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Iceland 1970 - 8mm & News Film

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:06pm


Led Zeppelin visit Iceland 1970, w/Robert Plant interview.

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Laugardalsholl Hall - June 22, 1970
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RAHEM lisa's picture

Comment vous dire que l'on vous aime, vous êtes les meilleurs, amitié Lisa

Susie's picture

man is he so good looking or what...I seen him recently and he's still a go Robert...

Bo Halldorson's picture

I was at this concert and it fwas unforgettable even to this day

Asgeir Ragnar Bragason's picture

I remember being just a ten year old rock rookie, stalking around the place soaking in the ambiance. I lived on the westside of Reykjavik in those days and traveling all the way to Laugardals Hall was quite a unique and cool experience for me at the time.
This gig goes down in Icelands Rock memoribilia, specially b.coz
of the Immigrant Song. Thank you guys !

Geiri Meiri Purrkur, a fan

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