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Over the Hills and Far Away (promo)

srapallo's picture
on April 17, 2008 - 12:11pm


Led Zeppelin promo video for "Over the Hills and Far Away". From the official Led Zeppelin DVD (2003).

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kc's picture

i know this music will never die the songs now are 25 + years old and still make me feel so so alive. thank god for the guitar and the legends that make us look at what can be done and what still can be made.

Victor M.Alvarado's picture

A Huge work of ART

Rocko Stereo's picture

The sun rises up with this song !

mark 's picture

Dear Robert and gang. I can only say that I have been telling my sons for years about the rare chance I had to see you in Tampa and promised I would take them to see you. Please make it a reality to profill my obligation to my sons. And if you dont well all I can say is thanks so much for the ride it was great and continues each and every day. Thank all of you and God bless !

Name's picture

40 years gone ...surely time for a re-union...

Sara's picture

These guys make me want to scream! I love hearing Robert Plant's beautiful voice.

cyrus's picture

hey your site rocks the first time ive checked it out and its pretty sweet

Karen Patton's picture

I feel sorry for the youth of today because their music is CRAP. Led Zeppelin in the soundtrack of my life. I didn't get to see them live, but I got to hear and still get to hear this fantastic band's music. Thank you!

Get Out the Led's picture

At my age one might think I was over the hill but watching these guys play envokes my childhood. I'll never get old as long as I keep listening to Led Zeppelin

cameron 's picture

led zep began rock 4 me ,best band ever

Bjorn Svendsby's picture

I learned to play guitar 40 years ago as a kid, i played lots off diferent music over the years but i never have heared a band that has made so fantastic music as Led Zeppelin! Forever in my soul.

Rain (song) Man's picture

Led Zeppeling: Simply the best

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