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Knebworth 1979 (crowd film)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:13pm


Led Zeppelin fans at Knebworth 1979. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003)

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Knebworth Festival - August 4, 1979
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Terry's picture

Was there with 3 USAF friends, I drove all 4 of us in my MG sports car! with no back seats, had to sit on only the floor lol.. We had Great seats despite getting there the morn of the concert. We traded a bottl of American Whiskey "Jack Daniels" to a guy in press section & he lets us in. Just left of the stage, no crowding issues, was a area that was fenced off from general admission. What a Awesome Day !  Will never forget this experience! Stil have pics & Awesome memories!

Rae's picture

I was travelling back to Canada from Israel where I had been working on an archaeological dig.  Stopped in the UK to visit my uncle who remained there after WW II.  My friend suggested we go to Knebworth to try to find two friends who were supposed to be at the concert.  Still makes me laugh to think we would have ever found two among 150,000!  I was fifteen years old - an amazing night that I still remember forty years later.

David Gletne's picture

I was 24 stationed at RAF Mildenhall. I can't seem to locate any crowd footage, but I had a huge liberate Marijuana flag ( NORML). Great memories, thanks Mates

David J Gletne's picture

I was stationed at Mildenhall went to 79 concert. Had the liberate marijuana NORML Flag

Steve jones's picture

i am the guy in the checked blue shirt crossing from right to left in front of the program stand que...

Fantastic times different world glad I was a part of it....Steve jones

Mike Evans's picture

Spotted myself in the crowd scenes looking lost.
Just been to the, how shall we say, "aromatic" toilets and was looking for my mates in a sea of denim. My word I look young and almost innocent, a couple of weeks away from my 19th birthday. Quite a day.

David's picture

Just watched this for the first time and there is footage of me and my friend Ian making our way back from the most awful bogs ever, picking our way through thousands of bodies lying prostrate on the ground to where our other mate was sitting! Fame at last!

Simon Loxham's picture

This reminded me what a fantastic gig it was, the day was just awesome and the biggest gig I have ever seen. 30 years this August. Thanks for the vid

jeff's picture

wow was 16 at the time still the best please rob 1 tour

L  Norman's picture

As a 20 Yr.. old youth with little Sis. & Bro. in tow, we Flew the pond twice Montreal- Heathrow to Catch Almighty Zep both Weekends out on the moors in what a setting. A song similar to Woodstock surely should Honor these far-out dates holding high the esteem of the legendary annals of Zepdom!!!

Lane Baden's picture

a mini woodstock if I ever saw one

jerry's picture

traveled overseas from Boston with my buddy , what an adventure !!!

steve's picture

Ah this brings back the memories . The bit at the end showing the crowd throwing stuff was an attempt to get those at the front to sit down. Strange to think that you sat down at gigs in those days . Normally !!!

gibbsie's picture

me at led zep concert knebworth in 79.
2/3rd way thro clip. i'm just after the guy bearing his chest clappin..a man in his pants ...union jack flag waving session... close up of a white teeshirt... THEN me and dave walking thro the crowd. dave has green army kit on and a hat, usual attire for him, me in denim white tees...

colleen's picture

so many memories-so deeply ingrained in my mind-love it love it love it all!!!!xoxo

Russell Connor's picture

Sorry to sound gushy but it makes me wanna cry i was 19 and this was up there with greatest times of my life. The greatest band the world has ever witnessed. Thanks guys for everything from the bottom of my heart!

NameSteve Jones's picture

I am in the led zep crowd about 45/52sec in walking accross screen check shirt....what a day/night poss best gig..zep flew in by helly/sun out all day.......don,t get gigs like this these days...pure its finest...STEVE.......

gordon francis's picture

nuff said

Andrew Connolly's picture

I was there at the 4th August show and the scenes showing the throwing of debris involved cans - sometimes FULL! Just had to keep your head down and hope one did not explode on your head. I remember a lot of fires being set as the band decided not to come on until it got dark so we had quite a long wait. The curtains at the back of the stage parted to show a massive video screen which was pretty awesome for a gig at that time. Dancin days!

Julia's picture

I was also there, but I've looked through the video a couple of times and cant see me or the 30 or so friends I went with, or even our 'Stones Tongue' flag. Saying that, I was probably so out of it, I one of the 'prostrate bodies' on ground - great memories...!

Julia's picture

Couldn't agree more Colleen! Especially when you say 'deeply engrained' - I'll never forget those days - I was 18 and had the TIME OF MY LIFE. Still going to see Led Zep tribute bands now! Take care...

Chris aucella's picture

My thought exactly

GINETTE's picture

I was 17 when I went to Knebworth and cliche though it is, it was one of those life changing momen ts, and I cried my eyes out at the end of the end of the gig because I knew I would never see anything like it ever again in my life, and I haven't yet. And I know I never will. It was live! Robert Plant sang his heart out and John Bonham banged those drums hardly. It was the most incredible event I have ever witnessed, and I have been to lots of gigs before and since. Rock on Zep! x

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