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Achilles Last Stand (Live Knebworth 1979)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:21pm


Led Zeppelin perform "Achilles Last Stand" live at Knebworth 1979. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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Knebworth Festival - August 4, 1979
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Juan Lachuga's picture

Greatest song from the Greatest Rock band

Farzin's picture

WOW.. over 30 yrs ago, I was there and it seems like yesterday!!!!!!!!!

Joseph Whiteside's picture

My buddy Roger and I were there August 4. Came over from Canada. We are the guys they dedicated Trampled Underfoot for. Amazing concert. Best ever. No band in 33 years of leave show comes close.

cory bergeron's picture

led zep there is no other thanks fo
r the great memories

Nick D.'s picture

Jimmy and John Bonham rock!!!

Kevin's picture


Joe Re's picture

I'm going to keep it short and sweet L/Z are the greatest band to ever walk the earth as I have said before, I am only 13 years-old, 14 years-old now. And Jimmy is my inspiration for my guitar playing! I even learned the crunge and no body, I mean no body plays that live! I have gotten the chance to hear them play "Achillies Last Stand" live and its awesome because it has so many guitar parts in it but Jimmy can play it live! It soundss differen't because it is one guitar but it does kind of have a cool effect because of that! and that is why Jimmy, John Paul Jones, Bonzo, and Robert Plant are the best musicians in the world and they will always no how to be cool! sorry they wrote the book on it!

Sincerely, Joseph A. Re

Nige Hopes's picture

I can't believe it was 31 years ago, I remember it like yesterday. I was 16 yrs old and me and 3 mates went. We had tickets but no tent so we slept in a field one night, a bus shelter another night and a shop doorway in Stevenage town centre the night after the gig. Achilles Last Stand and Kashmire were brilliant but I have to say that Stairway To Heaven was the highlight for me. Everybody holding up their lighters and singing along. It was spine tingling and still gives me goosebumps when I watch the video now, at the tender age of 47. Ahh memories.

Rebecca McClurken's picture

probably the most awesome song by led zeppelin and my favorite. only Robert plant can do a 3 minute vocal solo...

Flor María Barrios Puga's picture

Con solo verlos y escucharlos quedo drogada,pensar que nunca los vi,ni los escuché en persona,ya no podrá ser pero espero que en el cielo nos encontremos y espero disfrutar de un gran concierto.

Name's picture

No wonder Jimmy thought that this song was one of if not his best pieces ever, no other song by anyone has the power and energy, and it is a showcase for each of the four musicians.

Name Gordon Barker's picture

Saw this two weeks running, Wish i was back there now !!!!!

buck's picture

i saw led zeppelin in concert in '77...a defining moment in my life

Vlad-Drakul's picture

Awesome version of one of their greatest songs and a blueprint for hard heavy metal in the 1980's and 1990's being super inetnse and rhythmically driving like Metalica or Iron Maiden who were inspired by the driving beat to do 'run to the hills'. of course Zeppelin have never been bettered or equaled and were as important to the music in 1970's as the Beatles were in the 1960's. Just like them, Elvis or Jimmy Hendrix the whole sound of music HAD to move on or sound aged afterwars.
Of course Plant and Page were the leaders and like JP Jones amazing musicians but John Henry Bonham was to drums what Hendrix was to lead guitar and Page to riffing. The unequaled God of Drums.
How grateful (Dead) I am for this DVD as I was one of the luckiest human beings in the world that night. By bribing my way to the very front during Todd Rundgrens pre Zeppelin performance (the 2nd best of the day) I was able to watcjh the whole 3 1/2 hours from 20 feet from the front of the stage. THe experiance of a life time. God Im sorry for today youth I got to be punk Hippie Freak, drop acid, and then move on to a more sober adulthood and a beautiful family. Live the dream you only got one life; love it and those around you, Peace!

buck's picture

I've had the priviledge of seeing some great concerts in my life & times...nothing as awesome as the sheer power & magic of a Led Zeppelin concert. Jimmy Page closed the '77 concert with 'rock & roll' he did a 360 degree spin and fell flat on his butt...but kept on playing...robert plant offered his hand to help him up...and both sheepishly grinned as the concert was a moment!

mjs's picture

that energy! mind blowing
love the smiling - they enjoyed it so much, yet another reason they were that amazing.

uriel vanelli's picture

one of the most under rated masterpieces of all time!!! This song has absolutely everything, jimmys awesome guitar playing, john pauls great bass playing as well, johns drum playing is elite, and of course roberts singing is magical and the lyrics are mesmorizing!!! I practiced drumming on my legs with this song and i listen to it before all my football games to get me hyper

Emma Morgan's picture

I was there x

pete lopez's picture

amor eterno

phil's picture

i love zep

yra's picture

Achilles can never die!!Keep on rockin' LED HEDZ!!

Zeppelin97's picture

I'm a high school student doing a proyect about Zeppelin that must include videos, I cried watching this particular one

......'s picture


rock it page

Tony's picture

Amazingly awesome i love it i want more of it

Lefty's picture

this is one of led zeps greatest songs, RIP John Bonham!

Damian's picture

The Mighty Led Zep IS Rock and Roll at its highest level of musical ability, lyrics and showmanship!!!! They have no equal!

Name   Britt's picture

THE godfathers of ROCK!!!!!

ranieri's picture

Que saudades do tempo em que se fazia musica de verdade. Gigantes. The best of the best.

Gannon Madigan's picture

The best live recorded zeppelin ever.

funkspiel's picture

I was at August 11. Apparently they wore the same clothes for video continuity.


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