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Hollywood Sportatorium - September 1, 1971

  • Setlists during this tour include: Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed and Confused, Black Dog, Stairway to Heaven, Celebration Day, That's the Way, Going to California, What Is and What Should Never Be, Moby Dick, Whole Lotta Love (medley).
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on September 21, 2007 - 2:37pm
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September 1, 1971
United States

Setlists during this tour include: Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed and Confused, Black Dog, Stairway to Heaven, Celebration Day, That's the Way, Going to California, What Is and What Should Never Be, Moby Dick, Whole Lotta Love (medley).


Setlists during this tour include: Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed and Confused, Black Dog, Stairway to Heaven, Celebration Day, That's the Way, Going to California, What Is and What Should Never Be, Moby Dick, Whole Lotta Love (medley).


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I will never forget this show.Tickets were $4 at the door.we got there early and went directly to the front of the stage. They were on top of the world at the time, It was the first time any of us heard Stairway and the other songs from the 4th album which went on sale about two weeks later.The Sporto was a sweat box,but nobody cared that night,and all you had to do was inhale the air to get in the right frame of mind.Best show ever.

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This was a good show, nothing like what I would see in Tampa 2 years latter.At this time there were concerts every weekend, either here or at Pirates World. I was 15 then and I don't remember them playing Stairway but then again I was in the usual concert "frame of mind" if ya know what I mean.

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I remember this concert like it was yesterday. I was in the 3rd row looking up at this Norse god...I remember the air thick with smoke....unbelievable...those were the days


I write this Sept 1971 SoFla Gig Recount in Sept 2012, some 40 odd VERY ODD Years later & across an Ocean i.e. novum-annum 5773: in Memory of a Dear Musical Mate and Wildly Versatile capable - Self-Taught 'genius' guitar player Chas Andrew 'Pick' GRINER 11/11/1950 my birthday twin & MAGICKAL best friend from '69 'til his death across the water '98 who, as a young black fellow from West of 'The Tracks' in Ft. Lauderdale, FL grew up [as much as one could] in the small 5th St Clubs 'round there and played TRUE BLUES, w/some of the 'Old Boys' who hung out after hours when the Soul Club venues were over and the REAL Music AWOKE! -

THIS LZ 'gig' WAS THE LAST Chas & I EVER saw together BEFORE HIS UNTIMELY DEATH '98 -- In Hosp, which I ENDURED via Long Distance Phone from LONDON; we used to hunt Zep down EVERY time UP until THIS GIG SEPT 01, 1971. ALL that they'd play SoFla; THNX your Tour List I could have sworn this WAS '72 but that LONG drive out to the SPORTATORIUM, 'THE venue to HATE as far as Acoustics went & was GRIDLOCKED TO A STANDSTILL - glad the Band was Late - WE'd tho't SERIOUSLY of Running OVER the Cars, i.e. ON FOOT OVER THE ROOFS & HOODS if it got Any Later!

We'd had Great LED-ZEP Nights at an OPEN AIR venue; an Amusement Park in DANIA, FL near the Jai-Lai fronton called PIRATE's WORLD, which I've seen a ref to here and will have to suss out! But on this GIG we were Materiel sampling to see what was G.E.T.S. > Good Enough TO Steal; trouble All of it WAS! Chas to Hear & See WHAT JP was up to on Guitar/s etc & I to catch Commander Robt. Plant's 'moves & EXPERIENCE 'THE VOICE'/Phrasing/Tonality/Nuancing/Pitch Trix & the lightly spiced soupcon of 'electronics'.

Via Kind Offices of a mate hooked into the Venue 'gofer' crew thru' ATLANTIC/Criteria Studios in Miami, we got backstage, which was AMAZINGLY CHAOTIC had a Very few minutes of back-stage chatter on this very topic w/Plant-Page. I was myself amazed at their mutual erudition at this quite esoteric niche of American-BLACK-BLUES; Robert was very verbal, well informed Sociologically apt regarding a kind of Black-BLUES-Creole-Cajun' Cranny of a place that is in many ways VERY far away from England; THAT and some words on Wales...same hymn sheet diff Accent, 'THE HAIR' was surprisingly STRAIGHT as well confusingly so but such is SoFla humidity in the Hurricane Season! it would TAME a Toni -- this 'notebooking' of Guit-box tuning that was a cinch in the small clubs w/lazier ambience worked at times with PAGEY at a FARTHER Distance Too but a lot of his guitars were handed to him so you couldn't see - these days y'all have YOU TUBE and Great Viddy die for!

