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Mothership Special Edition Vinyl 'Making-of' video

  • Mothership Special Edition Vinyl 'Making-of' video

    Official mini-documentary on the making of the new 180 Gram vinyl boxsets for Led Zeppelin: Mothership and The Song Remains the Same.

jlane's picture
on August 26, 2008 - 3:55pm

Official mini-documentary on the making of the new 180 Gram vinyl boxsets for Led Zeppelin: Mothership and The Song Remains the Same.

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Jimmy Paschall's picture

Execellent video...very educational. True audiophiles hear the difference between analogue and digital and will have both systems in their homes.


A. QUINTELA's picture


Carl's picture

Excellent video. I have to buy 2 copies of each vinyl set, one to use and one to kept sealed.

mayra lissete loera garcia's picture

me encanto el proceso la verdad compre el mothership en cd's y esta increible buenisimo! me encanto, estoi ansiosa por que realicen la gira ya que me encantaria poder ver a led zeppelin en vivo realmente desde que los escuche me quede imprecionada de todas sus canciones y que mas que escucharlas en vivo, una gran felicitacion por como crearon la edicion y pues espero la gira por Mexico =D

felicidades !

kmb's picture

Excellent video, well done Jeff!!!

Shanker's picture

Hello e'one, I wld like to say LED ZEPPELIN is the Greatest Band Ever.Some might argue with that, but truly they're marvellous musicians. Respect.

Barbara Rose's picture

Wow - seeing this footage about the painstaking process of making the records and packaging - so much goes into this. And LED ZEPPELIN never cuts corners. Their music is extraordinary and being a major fan since the early 1970's - I used to LOVE buying the albums - and I still do! So well worth the extra time - the merchandise are pieces of history - that I will certainly keep alive forever.
Whole Lotta Love,

GoneFishing's picture

Keep em coming always more substantial than a cd Thank You!

Ödis's picture

I definately want to buy all the Led Zeppelin classics in Blu Ray HD Audio format, i.e. 192kHz/24bit. Please, make them available soon!

Kyle Aligood's picture

My girlfriend just got me the mothership vinyl box for my birthday and I listened to it last night. This was the first time I'd heard Led Zeppelin the way it was supposed to be, and it was fantastic. The sound is so much more clear than it is on cd. I'm officially beginning my quest to get all of their album's on vinyl before the end of next year. Long live the LP!!!!

Kyle Aligood

If anybody knows where I might be able to find all the original LP's on vinyl please let me know.

marcio cde's picture

led zeppelin forever!!!

Pablo's picture

I want the both two, but is hard to get here in Argentina :'(

SILVER LILL's picture


best im world!

Zoe_Zeppelin's picture

I can't wait to order mine!!! Zeppelin RULES!!! =D

James Valenti's picture

This is great! Thanks for letting us peek into the process... Zeppelin is magical!!!

Name Mats Bjornsson's picture

Magic ! m@ts

Gabriel's picture

Ahhhhh! awesome!!! I want one!

fede's picture

WONDERFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm italian......I'm 16 years-old......I discovered "LED ZEPPELIN" not a long time ago....but I LOVE THEM.........Can I buy the vinyl boxsets in a shop in Italy????

Doug Willard's picture

If the Who can do it, Stones and OMD, dudes get it together... make some new music. You know it's in u.


Reswati's picture

The Song Remains The Same, but sounds even better....thanx for the hours of listening pleasure, really enjoyed the 4-record set.

PlantOneOnMe's picture

If anyone would do this-it would be LedZep. They love vinyl. I hope this starts a trend-and bring all music back to vinyl.

Maharet's picture

Vinyl rules!!! As does Zeppelin!

Helge Krabye's picture

Seing those LP covers brings back so many memories. Like when I ordered the Led Zeppelin II from Tandy's (British mail order in the 60/70's), picked up the package, got home - and opened that wonderful foldout cover of Led Zeppelin II. The greatest rock band ever! - LP covers were art. CD covers are pale imitations. - I think I have to buy a record player and order the Mothership collection :o)

danny's picture

I saw ZEP July 17, 1997 in the Seattle Kingdome and also Robert Plant October 1, 2008 at the WAMU theater (at almost the same spot).

I just think Robert is concerned about his voice but the fact is even if he sings an octave lower it will not change the explosive power of Led Zeppelin.

As much as I would go anywhere in the world to see a reunion I am thinking eventually Plant will go ahead and recreate the band in one last world tour!

juan manuel's picture

perfect! just exactly what zeppelin fans wanted to know about the new lp´s.!!!

Teddy Kwiecinski's picture

Hi There!

Thank YOU for that lovely PLASTIC FANTASTIC
Led Zeppelin.........fantastic surprise...and great look/sound!!!!-
we all were waiting for such a .....THING for years!!!!!

Keep Doing ...This/Greetings-

Teddy Kwiecinski(Die Hard One)

Michael Marino's picture

I think the Mother Ship was done beautifully to the extent of using classic vinyl. Keep on crusing with these alsome ideas.

tim corrigan's picture

the world is a better place with led zeppelin. make no mistake about it.

d's picture

bring it on home!!

clearwater FL

DON's picture



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