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Centre Sportif

on September 20, 2007 - 11:58am


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Palais de Sports

on September 20, 2007 - 11:56am



Palais des Sports de Gerland is an indoor sporting arena located in Lyon, France. The seating capacity of the arena is for 6,500 people. It is the venue of the Grand Prix de Tennis de Lyon tournament.  (Wikipedia)

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L'Ecole Centrale (Piston 70)

on September 20, 2007 - 9:59am


Châtenay-Malabry is a commune in the southwestern suburbs of Paris, France. It is located 10.8 km (6.7 mi) from the center of Paris.

Châtenay is the location of École Centrale Paris, of an UFR de Pharmacie (Faculty of Pharmacy) and of French national laboratory of doping detection. The high-speed TGV Atlantique goes across the city through an underground railway covered with a park called Coulée verte (greenway). (Wikipedia)

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on September 20, 2007 - 9:50am


Paris Olympia is a music hall at 28, Blvd. des Capucines, in the 9th arrondissement Paris, France. Founded in 1888 by Joseph Oller, the creator of the Moulin Rouge, the Olympia is the oldest music hall in Paris and one of the most famous music halls in the world, today easily recognizable by its giant red glowing letters announcing its name.

It opened in 1889 as the "Montagnes Russes" but was renamed the Olympia in 1893.  (Wikipedia)


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