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Hawaii - Sept. 1970

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on April 3, 2009 - 3:20pm
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8mm film clips of Led Zeppelin live in Honolulu, Hawaii

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International Center Arena - September 6, 1970


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Tim and I were on R&R fron Nam, we saw both shows with people we met, does anybody remember us. 1970

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We need more bands today like the almighty and powerful Led Zeppein.. period.. nuf said

Tom's picture

Does anyone recall if there was a support band for Zep's Sept.6th, 1970 show in Honolulu?  I was there but I was 11 years old. I thought there was a band but just can't recall.  Can't find it on the web either.

robert gatchell's picture

I was there cc-23-8 1970 in navy at time

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Michael Sweden's picture

All I ever have learned, have done and will do is of the knowledge of Led Zeppelin.

Cherie Foley's picture

Does anyone remember the band that opened for them, called "BenRoe"...They were quite known as the local Band from the N.Shore Hawaii. They opened with a very "Kool" song called "Dark Skies" with many original instruments...such as a Swinging Garden Hose ... And Special effects on the Vibes...and the infamous Banging of the "Gong" that they were not supposed to touch...on their last 2nd set of the night....Badd Boy's... Whatcha gonna Do??? Would love it if anyone has any old photo's to share or video from that weekend.Please Share... the Wives of BenRoe...

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August 17, 2009

Still very much a fan of Led Zepplin. I am reading Hammer Of The Gods at the moment - another loyal fan gave me! Her name is April B. Were both major fans of course! You are all such interesting fellows that I'm looking into different aspects of your lives just for fun - and that Jimmy Page - very interesting - a lot to look up on his different interests!

Love to you

pat's picture

I was there! Learned to drum listening to LedZep II on the back of a couch with two rulers!

Namefournier cedrick's picture

super 8mm a great fan of france

aviv's picture

I love the way Jimmy rips it up at the end of the song. Kind of reminds me of the performance for the Texas Pop Festival in August of 1969. BRAVO!!! AWESOME CLIP!

Dee Brown's picture

I was there! amazing, will never forget it. Me and friend Susan (American) followed them as far as Hawii but could not go onto Japan as Susan had no passport! we were so young as well at the time. what amazing people and the people around them, Peter Grant and Richard. lovely. always remember the band and them for ever.

Robert  LeMone's picture

I was there too. Hitchhiking from the North Shore into town with friends to see them.. Best concert I have ever been to. Half of the Church College of Hawaii was there from Laie.

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What a trip to see this old stuff! I was there!! =) Honolulu International Center (HIC) Arena... now known as the Neal Blaisdell Center (NBC) Arena.

Pekka T.'s picture

FAN-TAS-TIC! And I had only seen mute 8mm of this one so far...

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I have been amazed ever sinze 1970 when I was 13 and my older brother came home with Led 1. I was in the US Hawaii when John Bonham was anounced dead and saw and realized how big they are. I have all original albums and video and CD and so on. One night out in the discos my dear friend Steve presented me as the manager of LZ. This was naturaly in order to get laid. I loudly and clearly announced that I was not LZ manager. There are limits what it takes to get down!!!
I totaly restored a 1970 Mustang MACH 1 resently in the spirit and honour of LZ and especially Robert Plant. My sound system is cusyomized to LZ music specificaly. Iam a drop dead 53 yera old tpotal fan and would give my right and left arm and leg traded to have been with you live in the concert!

Live every minute!


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