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NY 7.28.73 (8mm)

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on May 10, 2010 - 11:24am


8mm film of Led Zeppelin live at Madison Square Garden, July 28, 1973

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Madison Square Garden - July 28, 1973
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Forty years ago tonite!  My one and only time seeing the great Zeppelin. We paid as much as $7.50 for the show.  Seats were just behind the stage, but we could see the performers coming out and leaving quite well.  Will never forget the blast of energy of hearing Robert Plant blare out "It's been a long time since a' Rock 'n Roll."  It's weird how I remember it like it was yesterday.  I bet my old friend Dave does also....

Paneeks's picture

I can't say I was at this show but my first cousin Matt was there. I didn't make it to the Garden of Zeppelin delight until four years later in June of 1977. I saw them perform three out of the six nights thanks to that very same cousin's younger brother Mark, who is also my first cousin and I haven't stopped thanking him since... This footage here is glorious and is just awesome to see unedited {TSRTS} and in its original form. I don't know who has these clips but I am sure thankful they are giving them to this website for everyone to enjoy. Thank God for video cameras and thank two Gods for Led Zeppelin.

Diane's picture

This takes me back to my teenage years when life was great, smoke was plentiful and cheap, and there wasn't a care if the world. Now my kids listen to this stuff -- the best of the best and no one will ever be better.

Ishmael Montoya's picture

They are absolutely phenomenal. Lez Zep are really unique, marvellous, extraordinary amazing. It makes me want to rock for some unexplainable reason.

DANIEL's picture

hey love u guys

Synapticsue's picture

To this day, this was the best concert. The ensuing moving "The Song Remains the Same" - I never miss when aired on Paladia. Jimmy Page - I still love you!

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