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Nobody's Fault But Mine (Knebworth 1979)

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on April 17, 2008 - 12:12pm

Led Zeppelin perform "Nobody's Fault But Mine" at Knebworth 1979. From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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Knebworth Festival - August 4, 1979
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Sheila Powell Shields's picture

I've loved loved L.Z. music for a long time. I've follwed their individual careers as well. I am really enjoying this site !

Name's picture

the best band of all time

John B's picture

They were and always will be the GREATEST BAND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wening Indra's picture

Love much their music created

louie tamin's picture

MABUHAY and more concert to come,pls come here in the phillippines
to watch you live.....rock n roll and PEACE!

chris smith's picture

i've believed since i heard black dog the very first time,led zeppelin is and will always be the mold that everyother rock band TRIES to break!!!!!!!

Name   Dave's picture


natia's picture

love........ love........ love............

Adriano Wilfrdo Anthonio's picture

HEY LEDY ZEPPELYS come to malaysia and perform!!!!
your number 1 fan is HERE!!!!!

Brian Shaw's picture

Have been a fan for 40years hears to the next 40 the greatest rock band in the world

Mark g's picture

Oh yes.....I remeber it well, glad I was there !!!

clicker's picture

robert plant has a godly voice

yassir's picture


ken's picture

I loved Led Zepplin`s Show in Houston,Tx. around 1976 or 77 @ The Sam Houston Collesium. . I loved it!!!

Name eric blake's picture

we the U.S.A. put ledzep on the map and keep them there for ever we should get to see them like lounden did i have changed and belive in GOD BUT I STILL LOVE ZEP they are the master of the blues and will live on forever eric

insomnia's picture

I remember listening to my uncles hi-fi at age 11 loving led zep how was I to know before four years had gone John would be dead, if i would of known then i would of blitzed across the world to every concert :S

Sherry Reid's picture

There will never be another group thats even close to the talent that Led Zeppelin had. Your music has touched my life and was a big part of it in the 80's when I was in high school. When I listen it touches my heart and soul. Thank-you

Cleber Cibulka's picture

Melhor banda do mundo. volta tenho certeza de que vcs ainda tem muito pra nos mostrar

Shane Smith's picture

These guys were absolutely the best. Sometimes they get shunned but to me, individually as artists they were the best at what they do!! No body can rip vocals out like plant, or gel out bass lines like jones!!! Page is by far the best not the other jimi, and god bless bonham for kicking so much ass on the drums!!! RIP!! tell me what ya think!

jose venzal's picture

led zeppelin is the best band of the world
jimmy page is the god of the guitar and is a big influence for me.
Led Zepplin alive.

Vincent's picture

This is one of the better live videos Ive watched...Perhpas the boys were clean and sober for this one...sounds excellent.

Robert sounds great on the harmonica as well...Seems like the whole band and sound was just a bit better for this performance.

Greg Carnell's picture

greatestrock band off all time!!!!!

rob's picture

my fav band of all time , missing knebworth has been my biggest regret, but they still sound great after all these years

Brian Kurtz's picture

Simply the best Rock and Roll band ever. There will never be another Led Zeppelin. Best wishes to remaining members Robert, Jimmy and John Paul.

R.I.P. John Bonhan & Peter Grant

neil's picture

it was the greatest atmosphere i have ever witnessed the zep where amazing Mr Plant sang his lungs out Mr Page was off his face Mr Bonham and Mr Jones were like a rock if i could have bottled the atmosphere at that gig i would be a very rich man

Ariana Cortez's picture

Melhor banda do mundo!!!!!

Christine's picture

never get tired of led kids grew up on it... it was their music to all mom's taxi rides

John Graziano's picture

This shows how great they could be live - and it's a very decent recording - nice mix. This sounds a lot like Led Zeppelin and what's really great are the sudden pauses - you hear the echo lof the hall - a fan or two - but it speaks volumes because you know the audience is sitting awestruck and taking it in. The pauses are awesome - great hall reverb ... a band that was built in a studio by a great producer/engineer but also one that had to get the led out onstage. Awesome footage! Great sound. Let's get this stuff out on a DVD! Come on, Jimmy! Let it loose!

Carlos A Sampietri's picture

a melhor banda de rock de todos os tempo. Tive o privilegio de viver esta época... Viva Zeppelin

tom umland's picture

time less rock lives in the soul

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