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Over the Hills and Far Away (L.A. 3/25/75) Rare film

srapallo's picture
on April 17, 2008 - 12:03pm


Clips of Led Zeppelin performing "Over the Hills and Far Away" in Los Angeles 3/25/75. (8mm film)

Concert info:


Is Mobile Content: 
The Forum - March 25, 1975
Video Timeline: 


Kathy's picture

They are the ultimate Rockers!!

Michael's picture

Was there still have the ticket stub the best concert of my life

Ermanno Lupo's picture

I was born in 1968. I am a drummer. I never made the big time, far from it...but all i can say is, Thankyou God for making Led Zeppelin. I will be happy to say that i was growing up when music was truly alive and made your body feel emotions that are unexpalinable.

Thankyou Robert,Jim,Paul and you John for making me the drummer and maybe the person i am today.

KK's picture

Too young to have seen them perform, but I'd SELL MY SOUL for the chance to see them now.

Robert...if you're reading this, I'll make the call to get the Pact paperwork in order. It's all in your hands now.

Bob's picture

I remember watching this concert from the nose bleed section at the Forum!

Kiran's picture

Jimmy's solo rocks, can't wait to see him in 2009!!

Riki's picture

This is a blast from the past. During our high school spring break I was fortunate enough to be invited on a trip to southern cal with my best friend dude. While in LA and after a great day in Disneyland we bought some tickets at the Rasberry Roach head shop and went to the Zep concert on March 25th to witness this was my first professional concert and how lucky was I...thanks, you've been an influence to both my son and daugther with regards to music. Cheers to the remaining three and the higher spirits have "Mr. Drummer".


joe suplicky's picture

why isnt this song on LED ZEPPELIN DVD i know its on how the west was one i love this version i can play it on my les paul but it would be great to watch jimmy play it close up n shit it rocks

Viper10's picture

i wasn't alive:(

John Conroy's picture

Over the hills and far out man, Zep rule

Ermanno Lupo 's picture

Led zeppelin forever 

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