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Led Zeppelin Paris 1969 Trailer

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on April 10, 2014 - 9:24am

Led Zeppelin's remastered debut album will include additional companion audio of an unreleased concert from Paris 1969. To be released on multiple CD, vinyl, and digital formats as well as a Limited Edition Super Deluxe Box. Details on all formats are here:

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Olympia - October 10, 1969
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Salve, lo sò che ascoltare o comprare bootleg è illegale, girano tanto in rete (youtube) per cui, salvo miei errori, ho notato che nella pur splendida iniziativa di pubblicare ufficialmente il concerto di Parigi 1969, i brani:  How many Time ed Moby Dick,  siano stati tagliati di parecchi minuti, almeno da quello che si evince osservando la durata dei brani pubblicati su iTunes,....un vero peccato, ma una How many time di 22 minuti mi/ci sarebbe piaciuta un sacco,....comunque rimane pur sempre una bellissima ed ottima iniziativa,..grazie ed ancora grazie -

Hello, I know that it is illegal to listen or buy bootleg .. but time to turn the network (youtube) so unless my mistakes, I noticed that even in the splendid initiative officially publish the Paris concert 1969 tracks: How many Time and Moby Dick, have been cut for several minutes, at least from what can be seen by looking at the length of the songs posted on iTunes .... a real shame, but a 22-minute How many time I / we would have liked it a lot , .... however it is still a beautiful and excellent initiative, and thanks again .. thanks -

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