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Mothership Special Edition Vinyl 'Making-of' video

  • Mothership Special Edition Vinyl 'Making-of' video

    Official mini-documentary on the making of the new 180 Gram vinyl boxsets for Led Zeppelin: Mothership and The Song Remains the Same.

jlane's picture
on August 26, 2008 - 3:55pm

Official mini-documentary on the making of the new 180 Gram vinyl boxsets for Led Zeppelin: Mothership and The Song Remains the Same.

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Pietro's picture

I have all Long Playng Led Zeppelin in Vinil..they are not only memory from when i was a child...but i love the vinil sounds..i love them great cover..!!ohhh (i have also Led Zeppelin discography in cd & dvd hhheee hheeee)But The Old & dear Vinil is insuperable!!!!

RON's picture

Yaa turn on the wax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Sargeant's picture

Fantastic-your painstaking efforts are much appreciated, thank you! Alan Sargeant

Davey H's picture

Thanks for all the great music, and the painstaking perfection you pursue in your craft!

PLEASE release the O2 show on a DVD!

Also, how about another Live DVD??

Or even live audio Like Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series. The band's official release of the top 10 bootleg recordings?

I know it is a dirty word, but when you are a fan who has purchased all you can through official releases and you still need more......

Thanks again and God Bless each and every one of you in The Name Of Jesus.

David's picture

This stuff sounds great on my reference rig. Buy one set to play and one set to keep sealed! Kudos to RTI for making these pressings sound very similar to the best original Atlantic/Swan Song Zeppelin recordings of the late '60s into the early '80s.

geir ralle's picture

This is really a great project!! zep forever and ever.

john horst's picture

i wasn't sure if it could sound as good as modern audiophile stuff but im amazed. i think its the best of the best thanks all who are responsible people need more of this quality vinyl.

AGP's picture

Vinyl Rules!

Ashley Crane's picture

Tour. Please Tour.

Matt S's picture

U guys r doin great job, the old way is the best way, Zeppelin:the best of all times, there is none before them.

rosana's picture

you are the best band of the world! you are fantastic. from argentina with

James Bryan Hromadla's picture

FFFFFantastic LP Set! Finally, yesterday is today!

Zoso77's picture

they should realese the studio albums on vinal too

marcelo's picture

Excellent, I hope i could get it from here in Brazil!

jsw's picture

I do hope the time is near (like Neil Young just did) that
Led Zeppelin decide to place entire re-mastered catalog
on Blu-ray disc!

It was done once with DVD Audio, and just sit back & listen to the massive difference on the dvd audio release of 'How the West Was Won' !

Why? Cause it is simply is has f a r superior sonic
qualities to any VINYL could ever !

So much more detail of the Master source.

ZEPMAD's picture

The Zep rocks.. the greatest band ever... If only John were here too....

Bill's picture

yesssss! they always sounded crisp on vinyl!! now only if there were turntables still being sold.

Mark H.'s picture

You boys have left tons of money on the table. Not to mention pissing off die-hard fans like me, who last saw you in Tempe, Arizona, in 1977, and am still waiting for your next North American tour. :-(

mike stewart's picture

both sets sounds great.with the vinyl being remasterd just for vinyl and not to mention that they are half speed get a smother sound than the cd.and the drums on all the tracks sound way better'it's just a better mix and flow.

Michael Valenzuela's picture

Would love to see you in concert before the good Lord takes me home!

Bruce the Buckeye's picture

Vinyl Rules!

J.W.'s picture

Great video! I miss the old days of vinyl.

Mike's picture

I am just waiting for the blu-ray version of the 2003 "Led Zeppelin DVD", anyone hear a date yet???

David Baum's picture

My highest reccomendation is GEMM . ( Global Electronic Music Market place ) . You can pretty much find 180 gram vinyl here for any band you can think of. They carry wonderfully obscure music too. Also take a look at VVMO ( Vintage Vinyl Mail Order ) I took a quick peek and they appear to have all the Zep stuff on newly pressed vinyl.

NameBruce Haggett's picture

yes it does !!!


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