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Moby Dick (Royal Albert Hall 1970)

srapallo's picture
on April 17, 2008 - 12:22pm


John Bonham drum solo from "Moby Dick", live at the Royal Albert Hall 1970. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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Royal Albert Hall - January 9, 1970
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jimmy q's picture

What an Artist...Unmatched!

Dillon S.'s picture

Mr. Bonham is and will always be the best drummer ever.

Michael Jensen's picture

The powerhouse of all times...congrats with the 60 years....

Name's picture

no one can replace jonh

Cole's picture

Every professional drummer must learn this song!

marcelo centurion's picture

Un fenomeno el tipo "incopiable"

Béatrice, Belgium, Brussels's picture

I've seen Led Zeppelin twice, in Belgium, I remember, I was there at 4 pm, to have the best place, and, everyone was pushing us from behind for the same reason as mine...and my dream came true., I was at the first place, in the middle, right in front of you, and I saw the very best group, the only one, and still now ! led zeppelin IS music...4 magicians together, playing and singing in perfect harmony at the right moment, for every song
I'm so sad, about what happened to John, for his familly, and for you, Mister Plant, you lost your best friend. and also one of your children...They are no words, to tell about that synchronicity with your songs, everything youv'e done for everyone, especially for me. So, I thank you, thank you so much. See you in heaven...

erwin's picture

john bonham...the best ever...

jorge 's picture

yea ¡¡ yea ¡¡¡ el es mi dioss
y siempre lo sera por los siglos de los sigloss
siempre atenido un ponch inigualable
es y siempre sera mi maestro ¡¡¡¡

Brad's picture

This is the greatest live drum solo performance ever!!!

Rafael's picture

JOHN BONHAM es uno de los mejores bateristas que he conocido hasta hoy. Despuès le seguiría Phil Collins --otro "perrón"--

Name's picture

this is just simply amazing. Pretty much the best drummer in my books. I am a drummer myself and the techniques that Bonhem used are the best. he took the rock and roll style to another level.

Andrew Gubenko's picture

You are the best, Bonzo!

Marc's picture

John Bonham is simply the best drummer in the world he is my idol and always will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lil led zep's picture

bonzo was an amazing drummer

Manuele Bernardi's picture

John is the drum. amazing!!

Mariano's picture

it's the best! none can do something like this...

Hey Me's picture

Worlds best drummer

Pachoperbat's picture

Para mi El Mejor Baterista de Toda la Musica!!!!!!!!!!!

John S. Rous's picture

Led Zeppelin could never, and will never be beaten by any competition. I'm just sad that I was not around when they were playing at the peak of their careers. Bonzo is and allways will be the greatest drummer of all time he was simply underrated no-one really ever gave him the credit he was due.

sergio's picture

lo mejor que ha existido en la bateria

KBL's picture

We miss you Bonzo!!!

K. Papa's picture

Sorry you had to leave us, but you'll always be heard

Lucy's picture

El mejor solo de bateria que yo haya podido escuchar en mi vida y solo una banda lo podia hacer y ese es LED ZEPPELIN

Ilia's picture

He is the greatest drummer on the Earth!!

jimmyd's picture

this the way to play a drum kit!!

Ula's picture

Amazing guy!Incredible talented

Daniel excoda's picture

simplemente.... exelente

Amine's picture

my name is amine from Algeria,I'm a big fan of you, for me you are guys the best band ever founded, you really represent the real original rock, and you are different and particular, not like metallica ..and others because they have all the same way and style , but you guys have always had your own.

salutations from Algeria...rock it baby

Matthew W.'s picture

John Bonham no doubt is the best drummer ever.And this video is proof!


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