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Atlanta Pop Festival 1969 (8mm film)

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on January 8, 2013 - 4:50pm
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Atlanta International Raceway (Atlanta Pop Festival) - July 5, 1969
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I was in the Army stationed at Ft Gordon.  Fond memories.

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I wa s there. i was a studenbt at the university of Florida,1969-72. A group fo us drove up from Gainesville, Atlants. parked about 2 miles outside the racetrack onthe side of the road. . People settled in and ate food,drank and di acid or mescaline,pot,etc.. The First group in the early eveing was Bonnie Delaney and friends. the highlights of the evening was led Zepplin,doing 'Whole Lot of love'. They were senational, the lead singer leaping 2-3 ft. in the air and whipping his hair aound. Then Janis came on and she was great. The after her singing half the crowd left-had ling drives home. Then the last singer was this unknow guy-Joe Cocker-doing 'withe a little help from My Friend' and he was sensational also..Then we drove home in aconvertible to gainesville,Fl.-one guys grilfriend driving-shehadn't smoked-only drank wine....We all aly out in the back seat,stoned-looking at the huge sky full of stars.

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I know there was a vinyl album put out of this concert back in the day, because I heard it.  Does anyone know if there are any current recordings of this concert.  Thanks - Leo

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