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Cleveland 7-20-69 (Slideshow)

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on May 19, 2009 - 12:17pm


Photo slideshow: Cleveland's Musicarnival, July 20th, 1969, with Led Zeppelin and James Gang.

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Musicarnival - July 20, 1969
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As aspiring 14 year old guitar players, my friend Rick somehow obtained tickets to this show and got a ticket for me as well. His parents were nice enough to drive us to the concert, As memory serves me, an announcement was made to the effect that someone went down the road to Sears and brought back a 20 dollar guitar. It was restrung on the stage and Jimmy played a twenty minute solo on it. Being 14 and taking note of every detail of the show, he played a Hiwatt amp and I knew I had to have one. I did get one a few years later only to find out the sounds he created on records were done with various other equipment, Arriving home after the show indeed, the parents were watching men walk on the moon on TV, I thought I had just seen a far more exciting show :) Check out youtube for the Zep videos with Jason Bonham on drums... Awesome..

Matt Accetta's picture

I'm 47male I live in L.A. CA. When I was very young I did not understand why people liked music. When I was a teenager my friend from school told me that a certain radio station was going to play the entire "physical graffiti" album very late at night. I had been listing to rock music by that time but nothing really struck me as something worth buying a record. That night I listened to that radio playing that record. It was like I dissolved a ton of gold. Every song was different and excellent. It was my Epiphany and the first record I purchased was Led Zeppelin II record. I was hooked and I was obsessed with them. Every record they release was bought including books, magazines..etc. My friends were Zep heads too. I bought a drum kit and never looked back. My friends and I were excited about the 1980 tour. I was too young to see there previous tour. Unfortunately Bonzo died and I was heart broken and cried. I did get to see Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck in 1983 for the Ronny Lane tour. I have seen tribute bands. Them when the DVD double set came out in 2003? (Not Sure What Year) it was like finding more gold nuggets and can not get enough. I hope they will tour in the future even though a couple of members will be missing. I will die happy. Thank you Jimmy for keeping Zep alive and hope. Led Zeppelins music is timeless. I knew it would be since 1980. My son is 13 and likes some Zep songs especially the DVD's. Other teenagers also like your music. timeless, forever.

Maria Fernanda Morgado Ribeiro da silva Reis's picture

i like very so mutch~~~~~For the Led Zepellin

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Cool photos. With a moon landing, to boot.

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I was sitting behind the stage for this concert. We got to see the expression on Joe Walsh's Face, as he, Dale, and Jimmy were sitting on the front of the stage facing us, when Jimmy Page walked over to him and played a lead. Joe's jaw dropped. It was cool, because me and Greg, who was with me, were in a group,Child's Smile, which competed for gigs with The James Gang. It was a great concert.

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Very good. Amazing job. Congratulations!

Scott's picture

Great job ! Great photo's ! A rare look into Zeppelin's beginning's Thanks for listing.

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I loved that it was a slide show! I was born Feb 9, 1969, so everything in my scrap-books looks like yr slide show! What a tripp, a carnival tent with Zep and Joe Walsh in the James Gang; didn't Joe give his guitar to Jimmy or vice versa after the show??? And then you throw the bit in about the moon walk, and the little house where they watched it and my mind went bang! Great little story. If you ever make the movie, I want to play Richard Cole!

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