IF we weren't trying to make it to the Next LZ Show; we haunted the Old Black Blues & Soul Clubs 'cross the tracks easier for him than for me - My best friend & Lead Guitarist oft smuggled me under a blanket in the back seat, Thanks to those Old US Sofas on Wheels and then a quick run for the back-stage door to a Club, to be caught/seen by either the 'Protect & Serve' cartel, or the Local denizens [hey whaa'bwa' wha'choo doin' HYUNH' chasin' 'ar wimmen' aroun'] would NOT end the Eve well! As I learn'd to SING them & 'PICK' took down their moves with eye & ear esp the 'tuning modes' [almost a repertoire of personal 'open' tunings existed & we noted them down in a small booklet; we sipped at the last trickles of a Spring of Old Miss Delta Blues REMNANTS Emigrate to SoFla w/the Rail roads that will NEVER Come Again, THAT was a One off, some of those old fellas had been 'Teens' albeit Late when Robt. Johnson/Otis Rush Willie Mae Lyles-Vera Phillips had been in Prime Form!

Those Old boys played in the trad of Robt Johnson, Otis Rush, etc 'BLIND LEMON MELON' // Miss Delta Blues and more; Chas, or 'PICK' as he was known in our '70's Progressive Musical Scene SE USA played Lead in many of our mutual Progressive Groups.


I Always ENJOYED John Baldwin's LONG Keyboard Interludes TO THE MAX; this one was slotted in during Moby Dick mid--set seems like, each of these diamond geezers rotated up to do a solo whilst the others went backstage for some behind the Scenes RELIEF - that said I DON'T re-CALL ROBERT DOING ANY a'CAPELLA VOX per se, in fact I don't think I EVER heard him do ANY SOLO VOCALS aside from making some shapes Viva Voce: I often WISHED He'd DONE SOME PURELY VOCALIC SOLOING? - can be done! q.v. Umma Kal'suum & Maria-Matya Parhomic-LOY: THIS PARTICULAR GIG H'WOOD SPORTATORTURE SET SEPT -1971 Jonesey did a LONG and Very Beautiful Organ solo verging on the Classical style in fact at one point I tho't JPJ was going to break into a personalised 'stash' of The ORGAN PASSACAGLIAS OF BUXTEHUDE

OBVIOUSLY they were Influential to us -as we'd literally memorise the Gigs and use them for Club Covers [NOT a Tribute Band..more pow'r to 'em] WE JUST LOVED TO SPLICE ZEP 'covers' in between OUR OWN ORIGINALS & OOM/s-->Old Other Materiel like Billie Holiday/'Lady Day' I'd developed My Own version of her style & other Famous Old ER Blues voices for some Mutated Blues CLONED w/Russian & Hebrew folk Music 'riffs was splendid - ANYONE who could do DECENT LZ non-Imitative COVERS but w/unique Personal styling was RARE in those days folks were into Copycatting so it was a Door Opener for many a Club for us - and Time at ATLANTIC Criteria Studios as well. -- there is an error MANY young bands commonly made & that was to TRY TO Imitate 'The Album', it was to get away from this Faux Pas - Kiss of Death really that we'd raid each LZ 'gig' we 'hit' for Musical Materiel, Practical Technique tips; the Sheer Enjoyment of the HIGH Degree of Musicianship and in this case the Utterly Uncanny COHESION of THIS BAND ABOVE OTHERS OF THE TIME!

The were Most Definitely a Unit of Four, not so much PLAYING AT YOU AS WEAVING SOMETHING AMONGST THEMSELVES, thus you have to have a Kind of FIFTH Entity automatically generated by that kind of Magick --> THE MUSICK as An EGREGOR, which 'you' in The Audience, another Collective Entity then Unify WITH!

They open'd after a LONG WAIT....with a Stunning UN-heard of Wailing...WHAT I REALLY tho't was Going to BE a Led-Zep 'RENDITION' of BALI-HAI from South Pacific/The Musical; many of you'll have to wiki that but those opening wails ARE for Any 50's kid who grew up w/M & P's phono playing their post-ww2 Musicals the most Definitive & Total SIGNATURE of BALI-HAI; I'd just NEVER Heard ANYTHING like That followed! PERFECT OPENER to STUN your Audience & TRANSFIX them is the Only WORD that tells it Truly!

