doors. It was a Fire Marshall's nightmare, but it was exciting none the less.
Dan J

Name Jon M. Nielson's picture

I was the concert promoter for Zepplin's show at UCI in Crawford Hall. For the record we didn't 'oversell' the hall. We could never prove it but assumed Zepplin'd management or someone connected to them did in LA or through Capitol. We strictly limited tickets printed. To our shock 1-2 thousand (at least) showed up with tickets we did not authorize and were understandably pissed when we wouldn't/couldn't let them in. Crawford was jammed shoulder to shoulder. I was on stage with the band viewing all the mayhem. Page, Bonham and Plant were a bit uptight and a lot arrogant as I remember, and IT was barely controlled chaos. And yes to be sure a lot of drugs were going down. The OC tac squad was called out to keep order outside as the doors were rushed a couple of times. It WAS a fantastic set. We had NO plans for a second show. Besides, we got ripped off by Cole and his associates as they demanded a different formula for percentage of gate than we had agreed upon and literally left with duffel bags stuffed with cash. My in-person protests at Capitol went nowhere. As I recall it cost UCI and the Associated Students some$10K and we never saw a dime. Despite that we had Michaels back for an outdoors concert that was a bit hairy also but we managed. By comparison the Chambers Brothers concert was a piece of cake...and great. Long live rock 'n roll.

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.Sorry memory of the concert is a bit vague. We were maxed out on some kind of recall the free concerts there at UCI? Yes I was dazed and confused but I do remember the music! The sound was incredible. Thanks for your input and it was great seeing you there. Oh, Webster never made it through the doors but I swear I saw Gordon Lightfoot there somewhere?

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There seems to be some confusion as just who the opening act was for this show.  It certainly wasn't Gordon Lightfoot.

Lee Michaels was on the bill but he didn't open the show either.  The opening act was a local Inland Empire blues band "Hard Luck Boy".  They were part of the producer's package as we were for the lightshow.  Hard Luck Boy was also on the bill for the Palm Springs Pop Festival.  We worked with Hard Luck Boy and Lee Michaels several other times as well.

Yes, the show was oversold.  SRO for sure.  To my knowledge there were no plans for a second show.      

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So glad I was there! Mike J brought me. So Awesome! Super light show.

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The Led Zepplin concert actually occurred while they were still performing as the New Yardbirds though even then Led Zep was being bandied about. Even though I didn't formally transfer to UCI until Sept '71 I ended up being a door usher as several of my friends were involved. We had managed to get a peyote cactus and knowing we might get nauseated ate it with canned beef stew. LZ was really good though nothing compared to later on. Lee Michaels was on his downward swing with Frosty playing drums. His entourage included guys who were old style gangsters, the rumor was they were Mafia and they acted like creeps threatening people and breaking beer bottles. The place was jammed and as we got more loaded and people were pushing and upset it was hard to manage the doors. I remember abandoning the doors and throwing up down into the pool yard next to Crawford Hall, not one of my finer moments. Still it was a good show

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I was part of the light show for this concert.  Stellar night.  

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Lights, by God !  Robert and I were with you at the projectors.  We got the gig through local band opening for Lee Michaels, who played before Zepplin.


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I was there at the concert.  Also saw Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company at the UCI gym that summer.

As I remember it, Led Zeppelin opened for Lee Michaels at this show.  Funny but true.

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Still have my original ticket untorn. Crowd pushed me in.

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Some how i was "pushed" onto the stage and ended up with plants shirt!

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We had to sneek in even though our group had tickets          tickets we purchased from Sound Spectrum in Laguna        Laguna Beach they were thrilled to be there and so was I 





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