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Bring It On Home (Royal Albert Hall 1970)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:35pm

From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003)

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Royal Albert Hall - January 9, 1970
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Rick's picture

Simply the best in the world!!!!!!!!!

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Jordan's picture

Led Zeppelin has to be the greatest band in the world. In my opinion they are, without a doubt, my all time favorite band.

Christina's picture

Essential early Zeppelin.....still love 'em 38 years and counting!

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max monroe's picture

Led Zeppelin is the greatest rock band of all time.

Helen Seferis's picture

filmed by the great Peter Whitehead

Nancy Weckler's picture

great great great

Ricky Cooke's picture

By far LED ZEPPELIN IS GREATEST ROCK-N-ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD!!!!!! I wish that I could have seen them live with the original band members. I would still love to see them just as much right now. To the greatest with ALL OF MY LOVE


Roberta's picture

Led Zepplin has been "Brining It On Home To Me" since I was age 11, I am now 50, and they stll sound great. They are a lengend in thier own time. I am, was, and always will be one of the hugest fans they ever had. I never got sick of them in all these years. I can never hear any one song too many times. Any of the younger set in 2010 that still ROCKS by Led Zepplin has AWSOME taste. Jimmy Page is a genious. Robert Plant's voice still can not be immated, although many still try. John Paul Jones invented bass for hard rock. And John Bonham. was the best and MOST creative DRUMMER THAT EVER DID or WILL live.

Danhawk's picture

Putain, le "LED" ça déménage et aujourd'hui, impossible de trouver quelque chose d'équivalent. Ils m'ont donné envie de monter un groupe.
Epoque de folie créatrice; les jeunes l'ont compris et piquent toutes les idées des génies de l'époque comme celui du "LED"

(Hell, the "LED" that moves and now impossible to find something equivalent. They want me to mount a group.
Epoque folly of creative; young people have understood and bite all the ideas of geniuses of the era such as "LED"

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Katie 's picture

The riff in this song is out of this world. Led Zeppelin was amazing

Aleksey's picture

Increadible I love Zeppelin

Imanol's picture

zeppelin unas d elas mejores bandas de la historia tengo 17 años y todos los dias la escucho, no puedo escapar de ella, de su musica

beto angeles's picture

siempre sera la mejor banda q ha tenido el rock!!!!!

JoJo's picture

I got a Whole lotta Love for Led Zep for over 40 that's love baby! You guys R ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William Slaght's picture

My favorite song! My favorite band! Bring It On Home, Led Zeppelin, Bring It On Home!

led zep freak!!'s picture

greatest rock band of all time!! every member in band great at what they do! the songs dig deep! john paul jones great , kick ass bassist, i only play a gibson because of jimmy page!

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monkeyfinger02's picture

I do not believe the people at the concert had any Idea the greatness that was on the stage at that time. Way ahead of there time!!! Love the music

heath's picture

led zeppelin rules! especially the blues era! long live BONZO!!!

Kozla's picture

Awsome, i've been playing this 100x times and it is just AWSOME!!!

steverojigilo's picture

Unlike my mothers breast---i'll never be weened from led zepplin....grew up on it/love/it/feel it/live it...........

cheyenne's picture

i love led zeppelin am 13 and they are my fav in the world

Name jimmy q's picture is by far my fav. guitar player ever!!!

Kent Andre's picture

You Guys Rock im the biggest fan and i am an eleven year old have every thing you can think of from albums to t-shirts

Matt's picture

i love led and im 12

Kayne Cummins's picture

Best band of all time.


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