SO 'Hat's Off to RH & that INCREDIBLY Mesmerising opener: Immigrant Song, I recall Heartbreaker making the Fifth Variation in the way we'd heard it done!, Since I've Been Loving You always as w/PG & E version from the Old Hippy SF '60/s, Dazed & Confused....The Stage before 'Juiced Up & Sloppy', A CRAZY 'Riff Version of a song about a Black Dog, but I couldn't find One Hidden in the Lyric

AND! THE FIRST TIME I EVER HEARD IT!! TOOK MY BREATH AWAY, a REALLY DELIGHTFUL 'Trip' for those who Like Any Stringed Instrument going thru' What sounds like Old to Middle English Minstrelsy & Balladeering 'SHAPES' from The Borders -->>> Stairway to Heaven, oft' called The Most Overplayed Song in Musical History; BUT! then you must ask yourself WHY that is....Everyone liked it SO much!

A Restful Acoustic set w/Going 2 CAL; W. I. & W. S. N. B. & I forgot to slot in a WILDLY LONG AND ENTRANCING 'Whole LL' -- that was it,



Superb, That Cavernous Sheet Metal Warehouse B-52 size Aircraft Hangar-like Mega-Hut even LENT it's usually Ghastly Acoustics to the Show!

I was 20 that coming NOV 11!

I hope & Pray that My Old Musical Mate CHAS of SO Many Years; Bands; GIGS; Experiences good bad & ugly thru' SoFla/FLA in toto -- the SE-USA/SA & West Indies is at Peace. It is HARD on All of us to LOSE a Friend esp A Musical one w/so much Talent & so much shared History.

That forges a Link as well: I was in my post-Doc Research Medicine the day John Bonham passed - and that was a sad day; just sat and sat & pondered the Obvious: No More LZ -

SO HOPING to see the CELEBRATION DAY Show in Cinema - Very Diff to get ticks 2007/O2 luck of the Draw, or your hand in the Drawer more like...this is 'The Big Smoke' after all!


Ed Plant's picture

My first Zeppelin concert, I was very high but I think they started with Whole Lotta Love medley stuck all the other songs in the middle and finished with the end of Whole Lotta Love, longest song ha ha

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I remember this concert well. I saw many concerts at Sportatoruim and Pirates World. Early seventies! Loved it when we would go to the Flying Machine after.

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I was at that show, sat on floor near front, don't remember it being on a wednesday.

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Hard to believe someone actually remembers Pirates World! That was a hell of a long time ago because they closed in the early 1970's. Also been to so many concerts in the Sporto.

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I remember.  Saw many great acts. My first was Rod Stewart and Faces, Mathews Southern Comfort and Deep Purple for $5.00.   Just moved here from NY.  It was a crazy night.  Maggie May had just hit the radio.  It was a purple night.





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Hey my father in law was at this concert and lost all his pictures. Does anyone that was there know where any pictures are? Online?

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Back of a pickup, rainy night, crossroads.  Do you remember this NY girl?  Robert Plant was unbelievable.

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i was right up to the front at this show. it was my birthday and as i remember there weer no seats in the front middle section. we elbowed our way to the front and were very girlfiend was on my shoulders and at one point took off her blouse(dur to the heat)robert plant offered us "an english cigarette"and kept coming over to our section of the crowd. i was tripping along with all my friends. truly the "Hammer of the Gods". i was fortunate enough to see Zeppelinn 3 more times including the record breaking show at Tanpa 1973. still have my ticket stubs!!

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Living in fort Lauderdale saw all the greats. Was driving up sunrise blvd near Birch State Park when the DJ for wwww radio announced "Just in - Led Zeppelin coming tickets on sale ..." he said Pandeminium shop in ft lauderdale. I was almost rollling my 57 Chevy as i turned and went in. Th3 dude at the register said the tickets would be 8 (eight) dollars. I thought that was kind high but worth it. I bought 4 cause thats all I had.

Bes concert ever. Was at Pompano High School then and dated Cider fromm ft lauderdase hs.


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I had a seat onstage with the band. Just incredibly great luck to run into a promoter friend before the show.



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