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Germany - July 1970 - Rare film

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:27pm

Led Zeppelin in Germany, July 1970. (Chris Welch 8mm)

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Deutschlandhalle - July 19, 1970
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I was actually at this concert. It was the first concert I had ever attended and of all the great ones to be at. I was living in Germany as a rotten military brat at the time. I can still remember this many years later and I am still a big Zep fan. I even like Robert Plant with Allison Krause. Would love to see whatever we can get of the original Led Zeppelin. You are never too old.........

Todd Burriss's picture

Bonzo rocks. They are stilll riff's that I cannot do. Maybe in the future!!
Dit do ta doom

Miggs's picture

No one will ever match the power of the Zeppelin! long live the kings!

brener krzyzanowski's picture

best band ever to be created!

Parker's picture

BEST AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TAKE ME BACK TO 68

peter furyk's picture

big fan

jimmy please this one dvd need more the legend ramains the same


bryan's picture

nice work chris

Janos Jonas's picture

LZ was so near to Eastern Europe in 1970, unfortunately we had never had a chance to see them in Hungary. Such a pity.

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sandro pinheiro dias's picture

Por favor Plant!
Aceita fazer uma turnê e
venham para o Brasil!!!!
The song remains the same!

edu's picture

led zeppelin is the nirvana

RefugioRambler93117's picture

We were travelling Europe on a 1951 R50s BMW being Darhma Bums and were turned on to tickets to this show while we were at the campground in Frankfurt. This was an awesome! concert. Early Zep at its best!! The reviewer of this show was wrong when he said the air was dense from the marijuana, it was a low fog cloud of hash! Page and Plant were incredible! As were the rest, Bonham and John Paul... OMG this was the concert to judge all others by.. Page and his fiddle and Plant and his voice were made for the Gods!

Srithish's picture

The best website dedicated to the most superb band that ever existed .....

SnakeZ's picture

Schon wieder 40 Jahre her...war gut gewesen!

Joao Dalla's picture

A melhor banda de todos os tempos !! TG for Led Zeppelin !!

George's picture

They will always be a great band, just wish they will ask me to play drums with them on a world tour, I am John Henry Bonham # 2 Let the Almighty Zeppelin go on !!! ....

warren's picture

I was there also...stationed at Tempelhof Airbase...and yes, it was Hash and it was thick....damn that was one of the best ever concerts of my life!

Warren's picture

I too was at this concert. What a night! I remember one of the large speakers that was stacked up came crashing down from all the vibration. Luckily no one was hurt. Fantastic concert, they played every song they had on their first couple of albums. Was stationed at Tempelhof Airbase at the time with the 6912 Security Service, USAF.

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