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In The Evening (Knebworth 1979)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:17pm

Led Zeppelin perform "In The Evening" at Knebworth 1979 - From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003)

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Knebworth Festival - August 4, 1979
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Pat Sharkey's picture

wow I dont think I have ever seen this video and I thouth
I had seen them all, its just wierd to see Jimmy on STRAT?

Name's picture

one of my favorite songs

Christin's picture

Led Zeppelin by far was the most talented rock band
of their day. With such prolific songs as Stair
Way to Heaven, the immigrant song, Kashmir
and In The Evening; their music and style
out-classed other rock bands and set them
apart as the true "rock gods of there day"

Julio's picture

This is my favorite album from Led Zeppelin. I heard "All of my love" in a FM stereo radiostation in 1979, and that was it I had to buy the album.

Regarding this specific song "In the evening" is beautiful and that's why is the starting one in the CD.

Love to all of you Led Zeppelin,


debbie's picture

Oh such happy memories - thankyou xx

B.Mueller's picture

This is the music that takes me to that place where my soul could spend eternity in. Absolute auditory nirvana.

Norbert Möller's picture

Hello,my Name is Norbert and I said Thank you very much for my best Led zeppelin Song Live In The Evening.i am 56 old and to Day my song is in The Evening.

bluidi's picture

Back In 1972 Here in San Diego, Ca. I saw the BEST concert I believe I have ever or will ever see in my life. Two rows from the stage I was able to see Jimmy Page hit ever string on his double neck guitar as Stairway To Heaven was sung by Robert Plant who by the way has a fantastic range of notes he is able to reach. I loved them then and I love them now. Always will Be there no. 1 fan. I know there songs by heart, I listen to them every change I get. They call me the "Senior that loves to rock"! Thanks for letting me finally tell the night that took my breath away. Peace

Graham Ellwood's picture

I was there on the 4th of August '79 and the set was awesome - it's one of those occasions in youre life that you'll never forget - myself and my girlfriend travelled down to Knebworth from Morecambe on a rented mini-bus and attempted to pitch tent on one of the designated sites for the festival on the Friday night. The passengers (myself included - try drinking a bottle of sherry in an hour!!) on the mini-bus had been drinking fairly seriously all the way from Morecambe to Stevenage, so it was no major surprise that when it came tme to erect the frame tents, we didn't have the first clue as to how to go about it!!
Suffice tosay that the tents never were erected (thankfully it was a dry weekend!) and I ended up kipping in one of the tent bags and my girlfriend kipped on the mini-bus, fending off unnawanted attention from one of our more unsoficicticated male members). The concert itself was awesome - I'd downed a bottle of Teachers during the afternoon and when Zeppelin came on it was absolutely crazy - magical set!!

Fermec's picture

Yep I was there on the 4 1979 I was 19 Im 50 now and remember it like it was yesterday.

Jonathan Fesler's picture

I was at Led Zepplin's third to the last concert in Mannheimn Germany, I've been to more concerts than I could possibly remember, that show was 10 times better than anything I've ever seen, no opening act, 3 1/2 hours of straight Zep, about 18 feet from the stage on a ice hockey rink , they played one more night in Manheimn, then one night in Frankfort, after which their great drummer, John Henry Bonham died and, they broke up!

cindy's picture

Saw a knock off band perfrom, Led Zepplin tunes. They were called Houses of the Holy out of St. Louis, Missoui. U.S.A. Do you know of them?

Music was really close to the real thing, and lead singer almost sounded like Robert, but not quite. Voice was really high. Really killed some of the numbers I really like that Robert does.

Wish I had seen you perform for real in the days of my youth!

Always a fan, thanks for the great music and all the years you have been writing and performing. You guys were and still are the best!

Ed F's picture

Where would we be without Zeppelin

Bill's picture

Well, yeah, after all he did play a Telecaster in the Yardbirds, and Zep's first album.

David B's picture

I also live in San Diego and first saw Zep in '75 and again in '77.This footage is AWESOME! Zep was and still is my favorite band.Nobody comes close and never will! The memories flow and i can't get enough. Zep will rule FOREVER1

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