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Cleveland 10-24-69 (Slideshow)

srapallo's picture
on May 25, 2009 - 9:04am


Photo slideshow of Led Zeppelin performing at Cleveland's Public Hall, October 24, 1969.

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Public Hall - October 24, 1969
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Raymundo Delgado's picture


I grew up in Mexico listening and rocking to your music, you are and will always be the GREATEST!

antonio ornelas's picture

simple great

Alberto's picture

Enough said.

NIk Romanov's picture

The best!!

dedi pribadi's picture

super grup

Name ROOP-DOGG's picture


Edson's picture

Led Zeppelin in the begining FANTASTIC!!! Pure energy!!!

yayo's picture

amor eterno

Name Alfredo's picture

É incrivelmente atual. Nos meus 52 anos de vida não vi nada igual.
The best rock!

Sean's picture

wow . the begining

RAUL's picture


Eduardo's picture

Sem o Led Zeppelin não haveria Rock and Roll

Claudio Magueta's picture

The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eliandro's picture

Espero que você continue sempre nos impressionando.

Julio Noe's picture

zepp forever!!

bill's picture

always will be greatest of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zadie Rosenthal-Gray's picture

You are awesome, I was introduce to your music in the late 70's. And "O my Goodness" was I suprise to hear the beat and words that you song about. All of your music is truly about the real world, Life and Love and it's beautiful. Thank you for being you. Full of Love!

Alejandro García Vicente's picture

The really pioneers of heavy metal

zoso's picture

Led Zeppelin,_____ LIVE LOUD, ROCK HARD! 1968-2003

Eduardo's picture

a melhor banda de todos os tempos..uma historia que muitos gostariam de ter participado. queria ver apenas um show no Brasil. abs

billy sidley's picture

absolutaly outstanding! still cant believve my eye's thank you so much for sharing!

The Goblin Queen's picture

Who was Led Zepplin?
Only the finest band that ever rocked this Earth!

Kirstin Lippincott's picture

I will allways be in CRAZY love with you and your music .... nothing nobody no sound will ever compare to you ! You lite the way for all others to follow and great they are. But you are Music GODS !!!!!! Love you and passing you on to my kids 1999, 2006 and 2007 respect the music ! Especially yours!!! Kirstin

Rick Zepp's picture

Thanks for living in my live.....

Robyn lynch's picture

I absolutely love jimmy page when i see him rock out on his guitars XD

cristian felipe gil's picture

led zeppelin the best of rock jimy page el mejor guitarrista mi inspiracion, robert plant voz de dioses, boham el mounstruo de la bateria y paul exelente vengan a colombia colombia los necesita colombia los ama nunca llenaran tanto un estadio como en colombia por favor .
welcom to colombia led zeppelin

billy sidley's picture

you guys totally rock, cant believe it!! for once we see the gods on video. many congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

billy sidley's picture

totally the best, give hugs to this person that let us in, he's a rocker

wolfgang's picture

para mi no son de este mundo,increible aun los escucho como en aquellos tiempos...............

Xavier Ruiz's picture

Led Zeppelin est tout simplement merveilleux et intemporel.
On n'a jamais fait mieux.
Merci merci merci


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