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Munich 1980 (Rare film)

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on April 17, 2008 - 11:48am


Rare film clips of Led Zeppelin performing in Munich 1980. Also features Simon Kirke. (8mm film).

Concert info:

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Olympia Halle - July 5, 1980
Video Timeline: 


DreckAmi's picture

I was 16 at the time, and it was a downright miracle that I managed to scrounge the money for the ticket and then convince my parents to drive me to the show from the Stuttgart area. I was just to the left of center stage in the front row.
Music-wise I'd say the show held up, although John Bonham was clearly not doing well. Jimmy stayed busy, swapped guitars, even played a Strat. 
Although their sound quality was too often inadequate, the Zep bootlegs of yore always offered different versions and styles of songs, which made for more interesting listening than studio rehash with an extended guitar solo...

The Olympiahalle's capacity, I believe, was around 10k at the time, and it didn't appear to be sold out and therefore too crammed, which made for a more intimate setting. It was somewhat dated by then. I was at the 1972 Summer Games when terrorists struck, a few years later Tina Turner shook my hand as I stood in the same spot...  

Scott's picture

I was at this concert and have the ticket. I saved it. This was the best concert I have ever been to in my life. How wild it is in this day and age to go on line and watch the concert that you were at when you were in the Army. Thank you Led Zepplin your still the best in my heart.

Scott from California

James's picture

  • First time i ever heard zeppelin i was eight years old. I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for my father. I pushed play on his 8 track player and it was zeppelin 2. I've been a fan since. I finaly got to see Robert Plant live myself in 1990. My parents took me to the Met Center in Minneapolis Minnesota. Told me we were going to a Viking game. Turned out alot different. Never forget it!! I've seen Plant now at least a dozen or more times since. Page and Plant twice on both tours 1995 and 1998
Hugo Navarro Sánchez's picture

En mi vida que ya son 40 años y de los cuales 30 he venido escuchando a Led Zeppelin y puedo decir que no me he encontrado con otra banda tan exitante

Paul Flynn's picture

Hi There

I went to this gig in the Olympia Halle, having travelled all the way from Dublin Ireland with my mate Tony. It was our 2nd time to see them having been at Knebworth the previous year and what a gig it was. A great set and absolutley masterful playing, even Pagey said a few words introducing Black Dog.
Great also to see Simon Kirke jam with the boys on Whole Lotta Love!!!
I have always felt very fortunate to have been there as I think it was their 2nd last gig before Bonzo passed away. He will always be missed, what a drummer,such a shame.

All the best

Paul Flynn

Omar Maya García's picture

Simplemente extraordinario... Gracias Led Zeppelin

Name's picture

still goin strong in 1980

Matthew Frey's picture

I was almost three years old when this concert occurred and am pleading with you Robert, Jimmy and John to please just give it one more go of it. I need to see you guys live in person. I've been a fan ever since I started listening to music around 2nd grade and you were the reason I started listening after hearing my brother's Led Zeppelin untitled album. I try to get my hands on all Zep stuff I can but it will never be the same as seeing you guys live in person. One more time!!!! Thank you.

Brian Fox's picture

My brother and sister and I saw the show in Frankfurt days earlier and went to this show without tickets. My sister was the 1st to get a ticket (scallped) and then my brother. I sat outside in gloom thinking I was not going to get a ticket. Then at the last minute a guy walks up to me and says, "are you and american?, I said yes" he said that he worked for Warner Electra Atlanta and was to interview the band Roxy Music (warm up) and was waiting for his business partner to arrive. He told me "if this guy doesnt show in 3 minutes, you can have his backstage pass and we will go in together" Holy Sh*&!!! The longest 3 minutes of my life. It went by, he was true to his word and handed me a "Guest" pass and we went in through the back door. Got to the backstage area and the WEA guy told me to "not wonder around, watch the show and I will see you after". So I stayed in the same place on stage right for the entire show. When the show was over, Page brushed against my shoulder as he walked past me and Plant walked right by me as well. . Page was drinking a big O.J. and Plant had an Evian water. Fricking amazing, Zepp 2x in 1 week.

Tony's picture

-- Man was it hot in there; in temperature and musically. I think my floor ticket cost somewhere between 10 and 20 dollars.

george's picture

led zeppelin n# 1

Dan Dever's picture

That's the first time I've heard Hot Dog performed live, it was great!!
I am still trying to find live performances of both Down by the seaside as well as Southbound Saurez!!! If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated!!

