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Kashmir (L.A. 3/25/75) Rare Film

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:04pm


Led Zeppelin perform "Kashmir" - Los Angeles 3/25/75. (8mm film)

Concert info:

Is Mobile Content: 
The Forum - March 25, 1975
Video Timeline: 


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  when men were men and rock was real


Rose 's picture

Takes me back to grade school and high school. When are they coming to philly.

Lucas, o Lobo's picture

muito doido mesmo, clássica, é universal.

Adam Bush's picture

You have to love a 26" bass drum.

Robert Kretschmer's picture

This is real music.Awsome

Janette Thomson's picture

BLINDING!!!!!! this IS music.................

Name's picture

Great video!!! Astonishing performance!!!

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Hamish's picture

now thats what its all about!wheres the rest?

Paweł's picture

What can I say... Legend's are legend's too me. In this moment I think, that my curse is that I was born in 1988...

diederik dammers's picture

If only the youth of today could live half of what we have lived back in those days.

Agnes's picture

is one of led zeppelin's popular song and I really love it mora than I love stairway to heaven!

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