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Fillmore East - Jan 31, 1969 (8mm film)

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on February 8, 2009 - 9:04am

8mm film of Led Zeppelin opening for Iron Butterfly at New York's Fillmore East (8pm show), during their first U.S. tour. (Film by Dennis DiMatteo)

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Fillmore East - January 31, 1969
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christopher d muzyka's picture

great footage

SkyPhoenix's picture

I was there with Elliot Rosenfeld trippin

Dixie Dregs's picture

Great Show the Headliner was Iron Butterfly and the opening act was Porters Popular Preachers.

Susan Theorin's picture

Sad to say, I was living in the village Jan."69." The Albert hotel was just down the street from the Filmore. I would walk past the marquee, and wish, but I could not pan handle enough to buy a ticket.

Jay Stewart's picture

The greatest band of all time! END OF STORY!

JJ's picture

Holy moly... this footage is nothing short of historic! Much thanks for sharing this with the world! Thanks to Zeppelin for allowing all this rare footage to be seen by the fans also!. Would love to see a new Zeppelin DVD release also. C'mon we know theres more out there!

Saeko.S's picture


Ray Buffini's picture

Led Zep made me buy a guitar now I have to learn to play before I die. Hope you make a DVD of your last gig in London.

Wayne Paul Nish's picture

I was at that show. I was so impressed that I went back for the 11pm show, too.

Led Zeppelin was eagerly anticipated by Yardbirds fans and they were not disappointed. I was amazed when I heard them that night and knew I was watching history unfold.

The fact they were opening for Iron Butterfly was a joke amongst my friends who knew Zep's background and what to expect.

It was a heady time. Cream, Hendrix, Joplin, The Jeff Beck Group and The Doors all came out that year and the year before. The Beatles, the Stones and The Who were at their creative peaks and the world was staggeringly alive with new sounds.

I saw them all and many more. How lucky I was.

dan mc's picture

we need more from this era they were the best from this year great footage

ann's picture

F*#K Yah!

Thomas J Houghton Sr's picture

The BEST band EVER created!!

Robert Martin's picture

Led Zeppelin is, was, and always will be the best band that has ever been in existance!

rui figueiredo's picture

jamais terá uma banda como o LED

Allen Garber's picture

WOW! I hope this gets in Jimmy's hands somehow-perhaps he could include this on a Blu-Ray edition of the 'Led Zeppelin DVD' box...Truly amazing footage that I was shocked to see!

james ruiz's picture

music was awesome from the beginning!!

i hope for another reunion one day!!

jimmy page was, is, and will forever be one of the best musicians in history!!

Mike (Cookie) Cook's picture

I'm 52 and my oldest son is 17, after I turned him on to Zeppelin at 14, he has started all his friends listing to Led Zeppelin. I have the complete collection in albums, 8-tracks, cassettes, and cd's and he now has the complete collection in cd's. Perfection carries on.

DennisD's picture

Wow, it looks awesome here!

If I remember right, the song was "Dazed & Confused" .
It was the 1st show that night, 8PM 1/31/69..over 40 years!!

Sorry , no audio capability (used 1950 8mm movie camera) but the video transferred well..

Dennis DiMatteo

Heather's picture

Thanks for the film!

black lizard's picture

the best band of the world

LZQueen's picture

Witnessed many a show at the famed Fillmore, this was one of the best.

shannon james's picture

super rare,what a treasure for led heds

Farid's picture

Led Zeppelin the best band of rock and roll
Led zeppelin forever

Name Christophanes's picture

Report that boy for violin bow abuse.

dream come true's picture

It's a thrill to see this early rare film. Iron Butterfly were blown off the stage. :-)

Name's picture

You the best of the WORLD!!! Ukraine, Kiev. Kirill Z.

the boy's picture

this shit's bomb as fuck

Name's picture

Its just wonderful seeing this footage of Zeppelin after all these years. Thank you Dennis Dimatteo for taking your camera to the Fillmore on this night. I wonder if Jimmy, Jonesy or Robert have taken a glance at this footage yet?

Carl's picture

Earliest ever film of the mighty Zep! Love it!

Llllhl_19cm's picture

Oh, fico maravilhado ao ouvir Led Zeppelin, a cada segundo ocorre uma revolução por instrumentos e a voz de Plant


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