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L.A. 6/23/77 Rare Film (w/ Keith Moon)

srapallo's picture
on April 17, 2008 - 11:50am

Rare film clips of Led Zeppelin performing in Los Angeles 6/23/1977. Keith Moon  joins them onstage. (8mm film)

Concert info:


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The Forum - June 23, 1977
Video Timeline: 


Brian Le Clerg's picture

I can’t believe this 8mm film is around. What a great night. We took about 12 guys from the South Pasadena football and baseball teams. We scalped the tickets through Troy ticket agency. Are they still around?


John Baumgartner's picture

16 years old at the time, only tickets my friend Ned and I could afford (or were left) were behind the stage, behind Jonesy's keyboards.  During Bonzo's drum solo we started hearing some lunatic repeatedly banging on the gong - none other than Keith Moon, of course!  He came out front with Bonzo, and they did an awesome bak and forth on the timpanis (kettle drums) - my two favorite drummers going at it!

The acoustic section of the show was fantastic.  Jonesy had that three-neck guitar/mandolin - what a musician!

Jones had the laser system on top of his keyboards, so it was rally cool to see that projecting out toward the main audience from behind during his solo in No Quarter.

My one other main memory of the show is a Plant blooper.  He was starting into his harp solo during Nobody's Fault But Mine, but the sound wasn't right.  Being that close to the stage I then saw him turn the harp around the right way and continued on!  He was blowing into the wrong side of it!

Last memory of that night was trying to find the car in the parking lot afterward - we'd had a bit of weed which had clouded our minds!

I think it may have been the last time Moonie was on a stage in L.A. because he died only a little more than a year later, followed of course by Bonzo just two years after that.  Such a waste of great talent.

Great show, great memories, love telling the youngsters that I saw Zeppelin live!

Jimmy's picture

The original show date was 15 March 1977. It was postponed until 23 June 1977. The original ticket price was $8.75. It was a GREAT show! I saw Zep 8 times in my life, including this show. A friend of mine and myself were at another concert where a guy was selling 4 tickets for this show for $80. I had $23 and my friend had $28, so we bougt one each, seats together. We argued over who would buy out the other. When the concert was cancled, my friend traded me his ticket for my go-cart, I took my girlfriend, and the rest is history...


Davila 's picture

I was there. What a moment. Always wanted to see the Who. Got a glimpse of Kieth Moon. Ended up seeing the who about 10 years later. Now I see that there is footage, again, great moment!!!!!

Name's picture

I was backstage at that concert. Got to meet everybody including moon the loon, bonham couldn't match up to moons energy level.

Chris's picture

I believe this was the last U.S. appearance by Keith Moon before he died.

Name's picture

i love this,music giants having fun

Jim Andrews's picture

This is quite a trip. Led Zep, June of 1977 was my first concert. My older brother was heading out the door one night and I asked," Where are ya goin'?" He said, "I'm gonna see if I can buy a ticket to Zep from a scalper or something." "Can I go, too?" I asked."Go ask mom." he said. We found tickets for $20 each and sat in the loge section about 9:00 position. I saw about 3 1/2 hours of Led Zep (no opening band). I also found out what a "Thai stick" was. What a night...I was 14.

Gus T's picture

The Bonham and Moon duo doing drums live was probably the greatest Rock n Roll moments in History.....they're both in Heaven doing the same thing....

Randy thiesen's picture

I know it was a great concert, I was there!!!!!!!!!!

brian's picture

listening to the bootleg for years never get tired of it seeing bonzo & moon the loon in color on video priceless

Tony Carter's picture

Seen them at the Siverdome.Not there best but it was ZEPPELIN .There music inspired so many groups,and made are generation great.

nilo nicolas jr.'s picture

To see two of rock n rolls greatest time keepers together is a blast. They are the only two drummers in rock who can hold their own against one another, all others are considered second fiddle to these two, Bonzo and Moonie are simply the rowdiest and best of their bunch bar none.

Lair Hull's picture

I was there!
Unbelievable. I will NEVER forget. NO other band had the mysterious control over the music public that the mighty Zeppelin did (still does).
I was 15 and witnessed the best there ever was, is or will be.

terry's picture

My first brothers and I went

Iuri M. Castro's picture

oh my god, this might be the best led zeppelin video ever..... two legends of the drums... the god bonzo and one of the best : keith moon, great, just great!
amazing see they playing together and plant also play the drums...

Eric's picture

Plant is a better drummer than I'll ever be, and singing wise? Don't even get me started.

Namemotleyzu's picture

youre the best

Jennifer 's picture

Bonham and Moon -great stuff

Harrpoe's picture

I was there! 16 yrs old. For Badgeholders Only...
RIP Bonzo and Moonie...
Your contributions and innovations will be forever imitated and never forgotten.

Brandon's picture

Ahh the day i lost my virginity thanks zeppelin! great concert btw

Namerandy's picture

I was at that show with my wife.Mesmerized!!!!!

paul ramone's picture

I have never seen anything like this, but knew it must have happened. Beyond words WOW!

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