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Cleveland 10-24-69 (Slideshow)

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on May 25, 2009 - 9:04am


Photo slideshow of Led Zeppelin performing at Cleveland's Public Hall, October 24, 1969.

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Public Hall - October 24, 1969


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I have always loved you Zepp! It's a Wonderful feeling listening to your music. I've listened since age 15. A long time ago. But, I still listen because your music is classic. It will never die. It always sounds Great!
Thank you for sharing your talents with us.



Amanda's picture

This is what brilliant artist sound like. its to sad that we dont have this amazin music today. Love you Robert Plant!

sammy's picture

You guys are four Gods. There are no other words for it.
I would really love to see you guys live.

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Always the best!!!

gvanca's picture

amazingly cool... love it...<3

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I was born in 1970...yet, did not grow up on disco and 80's music...was totally drawn to Led Zeppelin and the like.
I also have the same birthday as Robert Plant, Aug 20. Happy belated birthday for the past 40 years!

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James's picture

Led taught me how to play the air guitar.

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soy un seguidor de los mejores grupos de rock pero en especial del mejor de todos led zepp. este grupo lo tuvo que haber formado dios, creo que ni en mil anos el mundo volvera a ver un grupo como lo fue led zepp. para desgracia de las generaciones por venir pero que se le puede hacer, yo tuve la dicha de vivir con la musica de este gran grupo, gracias robert, gracias jimmy, gracias jonh, gracias bonham los amo creo que los quiero mas que mi esposa

ferreza's picture

Led Zeppelin = real gods

oliveira's picture

Com 8 anos Já Curtia o zeppelin ... Havia 70 anos Naquela rock roll rua Toda rua !!!!!!!


felicitaciones me encanta todos sus discografias a pesar de los años que llevan ya su musica todavia suena en muchos lugares para los que sabemos de musica buena .....y me encanta y me parece muy bueno aue ahora robert plant haga blues me gusta mucho tambien soy muy joven aun pero eso no es un limite para seguir escuchandoles

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gradissimi i piu grandi.....nel nostro storico locale di roma ..uonna club pe r tutti gli ani 80 e 90 vi abbiamo ascoltati, migliaia di persone anno ballato con i vostri ritmi incalzanti........grazie ....grazie......di esietere

Maga's picture

they were , are & will always be,,, the are just perfect,,,

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my my my what a settion, its always been a true pleasure.. ideaL.
ed thanks you even made me one or 2 friends here and there,, zeppelin..fight FORD RALLY

olaf's picture

ascoltati nel 1978 per la prima volta e mai più lasciati,immensi!

Crowley&#039;s secret's picture

The boys are in rare form. Enjoy the secret.

YuNG De&#039;Aundre's picture

It Gets No Better!!!

bob roberts's picture

Led Zeppelin is one of history's greatest Rock Bands ever!

A huge part of a generation's youth and an imense influence on Rock artists ever since. I believe they were even bigger than The Beatles!

Name Fernando Reis's picture

Led Zeppelin is only magic.

Name's picture

i was wondering what rock music is?! well... i figured out that rock music is just a super band named Led Zeppelin!

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"The Best"

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L'excellence du rock, quoi dire de plus si non que d'écouter leurs chefs-d'œuvre...

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I was a boy in 1970 forward-decade, until my age 52 years old can not be left them and always raised my adrenalin ...... still a live, make me feel strong in thinking, action and forever young. I love their music as expert composer, professional and to be come inspiration forwarrd in in many actions. I like all of them to 4 personnel. Salut, Suwarsono.AS 

johnny's picture

Jimmy Page is GOD.

Todd's picture

Best band ever!!!

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I love Led Zeppelin, the best band in the history

Isaac Felix's picture

Esta banda foi a melhor de todos os tempos!!!

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led zeppelin is the best band ever


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