Thomas Glynn's picture

WOW!! Listen to Bonzo on the drums there in Kashmir. His drumming definitely got better throughout the years, and the ending of Kashmir was always a benchmark for that in my opinion. Another great version for Bonzo's Kashmir drumming is Cologne 18-06-1980 those last few bursts are mind blowing. And also LA 25.06.1977 is another good one.

By the way for the very best version of Kashmir listen to Long Beach 12.03.1975 this version is amazing, Jonesy's Mellotron is really strong there.

geo's picture

i was there with Patty Kennedy! awesome show!!!

NameWALTER J.BERRY's picture

They R the final&best expression of this magical art form known as ROCK' N ' ROLL!

Patrica's picture

Oh how I wish they were still performing. I come from the 60's and still love there music today. Huge fan.

lucas moyelack's picture

Really as admirer of zeppelin it(he,she) thrills me to see the last moments of jhon, nevermore led zeppelin without jhon, without you doubt the best band of rock of all the times .. I love them

Brian's picture

Would have been a great tour had they made it to USA in fall of '80.

Name's picture

my brother and I talked about tickets non stop.  It's all I thought about, getting to that concert.  I was devastated that it all stopped

Thomas Glynn's picture

Sorry Led Zeppelin never performed those two songs live.

kim kuperschmid's picture

Yes I would have been there too.
I was 14 and was just getting into Zep.
Never got to see them.
The closest I got
1. Honeydrippers (Plant)
2. Plant & Page Madison Square Garden with Orchestra****
3. Plant & Page Acoustic at Jones Beach
4. Page with Black Crowes

5. Would have Looved to see Page Plant and John Paul Jones playing with Bonhams Son Jason. With all due respect to Robert Plant and Zeppelin, we know it could never be the same without John Bonham, but it WOULD be the greatest TRIBUTE or MEMORIAL to HONOR and dedicate to John Bonham! (to have his VERY OWN SON playing with the greatest band there EVER was and HONORING his Father at the same time!!!)

On ANOTHER note....I have a Classic ROCK Band since I am 15 and STILL am Playing at 45. I am a female on Long Island and play in a band with my Husband, a very talented Guitar player, writer and Producer. We absolutely LOOOVE to play Led Zeppelin Songs and I feel I emote on the Vocals very well. I just Love enjoy the Feeel of singing these songs and lot of the people we play for seem to feel it too! Your songs are SOOO innovative and Passionate! Check us out at
I would LOOVE to see Plant and and Page again with as many of the original members as possible.

IF, Robert plant would happen to read this,......please try to think of it as an HONOR and TRIBUTE to the LED ZEPPELIN BAND ...AND JOHN BONHAM if you were to all get together with John's son.
I didn't know John personally....but I think he might see it that way!!!
And ALOT of Fans would Too!

And ALL The MUSIC you have CREATED for all of US!


willie's picture

I agree Kimmy, would love to see em back together again.  But I would kinda feel guilty about asking that.  These guys were great, and provided lotsa memories (oh, the Led Zepp parties I attended - my parents used to think they were dangerous for us kids to listen too.  LOL.  They never attended the parties - THOSE were dangerous!), but come around 1980 music was changing, and HAS changed.  Led Zepp is of another era, one we were lucky enough to experience. LOL - and survive!  But these guys were tired come about 1980.  Its no good if you cant have fun with it.  They say its because nobody can replace John Bonham, but I dont beleive that.  They were tired too, and I dont think they were having fun anymore.

On the other hand, I often find myself wondering what they would sound like today if they had gone on.  In Thru The Out Door was such a different album from albums past.  Very different sound.  Makes me wonder how the group would have evolved.

Today, robert plant is still touring and I beleive if your american he is in the US, if you wanna check him out.  I was gonna see him in Georgia but something happened with the date, either I got it wrong or they changed it.  Jimmy page is kinda keeping quiet, John Paul is .... writing an opera?  re-writing an opera.  I hope he comes thru with that  - would love to check it out.  I've always said he is super talented as much as any of the other members of the group, he just was never really noticed much.

Love Led Zeppelin.  Thanks for the music, and thanks for the memories, which to this day I listen too all the time.  My ipod (dont you love em?) has an album of this one and an album of that one and the whole stinkin collection of Led Zepp, which amuses everyone.  What can i say?  Love the music!

if anybody from the group reads this, i only have to say thanks and whatever you do, have fun with it.  Thats your big mystery my friends.


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